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The Halliwell Book of Shadows, a large, leather-bound book. with a triquetra embossed on the cover which is also found on the first page with the title ("Book of Shadows") and the year 1693, is an ever-changing collection of spells, magical lore, and family history handed down through many generations.
It proves to be a source of information vital to the sisters existence, including:
Evil witches or warlocks kill witches to obtain their powers
The Charmed Ones’ powers will grow
The Book is a source of critical information regarding evil entities
There are nineteen warlock-specific death spells in the Book of Shadows, but no test for a warlock
Since the Enchanted Realm can be seen only through innocent eyes, the Book of Shadows does not contain any references to fairies, elves, or trolls because it was written by adults
The Book of Shadows cannot be photocopied
It cannot be removed from the Manor by anyone except a Charmed One
The Book of Shadows does not provide information about evil mortals
Power is strongest at midnight under a full moon
A circle of protection can be created with apples and sage
Something that doesn’t actually exist such as film characters in “Chick Flick” can’t be killed


Each page is hand-drawn by artists, and a lot of the pictures in the book are actually based on the crew - for example an artist will base the new demon's facial structure etc on e.g. one of the camera men... 
It is kept locked in a safe while they're not filming.

A photocopy of the Charmed Book of Shadows (beginning of season 3, about eighty pages) was sold on e-bay in August 2003. It was supposedly used on the set as a stand-in for the real BOS. The final bid was $202,50.



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