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*info thanks to Triquetra, the unofficial and unauthorised guide to Charmed


4.01 Charmed Again - Part 1



Artist: Tantric 
Album: Tantric

Bell, Book and Candle 
Eddi Reader 
Album: Angels and Electricity

I Miss You 
Stevie Nicks 
Album: Trouble in Shangri-La 


4.02 Charmed Again - Part 2 


I Feel Loved 
Depeche Mode 
Album: Exciter 


4.03 Hell Hath No Fury


Who Am I 
Artist: Lilly Frost 
Album: Lunamarium  


4.04 Enter the demon 


4.05 Size Matters



Artist: Dave Navarro 
Album: Trust No One

At Auntie Tom's 
Artist: Fuzz Townsend 
Album: Far in

Name Of The Game 
Artist: The Crystal Method 
Album: Tweekend 


4.06 A Knight To Remember 


Into Dust 
Artist: Mazzy Star 
Album: So Tonight That I Might See


4.07 Brain drain  


4.08 Black As Cole

Like Lovers Do 
Artist: Heather Nova 
Album: Siren

I'm No Angel
Heather Nova
Album: South


4.09 Muse to my ears 

Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
(Charmed Ones arriving at P3)

Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree With Anyone Else But Me
(Piper freezing P3)
Artist: Andrews sisters

Artist: Hoagy Carmichael
(instrumental version in final scene, the file is the original version)


4.10 A Paige from the past  


4.11 Trial by magic


4.12 Lost and bound

Alyssa's song for Cole is based on the Jingle bells theme*


4.13 Charmed And Dangerous


Artist: Natalie Imbruglia  
White Lilies Island 


4.14 The three faces of Phoebe


4.15 Marry-go-round 


4.16 The Fifth Halliwheel

Join Hands 
Artist: Groove Armada 
Album: Goodbye Country (Hello Nightclub)

Let's Get It On 
Marvin Gaye
Album: Let's Get It On

Big Trouble (Lots of Fun)  
Rebekah Ryan  
Big Trouble (Lots of Fun)  

Can't get you out of my head
Artist: Kylie Minogue

Album: Who needs love

Costa Kotselas


4.17 Saving Private Leo


4.18 Bite me

Artist: Rusted Root 
Album: Welcome to My Party 

Fly Away From Here (Graduation Day)
Album: You are here


4.19 We're off to see the wizard


4.20 Long Live The Queen 


Artist: Sarah Polley  
The Sweet Hereafter: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 


4.21 Womb Raider  


Stealing Babies 
Artist: Our Lady Peace 
Album: Happiness...


4.22 Witch Way Now?

Gets Me Through 
Artist: Ozzy Osbourne 
Album: Down to Earth


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