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Some external links may have expired, but where possible, any internal links have been repaired or forwarded.
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> Alyssa Milano (Phoebe Halliwell)

Alyssa fansite

> Holly Marie Combs (Piper Halliwell)

> Shannen Doherty (Prue Halliwell)


> Rose McGowan (Paige Halliwell)

Nice fansite with good gallery
Kiss from a rose


> Julian McMahon (Cole Turner)
reat forum
McMahoniacs Forum
Extraordinary Julian

good fansite available in English and German
Extraordinary Julian


> Brian Krause (Leo Wyatt)

official homepage Brian

> Drew Fuller (Chris Perry)
misc. actors Kaley Cuoco (Billie Jenkins, s8)
Oded Fehr (Zankou, s7)
Dorian Gregory (currently offline)
Finola Hughes (Patty Halliwell)
Nick Lachey (Leslie St. Claire, s7)
Wes Ramsey (adult Wyatt, s6 and others)
James Read (Victor Halliwell)
Michael B. Smith (Belthazor, others)
Peter Woodward (TheSource, others)

Charmed general

Charmed Wiki
extensive Charmed site, wikipedia-style
Charmed Wiki
Television without pity

Great Charmed episode reviews (pick the show from the drop down menue) but only if you have some sense of humor
Nice forum
Television without pity
Charmed Quote Database

Searchable quote database with episode guide. It also has a nice "Guess the episode" game
Charmed Quote DataBase
Celebrity style guide

Always wondered where to get the top Phoebe had in episode xy or who the desinger of this or that is? Here you can find answers
Celebrity style guide
Charmed Fashion Boutique

focuses on fashion from
the show
Charmed Fashion Boutique

The Charmed page at the International Movie Database; useful especially when looking for guest stars and crew information; not always correct though

The Charmed page at; useful episode guide (often with detailed recap) and bloopers/trivia section

The Charmed page at Wikipedia; user-driven this is an ever growing page but caution - there are more and more wrong statements and misinformation so cross reference it nad use common sense
Charmed RPG

forum for role play games
Charmed RPG


episodes transcripts
Charmed transcripts
Charmed Scripts
Some still missing
Charmed Scripts
Reckless heroes
Among other projects it has some really beautiful Charmed fan art and best of all you can even request art.
Reckless heroes
Charmed Art Pictures

not the newest pictures used but nice  artwork
Charmed Art Pictures


Various merchandising
Charmed Replica Pages (BoS replica)
Tallpoppy Studio (BoS replica)
Magical Omaha  
Witches moon  


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