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*info thanks to Triquetra, the unofficial and unauthorised guide to Charmed


3.01 Honeymoon's Over

Pinch Me 
Artist: Barenaked Ladies 
Album: Maroon 
3.02 Magic Hour

Delicious Surprise
Artist: Beth Hart
Album: Screamin for my supper

Leo and Prue hum small snatches of the Wedding March by Felix Mendelssohn*


3.03 Once Upon A Time Tell Me Why 
Artist: Paul Van Dyke 
Album: Out There And Back


3.04 All Halliwell's Eve


Artist: Snake River Conspiracy 
Album: Sonic Jihad

You And Your Friend
Artist: Snake River Conspiracy
Album: Sonic Jihad

Somebody Hates You
Artist: Snake River Conspiracy
Album: Sonic Jihad


3.05 Sight Unseen


Artist: Marvelous 3 
Album: Readysexgo

Artist: Marvelous 3 
Album: Readysexgo

Cold As Hell 
Artist: Marvelous 3 
Album: Readysexgo 



3.06 Primrose Empath

Artist: Idol 
Album: Unknown 


3.07 Power Outage

You're An Ocean
Artist: Fastball 
Album: Harsh Light Of Day

This Is Not My Life 
Artist: Fastball 
Album: Harsh Light Of Day 
3.08 Sleuthing The Enemy -




3.09 Coyote Piper


Artist: EMF 
Album: Coyote Ugly Soundtrack

New Sensation 
Artist: INXS 
Album: INXS - Greatest Hits

Ten Years Later 
Artist: Collective Soul 
Album: Blender 


3.10 We All Scream For


Artist: Collective Soul 
Album: Blender

Tonight & The Rest Of My Life 
Artist: Nina Gordon 
Album: Tonight & The Rest Of My Life



3.11 Blinded By The Whitelighter  It Takes Two 
Artist: Rob Base 
Album: It Takes Two

In the episode a remake of the original "It Takes Two" by Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock is used while the Charmed Ones are training with Natalie. This song version and the artists who remade it are never credited (Source:

unknown song
artist: Box

3.12 Wrestling with demons 



3.13 Bride and Gloom  



3.14 The Good, The Bad And The Cursed 



3.15 Just Harried


Heaven And Hot Rods 
Artist: Stone Temple Pilots 
Album: No. 4

Canon In D
Artist: Pachelbel 
Album: Pachebel Greatest Hits  


3.16 Death Takes A Halliwell  



3.17 Prewitched 



3.18 Sin Francisco

Artist: Orgy 
Album: Vapor Transmission 


3.19 The Demon Who Came 
In From The Cold 
Planets Of The Universe 
Artist: Stevie Nicks  
Album: Trouble In Shangri-La 

Hey pretty (wma)
artist: Poe


3.20 Exit Strategy  



3.21 Look Who's Barking


Give Me A Reason 
Artist: The Corrs 
Album: In Blue

Artist: The Corrs 
Album: In Blue 


3.22 All Hell Breaks Loose

Dream On  
Artist: Depeche Mode  
Album: Exciter

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