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*info thanks to Triquetra, the unofficial and unauthorised guide to Charmed


6.01 Valhalley of the dolls, part 1 You are my number one
Artist: Smashmouth
Album: Get the picture?


6.02 Valhalley of the dolls, part 2 New favourite thing
Artist: Balligomingo (feat. Lucy Woodward)
Album: Charmed soundtrack

Ride of the valkyries
Artist: Richard Wagner (composer)
(when Piper and the valkyries ride on the bike)


6.03 Dragon heat  


6.04 Dirty blondes  


6.05 Love's a witch Tears From The Moon
Artist: Conjure One
Album: Conjure One


6.06 Fantasies in the flesh Maybe Tomorrow 
Artist: Stereophonics
Album: You Gotta Go There To Come Back

6.07 Soul sister The bitter end
Artist: Steadman*

No Big Deal
Artist: Steadman
Album: Revive

6.08 Charmed in Camelot I'm ready
Artist: Cherie
Album: Cherie

6.09 Hot mammas The beauty (wma)
Artist: Shanti
Album: This moment


6.10 Chris-crossed -

6.11 Witchstock Get ready
Artist: Smokey Robinson*
(during Leo's "lightshow"

Jennifer Rhodes sings a small snatch of "We shall not be moved"*

6.12 Prince Charmed

Artist: Vanessa Carlton
Album: Be Not Nobody 

David sings "If you're happy and you know it" to Wyatt*


6.13 Used Karma Fallen
Artist: Sarah McLachlan
Album: Afterglow


6.14 The legend of sleepy Halliwell Danger
Artist: Third Eye Blind
Album: Charmed: The Soundtrack

Rainbow in the sky
Artist: Ziggly Marley
Album: Charmed: The Soundtrack

Fall Into You
Artist: Soulstice
Album: Illusion


6.15 I dream of Phoebe -


6.16 Midnight rendezvous Strict machine
Artist: Goldfrapp
Album: Black Cherry, Charmed: The Soundtrack


6.17 Hyde school renunion Sex Type Thing
Artist: Stone Temple Pilots
Album: Core


6.18 Spin City Shine (wma)
Artist: Andy Stochansky
Album: One Hundred

Life Is Short
Artist: Butterfly Boucher
Album: Flutterby


6.19 Charmed on trial -


6.20 Stormy leather You make me feel
Artist: Kylie Minogue
Album: Body language


6.21 Witch wars -


6.22 It's a bad, bad, bad, bad world Take a look
Artist: Liz Phair
Album: Liz Phair




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