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With the exception of some "stock" shots of San Francisco streets and skyline, the show is filmed in and around Los Angeles. There is no real manor as you can see it on the show.
The rooms are fictional. The show is filmed on a set which is laid out on one floor in the Paramount studios and the "rooms" switch use whenever needed.
However the outside shoots are made from a real house which is not in San Francisco though.
You can go to the area and see it from the outside but you can not go inside, do a tour or meet any Charmed related crew member there.

The real Manor's address is
1329 Carroll Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90026

The home is located in an area in Echo Park called Angelino Heights. The major cross streets are Douglas and Sunset or E. Edgeware Road and Temple Street.

Instructions: Take Echo Park exit off the 101, take the Bellevue ramp (right), make a left on Douglas and then a right on Carroll Avenue.

The manor in the show

Metaphysicists believe the land where the manor is built on to be what they call a spiritual nexus. It also appears to be the center of a pentagram.
When a geographical point is equal distance to the five spiritual elements (earth, fire, water, wood and metal), it's a place of great power, a point of incredible energy. It could be a source of undeniable good or undeniable evil.

When evil gets the house it can spread. Therefore the Halliwell family built the house on that spot to reclaim it for good.
Later episodes usually refer to this power which can be absorbed and used for good or evil depending on who is absorbing it.

Cole as well as Zankou tried to take in that power but failed.


The very spacious attic houses the Book of Shadows and many items of old furniture. The door was always kept locked before Grams' death in 1998, as she told the Sisters the attic was sealed off.

Potion ingredients are kept in the kitchen.

The basement is mostly used to store furniture, although it used to house Prue's dark room for developing photographs. The Woogyman also used to dwell under the earth underneath the manor's basement.
For a period in season 4 the attic is cleared out and used as gym however it soon appears in its original (cramped) state in season 5.

The other rooms in the manor are the elongated dining room, the family room, the conservatory or the sunroom, the living room, the foyer, and outside, and a rear flower garden.

In Season Eight, a garage was shown for the first (and final) time.

Prue switched rooms with the newlyweds.

Paige occupies Prue's room after the latter's death.

The manor is vanished by Piper, while under a hex in 5x13 Obsessions.

The manor becomes covered and infected by a Slime Demon in 6x11 Witchstock.

The manor's basement explodes after The Charmed Ones destroy Zankou after he attempts to take control of the Nexus, rocking the house on its foundations in 7x22 Something wicca this way goes.

The manor is destroyed due to enormous powers used during the battle of The Charmed Ones vs. the Jenkins in 8x21 Kill Billie: Vol. 2.

There have been several deaths (excluding demonic vanquishes) within the manor, some reversed, others permanent. The earliest known death is the murder of P. Russell, Phoebe's past life, then the girls grandfather, then Grams, Andy, Prue Halliwell and Chris Halliwell.

In 5x13 Obsessions leftover demonic energy from demon vanquishes manifests as an entity and begins to haunt the Halliwells.

There is a door to Magic School in the manor which is first exposed in 6x14 The legend of sleepy Halliwell.

You could base several drinking games on how often the Grandfather clock gets destroyed during the seasons.

A trademark of the show is the front door closing magically, which Prue started at the pilot and Season One finale, and it's been magically closed every season finale ever since with the exception of season 6, when they closed the doors of the maternity ward at San Francisco Memorial Hospital where baby Chris was born.


The Attic
Where on earth is this attic? First, the windows you see from the inside of the attic do not match up with any on the outside of the house. One could argue that perhaps the attic is therefore round the back of the house but in one episode one of the sister's looks out of the front down on to the road. Secondly, the attic has big dimensions, width ways and length ways. If you look at the outside of the house there is no way an attic that big could be in the house. It's too tall and too wide. Also, take into consideration the stairs up to the second floor and then those stairs up to the attic (both put together would exceed the height of the house). Also, look on the outside of the house. There is the front door, then the living room window and to the right of that there is another door.
But once inside the house there is no indication of it. It's not joined on to the living room or the solarium, where did it go? Evidence of very bad 'set and real world' coordination.

In almost every episode there is a view of the front of the Halliwell manor. Well in a few episodes (at least "Coyote Piper," "Sin Francisco," etc.) someone (whether it be Piper, Prue, Phoebe, etc.) looks out the window in the attic and you can see the main road. Well, that window has stained glass but whenever you see the front of the manor there is no stained glass on any upper windows.

Hallway leading to Attic
In the first ever episode, when Phoebe goes up to the Attic she walks up the stairs and turns left and there are a few more steps right in front of the attic door. But later on in the show, through to Season Four at least, that floor area is completely flat and there are no steps straight in front of the door, just the main flight. Bad set coordination

From some of the exterior shots of the Manor you can see that the house next door (on the right) is right next to it. It's less that 4 metres away. But once in the Solarium which is situated on the right of the house, you can see an expanse of green trees through the windows! It's a long stretch of land before you can see any houses.

Also, in the first three seasons with Prue at the end of the opening credits when Prue uses her power to shut the front door behind her you can plainly see a wall with pictures on it and the stairs off to the left. Unless the girls all of a sudden came up with the power to walk through walls, move the stairs, and make the walls invisible I think there is something wrong with this picture.

The address changes twice in season 1 until it is established as 1329 Prescott St. later on.
In 1x07 The fourth sister the address on the flyers Leo puts on is given as 7571 Prescott Street.
In 1x13 From fear to eternity the house number that can be seen in close-up next to Phoebe and Prue's names in the shop is not the same house number that is later established as being their address.

The actual number of bedrooms on the second floor is unclear.

The location of Wyatt's nursery in Season Five is initially situated in the closet adjacent to an exterior window, but is moved to the closet beside Piper and Leo's bed.

The number of bedrooms on the second floor seemed to be three until "Witchstock", when Phoebe and Paige temporarily moved out of the Manor. Piper converted their rooms into a bedroom for Wyatt and a fitness room. When Phoebe and Paige moved back to the Manor, one room continued to be used as Wyatt's bedroom, but which room either Phoebe or Paige returned to is unclear. Paige and Phoebe discuss their cramped living quarters in "It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World (Part 1)". In Prewitched[5], Piper and Phoebe mention they shared a bedroom prior to Grams' death, which would make sense if the Manor is indeed a three bedroom home.
In "Scry Hard", Piper tells Leo that Grams used to have a sewing room in the second-floor of the house. This may explain why the manor has three bedrooms but, also, an additional, smaller room which could have been converted into Wyatt's bedroom.

The view of San Francisco out of various windows has changed over the seasons.

In Season 1-2, a downstairs bathroom is located beneath the stairs. However, this is later changed into a closet without explanation.

There are some plans in the gallery.
The real set is laid out on one floor in the Paramount studios and the "rooms" switch use whenever needed.

Virtual tour (.mov files):
living room
Piper's room
Prue's room

After Charmed ended the set has been dismantled.

For images pls go to the gallery (Manor, DVD extras).
The PAL s8 DVD extras contain a special feature about the Manor.

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