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Season 8 trailers Gotta Getcha (wma)
artist:  Jermaine Dupri
album: Young, Fly, & Flashy: Volume I

Ode to joy
artist: Ludwig van Beethoven
8x01 Still Charmed and kicking

8x02 Malice in wonderland
8x03 Run, Piper, run
Hallow* (wma)
artist: Four Star Mary
album: Hello it's me
8x04 Desperate housewitches
8x05 Rewitched


If I'm not* (wma)
artist: Danielle McKee
album: Twelve
8x06 Kill Billie: Vol. 1 -
8x07 The lost picture show
Dilate (wma)
artist: Four Star Mary
album: Thrown To The Wolves      
8x08 Battle of the hexes Somebody's miracle (wma)
artist: Liz Phair
album: Somebody's miracle
8x09 Hulkus Pocus Live it up (wma)
artist: Sheryl Crow
album: Wildflower
8x10 Vaya con Leos -
8x11 Mr. and Mr.s Witch -
8x12 Payback's a witch Precious (wma)
artist: Depeche Mode
album: Playing the angel
8x13 Repo Manor -
8x14 Twelve angry Zen -
8x15 The last temptation of Christy -
8x16 Engaged and confused -
8x17 Generation hex -
8x18 The Torn identity -
8x19 The Jung and the restless -
8x20 Gone with the Witches I'm Not Dead (wma)
Artist: Pink
Album: I'm Not Dead
8x21 Kill Billie: Vol. 2 Save Yourself (wma)
Artist: The Colour
Album: Between Earth & Sky
8x22 Forever Charmed Never had a dream come true** (wma)
Artist: S Club 7

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