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7.01 A call to arms -
7x02 The Bare Witch Project -
7x03 Cheaper By The Coven -
7x04 Charrrmed! -
7x05 Styx Feet Under -
7x06 Once in a blue moon Taste You
Artist: Auf Der Maur
Album: Auf Der Maur
7x07 Someone to witch over me Fall Behind Me
Artist: The Donnas
Album: Gold Medal
7x08 Charmed noir -
7x09 There's something about Leo Lie to me (wma)
Artist: Stacy Wilde*
7x10 Witchness Protection -
7x11 Ordinary witches -
7x12 Extreme Makeover: World Edition Bring It On
Artist: Seal
Album: Best 1991 - 2004
7x13 Charmageddon This is your life
Artist: Switchfoot
Album: The beautiful letdown
7x15 Show Ghouls I can't make me
Artist: Butterfly Boucher
Album: Flutterby

Piano music
"The Band Played On"
"Daisy Bell (A Bicycle Built for Two)"
"The Maple Leaf Rag"
"When The Saints Go Marching In"

Drake singing
Everything's Kind of Good
Artist: written by Lisa Zane/Andrew Chukerman
7x16 The seven year witch -
7x17 Scry hard Sand in my shoes
Artist: Dido
Album:  Charmed: The Book Of Shadows

Better now
Artist: Collective Soul
Album: Yough
7x18 Little box of horrors Free (Swiss American Federation Club Mix)
Artist: Sarah Brightman
Album: Charmed: The Book Of Shadows
7x19 Freaky Phoebe Me Against The World
Artist: Simple Plan
Album: Still Not Getting Any...

Be The Girl
Artist: Aslyn
Album: Lemon Love
7x20 Imaginary fiends Fallen (Dan the Automator remix)
Artist: Sarah McLachlan
Album:  Charmed: The Book Of Shadows
7x21 Death becomes them San Francisco
Artist: Vanessa Carlton
Album: Charmed: The Book Of Shadows
7x22 Something wicca this way goes Evil eye
Artist: Billy Idol
Album: Devil's playground

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