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AM 2009/09/21 Married life is blissful
AM 2009/03/30 Baseball fan Alyssa Milano is ‘Safe at Home’
AM 2008/09/00 A woman's touch LA Direct magazine x
AM 2008/05/00 How to dress like Alyssa Milano Charmed mag. 23 x
AM 2008/03/09 Milano the mob mom BostonNow
AM 2008/03/00 Alyssa Milano Charmed mag. 22 x
AM 2008/03/00 Award for Alyssa Charmed mag. 22 x
AM 2008/03/00 Then & wow InStyle x
AM 2008/02/00 Alyssa update Charmed mag. 21 x
AM 2008/02/00 It's amore Jezebel x
AM 2008/02/00 The kid star of Who's the boss? grows up and gives back Orange coast x
AM 2008/01/00 One on one with Alyssa Milano Men's fitness x
AM 2007/11/00 Ambassador update Charmed mag. 20 x
AM 2007/11/00 Touch expands Charmed mag. 20 x
AM 2007/11/00 The girl you've been fantasizing about since the eighties wants nothing more than to watch a ball game and marry a plumber Details x
AM 2007/10/15 Q&A with Alyssa Milano TVGuide
AM 2007/09/ Alyssa Milano, de cazadora de demonios a madre deprimida E Festival diary x
AM 2007/07/26 A Peek on the Set of Pathology
AM 2007/07/20 Who's the Next MLB Player To Bang Alyssa Milano? Deadspin
AM 2007/07/09 Alyssa Milano on Zito: "All of this is weighing heavily on him" Morning buzz
AM 2007/07/03 Major League Baseball and Alyssa Milano expand relationship to include fashion jewelry
AM 2007/06/30 Alyssa Milano Named Founding Ambassador of Global Network for Neglected Tropical Disease Control
AM 2007/06/19 Who's the baseball fan?
AM 2007/04/12 Alyssa Milano debuts clothing line
AM 2007/02/00 Fighting over Justin Life and Style x
AM 2007/01/21 Justin "courts" Alyssa
AM 2006/11/00 Des Sorcieres bientot a la retraite F TVHebdo x
AM 2006/10/13 Chat transcript Safesearching
AM 2006/10/00 Charmed finit en beautè F Series x
AM 2006/10/00 All about Alyssa Charmed mag. 13 x
AM 2006/08/00 Forever Phoebe Charmed mag. 12 x
AM 2006/07/01 Das Leben nach Charmed G TVMedia x
AM 2006/07/00 Alyssa Milano on why she went vegetarian Animal times x
AM 2006/06/30 Alyssa Milano Plays the Field E!Online
AM 2006/06/10 Alyssa Milano fans revolt
AM 2006/06/00 Alyssa Milano's Bitchy Mother
AM 2006/04/28 Alyssa Milano - betoverende beauty NL Veronica x
AM 2006/04/00 The WB's Charmed wrapped its final episode If magazine
AM 2006/03/00 Girl, interrupted Charmed mag. 09 x
AM 2006/01/01 What I've Learned Esquire x
AM 2006/00/00 Seduire, c'est si facile F Dream up x
AM 2006/00/00 Big dumpy failure
AM 2005/09/24 If I can shed a bit of happiness ...
AM 2005/09/00 I dream of Phoebe Charmed mag. 06 x
AM 2005/09/00 Living a Charmed and charitable life OK mag. x
AM 2005/06/25 Der Liebesfluch der TV-Hexe G TVMedia x
AM 2005/06/00 Entretten avec Alyssa Milano F Arthelius x
AM 2005/03/00 The importance of being Phoebe Charmed mag. 03 x
AM 2005/03/00 Au sein de la redaction de Series mag. nous avons toujours en un petit faible pour Alyssa Milano F Series mag. x
AM 2005/03/00 Alyssa Milano reflects on 7 years of magic, family and hair-dos! XPose x
AM 2005/00/00 Alyssa Milano R Cepuai x
AM 2005/00/00 Son emouvant message d'amour a ses fans F Magic Academy x
AM 2004/10/00 Los secretos de la bruja más sexy E Supertele x
AM 2004/10/00 Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF Time for kids online
AM 2004/09/00 Alyssa Milano Calabasas x
AM 2004/07/31 Sie ist schön, reich .. G Yam x
AM 2004/07/00 Hair trauma Intouch x
AM 2004/07/00 Article GR Super Katerina x
AM 2004/06/00 Alien encounter Nickelodeon mag. x
AM 2004/05/00 Be charmed by Alyssa Milano Vivid x
AM 2004/03/01 Una strega ad Hollywood I Tweens x
AM 2004/00/00 Alyssa Milano brings many talents to a new role Every child x
AM 2004/00/00 Sex! Lots of sex! Break out x
AM 2004/00/00 Alyssa Milano and the 40 other reasons you'll want to stay home this fall FHM x
AM 2003/12/00 Interview F Series mag. x
AM 2003/11/00 Alyssa and her men Cosmopolitan x
AM 2003/11/00 Hair and now InStyle x
AM 2003/11/00 10 Things you don't know about women Enquire x
AM 2003/07/00 Alyssa's world Dolly x
AM 2003/03/07 La bella incantatrice I Cioe x
AM 2003/01/00 Artist: Alyssa Milano American Photo x
AM 2003/01/00 The good witch Cosmopolitan AUS x
AM 2002/11/00 Alyssa Milano rocks our world with her hottest photos ever FHM x
AM 2002/10/00 Would you be my girlfriend? Big hit x
AM 2002/06/04 StraMilano I Telepiu x
AM 2002/04/23 Il colpo della strega I TV sorrisi e canzoni x
AM 2002/04/00 Alyssa Milano Emmy x
AM 2002/02/00 Interview Girlfriend
AM 2002/00/00 Wird Alyssa jetzt glücklich? G Yam x
AM 2001/12/00 America's #1 sweetheart Stuff x
AM 2001/11/00 The art of being Alyssa Milano TheWB
AM 2001/08/00 Love rollercoaster: Krause and Milano go for a ride TVGuide
AM 2001/04/00 House of a star F One x
AM 2001/04/00 Zij is de baas NL ZSM x
AM 2001/02/00 Rhymes with Bitch Cosmopolitan
AM 2001/01/00 Heat treatment FHM x
AM 2001/01/00 Always Alyssa Complete woman
AM 2001/00/00 A Charming Interview The Hollywood Skinny
AM 2000/12/00 Style profile TheWB
AM 2001/00/00 Attenti alla strega I Telepiu x
AM 2000/11/00 How she bounced back from love trouble Cosmopolitan x
AM 2000/11/00 Alyssa and her men Cosmopolitan AUS x
AM 2000/07/00 Star appeal unknown
AM 2000/05/00 Sweet Alyssa TVGuide
AM 2000/04/00 Princess Charming Cosmopolitan Aus x
AM 2000/00/00 Interview TV Hits
AM 1999/11/00 How Alyssa Milano became TV's sexiest witch Ocean drive
AM 1999/08/00 The Charmed star on finding your secret strength .. YM x
AM 1999/08/00 TV's sexiest stars TVGuide x
AM 1999/07/00 Alyssa Milano's daring full frontal debut Celebrity skin x
AM 1999/06/00 Alyssa Milano on her new marriage, skipping workouts and Charmed Fit
AM 1999/03/00 Images Bikini mag. x
AM 1999/03/00 Chatting with Charming Alyssa Milano American Woman x
AM 1998/07/00 Jiggle free arms Woman's world
AM 1997/11/00 Milano Place InStyle
AM 1997/11/00 Alyssa Milano on keeping lean Fit x
AM 1996/07/21 Alyssa Milano makes a dreamy video Woman's world x
AM 1994/12/00 Looking good US
AM 1988/00/00 Misc.covers J Screen x
AM 0000/00/00 It would be difficult to find someone who has not stumbled across some part of Alyssa Milano .. Book of Three, vol. 1 x
AM 0000/00/00 Bienvenue chez .. Alyssa Milano F Series mag. x
AM 0000/00/00 Alyssa Milano: une sorciere de charme! F unknown x
AM 0000/00/00 Look who's shooting: Alyssa Milano unknown x
AM 0000/00/00 Clippings Book of Three, vol. 2 x
AM 0000/00/00 Get this look B x
AM 0000/00/00 Movie - "Embrace of the vampire", "Poison ivy 2"
AM 0000/00/00 Love Spell Big Hit x
ACist 2007/06/00 Devilish Dumain! Charmed mag. 17 x
ADale 2007/10/00 Alpha Gamma Charmed mag. 19 x
BGetty 2003/10/16 Balthazar Getty Is Charmed by The WB Zap2It
BNiv 2008/03/00 Mrs. Witch Charmed mag. 22 x
BDrago 2004/11/00 Fear factor Charmed mag. 01 x
BZane 2005/04/00 Zane and able Charmed mag. 04 x
BKern 2008/11/18 Brad Kern Unveils Charmed: The Complete Series DVD
BKern 2007/08/00 Finale battle - season 8, part 2 Charmed mag. 18 x
BKern 2007/06/00 Brad Kern Charmed mag. 17 x
BKern 2006/10/00 Brad education Charmed mag. 13 x
BKern 2006/04/00 Been there, done that
BKern 2006/03/30 Doherty Didn't Charm Kern SciFi Wire
BKern 2006/02/27 Brad Kern interview
BKern 2006/02/13 Another Charmed cliffhanger
BKern 2006/01/00 Charmed Hits a (Final?) Milestone TVGuide
BKern 2005/00/00 Executive decisions XPose x
BKern 2004/11/00 Practical magic Charmed mag. 01 x
BKern 0000/00/00 Ask Brad Charmed mag. x
BKern 0000/00/00 A conversation with Brad Kern Book of Three, Vol. 1 x
BKern 0000/00/00 Closing the door on Charmed Book of Three, Vol. 2 x
BQuinn 2006/05/00 The mighty Quinn Charmed mag. 10 x
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BK 2008/11/26 The Joy of Sets: Brian Krause's Charmed Life
BK 2008/03/00 Life after Leo Charmed mag. 22 x
BK 2007/06/00 What about Brian? Charmed mag. 17 x
BK 2007/02/00 Life of Brian Charmed mag. 15 x
BK 2006/10/00 The last hurrah Charmed mag. 13 x
BK 2006/05/08 How to get Brian's look US weekly x
BK 2006/05/00 At home with Brian Krause Intouch x
BK 2006/02/00 Bye bye Brian Charmed mag. 09 x
BK 2005/11/00 Prince Charming Charmed mag. 07 x
BK 2005/07/00 Mortality Play XPose
BK 2005/02/11 We trap Leo in the attic! TeenHollywood
BK 2005/01/00 Perfect 10 Charmed mag. 02 x
BK 2005/01/00 Heavenly creature Charmed mag. 02 x
BK 2005/00/00 The life of Brian XPose x
BK 2005/00/00 Charmed's Leo Safe from Demons TVGuide
BK 2003/06/20 L'angelo misterioso I Cioe x
BK 2003/00/00 Someone to watch over me XPose #79 x
BK 2002/12/06 Charmed Angel Copes with Witchy wife TVGuide
BK 2001/05/00 Undercover angel
BK 2000/11/15 More Mr. nice guy Zap2It
BK 2000/11/00 Brian Krause's Charmed Life TVGuide
BK 0000/00/00 J'avais surtout le beguin pour Alyssa Milano F Series mag. x
BK 0000/00/00 Clippings Book of Three, vol. 2 x
BK 0000/00/00 Brian Krause made his feature-film debut ... Book of Three, Vol. 1 x
BK 0000/00/00 Movie - "Sleepwalkers"
BK 0000/00/00 Brian Krause - Proves nice guys sometimes do finish first Steppin' out
BK 0000/00/00 I was the pie guy! TheWB
BK 0000/00/00 The Art of being Brian Krause TheWB
BK 0000/00/00 Love Spell Big Hit x
CCarp 2006/04/00 We've got Charisma Men's edge x
CCarp 2005/03/00 Seer no evil Charmed mag. 03 x
CCarp 2004/08/25 Charmed Gets Charisma TVGuide
CKeib 2008/02/00 Christian Keiber, Double trouble Charmed mag. 21 x
CRose 2008/02/00 Who's the boss? Charmed mag. 21 x
DKim 2007/06/00 Have you seen him lately? (Dae Kim) Charmed mag. 17 x
DWood 2008/05/00Danny Woodburn turned in three memorable appearances Charmed mag. 23 x
DDow 2007/02/00 Denise's destiny Charmed mag. 15 x
DF 2008/06/04 Exclusive Q&A
DF 2008/03/00 Nearing the finish line Charmed mag. 22 x
DF 2007/11/00 Fuller racing ahead Charmed mag. 20 x
DF 2007/06/01 Army wives Entertainment weekly x
DF 2007/03/20 Movie - The Ultimate Gift lives up to its name
DF 2007/03/09 The ultimate gift
DF 2007/03/00 Drew Fuller Flaunt x
DF 2007/03/00 The Drew Fuller Interview with Tony Bray
DF 2007/02/23 Actor Drew Fuller Shares His Insight On "The Ultimate Gift" AllHeadlineNews
DF 2006/10/00 A Drew story Charmed mag. 13 x
DF 2006/03/00 Silver screenings Worth magazine x
DF 2005/10/27 Movie - "The ultimate gift"
DF 2005/07/00 Sous le charme de Drew Fuller F Super x
DF 2005/07/00 Stregate da un angelo I/E Cioe x
DF 2005/05/00 unknown title R Vse Zvezdi x
DF 2005/03/00 Ich steh total auf deutsche Girls G Bravo x
DF 2005/03/00 Drew Fuller E Bravo x
DF 2005/03/00 Drew Fuller F Magic academy x
DF 2005/03/00 Drew confessions Charmed mag. 03 x
DF 2005/01/00 Les confidences de Drew Fuller F Series x
DF 2004/09/00 Viso d'angelo I Pops x
DF 2004/07/00 Charmed existence Girlfriend x
DF 2004/05/00 Drew Fuller Movieline x
DF 2004/03/00 Prince Charming TV hits x
DF 2004/02/20 Z104 FM Radio Interview Z104 FM Radio
DF 2003/11/00 Charmed we're sure Ocean drive x
DF 2003/11/00 Charmed Life Teen Vogue x
DF 2003/10/00 Star On The Rise: Drew Fuller Teen People Magazine x
DF 2003/09/00 Shooting Stars: Drew Fuller Ramp x
DF 2003/07/18 Fuller Is Fully Charmed SciFi Wire
DF 2003/05/09 Drew Fuller Enjoys a Charmed Life Zap2It
DF 2003/00/00 Witch one is he? Seventeen x
DF 0000/00/00 Clippings Book of Three, vol. 2 x
DF 0000/00/00 The art of being Drew Fuller TheWB
DG 2005/12/00 An officer and gentleman Charmed mag. 08 x
DG 2005/00/00 The picture of Dorian Gregory XPose x
DG 2004/11/00 A fair cop Charmed mag. 01 x
DG 2002/05/02 TV Talker's Charmed Life TVGuide
DG 2000/00/00 Interview Soultrain
DG 1998/00/00 He´s On the WB's Witch Hunt
DG 1998/00/00 Charmed co-star Dorian Gregory on a roll TVQuest
DG 0000/00/00 Dorian Gregory Book of Three, vol 1 x
DG 0000/00/00 The art of being Dorian Gregory TheWB
EDane 2006/10/22 Eric 'McSteamy' Dane Heats Up Grey's Anatomy
FTahir 2008/09/00 Faran Tahir Charmed mag. 24 x
FHugh 2006/10/00 Maternity leave Charmed mag. 13 x
FHugh 2005/03/00 Mommy dearest Charmed mag. 03 x
FHugh 2005/00/00 Five minutes with Finola Hughes Soap Opera Digest
GJack 2008/09/00 Acting up Charmed mag. 24 x
GJack 2005/05/00 Elder statesman Charmed mag. 04 x
GZabr 2009/00/00 State of Grace
GZabr 2007/11/00 Grace Zabriskie Charmed mag. 20 x
GVaugh 1999/12/00 Casual charm BRNTWD mag.
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HMC 2008/09/17 Holly Marie Combs Dishes on Life With Her Boys
HMC 2007/11/00 Cup of love Charmed mag. 20 x
HMC 2007/02/00 There's something about Piper Charmed mag. 15 x
HMC 2006/10/00 Witchful thinking Charmed mag. 13 x
HMC 2006/09/00 Good golly, Miss Holly Pregnancy x
HMC 2006/06/00 Witch fulfillment Charmed mag. 11 x
HMC 2006/03/10 Holly Marie Combs Mourns Charmed's End TV Fan Mag
HMC 2005/12/00 Family ties Charmed mag. 08 x
HMC 2005/10/00 Holly - what she likes and dislikes Julia x
HMC 2005/06/00 Entretten avec Holly Marie Combs F Arthelius x
HMC 2005/05/00 The seven year witch Charmed mag. 04 x
HMC 2005/05/00 Holly Speaks Out About Season 8 NewsNetworkOnline
HMC 2005/05/00 10 things you never knew about Holly Marie Combs Charmed mag. 04 x
HMC 2005/04/00 On playing mom .. American Baby
HMC 2005/02/00 150th Episode Party TeenTelevision
HMC 2005/00/00 The mother of all witches XPose x
HMC 2004/11/00 A witch's tale Charmed mag. 01 x
HMC 2004/08/02 Bewitching baby People x
HMC 2004/08/00 Holly zeigt ihr Glück G Yam x
HMC 2004/07/00 L'heroine de Charmed manan! F Gala x
HMC 2004/06/00 Holly Marie Combs seems to be leading a charmed life ... ePregnancy x
HMC 2004/05/00 A Charmed nursery InStyle x
HMC 2004/03/08 Holly's Charmed wedding Woman's day x
HMC 2004/02/00 And in the end...the love you take...
HMC 2004/02/00 Wedding E Hola x
HMC 2004/01/00 La realite a rejoint la fiction sur le plateau de Charmed F/E Series mag. x
HMC 2004/00/00 Heavily pregnant TV witch Holly Marie Combs worked a little magic to make her big day special Woman's day x
HMC 2004/00/00 La nueva lucio (wedding) E Lecturas x
HMC 2004/00/00 La vie d'Holly Marie Combs .. F Series Mag x
HMC 2004/00/00 Hemma hos Holly Marie Combs S Nu x
HMC 2003/02/10 Stars at Home US weekly x
HMC 2003/02/00 Pregnant Stars Get Creative Cover-Ups US Today
HMC 2002/12/19 Holly spirit unknown x
HMC 2002/11/00 The bare witch Stuff x
HMC 2002/00/00 Sono una strega dal cuore d'oro I Telepiu x
HMC 2002/00/00 Misc. pages Stuff x
HMC 2002/00/00 The now-eldest sister on Charmed is ready and waiting in her trailer Girlfriend
HMC 2001/10/00 The art of being Holly Marie Combs TheWB
HMC 2000/12/00 Holly Charms Hollywood Cosmopolitan x
HMC 2000/05/00 Charmed We're Sure! Dolly
HMC 2000/03/00 This charming man TV Week x
HMC 2000/01/00 Chat transcript TVGuide
HMC 1999/11/00 Charmed, She's Sure InStyle
HMC 1999/09/00 Charming Holly Bikini mag.
HMC 1999/05/00 Holly Marie Combs' Charmed Life Ultimate TV
HMC 1999/00/00 Charmed's Holly Marie Combs Works Her Magic on Wanda - and You E!Online
HMC 1997/07/00 Outside those Picket Fences Sun
HMC 1995/08/00 With an eye on for Holly Marie Combs, the Brocks of Rome, WIS. are practically the Waltons LA Times
HMC 0000/00/00 Holly day unknown x
HMC 0000/00/00 Full house Big hit x
HMC 0000/00/00 Charmed a fait d'elle une star a Hollywood F Teleloisirs x
HMC 0000/00/00 Clippings Book of Three, vol. 2 x
HMC 0000/00/00 Holly Marie Combs is one of only a handful .. Book of Three, Vol. 1 x
HMC 0000/00/00 Sur de tournage de la serie, nous nous amusons enormement .. F Planet scoop x
ISerg 2008/05/00Ivan Sergei Charmed mag. 23 x
ISerg 2006/06/00 Regarding Henry Charmed mag. 11 x
ISerg 2005/11/00 Will Charmed's Cop Learn the Truth? TVGuide
JPress 2007/08/00 Tears it up Arena x
JPress 2007/04/00 Have you seen her lately? (Jaime Pressly) Charmed mag. 16 x
JRead 2006/10/00 He's the daddy! Charmed mag. 13 x
JRead 2005/03/00 Meet the parents Charmed mag. 03 x
JLewis 2006/01/00 Dex and the city Charmed mag. 08 x
JKSim 2006/12/00 Double trouble Charmed mag. 14 x
JKSim 0000/00/00 Clippings Book of Three, vol. 2 x
JRhod 2008/02/00 Taking the high Rhodes Charmed mag. 21 x
JRhod 2007/10/00 Forever Grams Charmed mag. 19 x
JRhod 2006/10/00 Rhodes show Charmed mag. 13 x
JRhod 2005/05/00 Penny from heaven Charmed mag. 04 x
JWood 2007/11/00 Jesse's games Charmed mag. 20 x
JWood 2003/00/00 Interview AboutCharmed
JSwet 2007/08/00 The avatar returns Charmed mag. 18 x
JSwet 2005/07/00 Back in black Charmed mag. 05 x
JdLanc 2005/11/00 Q&A Charmed mag. 07 x
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JM 2009/01/20 Julian's family holidays Womans day x
JM 2009/01/17 Still the boy from Oz New idea x
JM 2009/01/12 Julian's cuddly carry-on! US weekly x
JM 2008/10/20 Bountiful beefcakes New weekly x
JM 2008/08/30 A wink and a smile Good weekend x
JM 2008/03/00 From demon to doctor Charmed mag. 22 x
JM 2008/01/23 I'd never say never Herald Sun x
JM 2008/01/12 Doctor daddy New idea x
JM 2008/01/00 Lust and found Statement x
JM 2007/11/06 Q&A with Julian
JM 2007/11/05 Q&A People x
JM 2007/11/03 Back to the suture NY Vue x
JM 2007/11/00 Julian McMahon on upsetting the prime minister .. Marie Claire x
JM 2007/10/31 Dissecting Nip/Tuck DavidAtlanta Magazine x
JM 2007/10/00 Interview: Dylan Walsh and Julian McMahon from Nip/Tuck
JM 2007/10/00 Nip/Tuck's Hollywood makeover looks good TVGuide x
JM 2007/10/00 The scene was Access DirecTV x
JM 2007/10/00 Playing doctor Playgirl x
JM 2007/09/00 On set interview
JM 2007/08/00 Nip/Tuck Arthelius x
JM 2007/08/00 Smooth operator Men's fitness x
JM 2007/07/26 Julian, the McMahon of steel Herald Sun
JM 2007/07/12 Testhezálló szerep H Blikk TV Magazin x
JM 2007/07/00 Doctor in the house Stuff x
JM 2007/06/21 Il dottor carogna I Vanity fair x
JM 2007/06/20 NipTuck stars rai$se NY
JM 2007/06/10 His second 'Fantastic' just had to be ... better Los Angeles
JM 2007/05/04 Axis of evil USA Weekend x
JM 2007/04/02 I'm not good at marriage Intouch x
JM 2007/04/02 5 reasons why we love him OK weekly x
JM 2007/04/00 Julian McMahon's banner year Distinctive living x
JM 2007/03/19 Exclusive Interview: Julian McMahon MovieHole
JM 2007/03/12 Julian McMahon Interview, Premonition
JM 2007/03/11 Nip/Tuck Roles For Madonna and Nicole Kidman
JM 2007/03/00 Julian McMahon Interview Full Text
JM 2007/03/00 Behind the scenes and ahead of the curve Premiere x
JM 2007/02/21 Nip/Tuck dumps O.R.
JM 2007/02/00 Fun fearless males 2007 Cosmopolitan x
JM 2007/01/23 Julian McMahon Talks Fantastic Four 2
JM 2007/01/08 Nip/Tuck's Julian McMahon plays the TV doctor we hate to love Bendigo
JM 2007/01/08 Mac the knife TV and Satellite week (UK) x
JM 2007/01/06 The only woman in my life is my daughter Reveal x
JM 2007/01/03 Julian's sexy secrets Woman's day x
JM 2007/01/00 Stars under the knife Sky magazine x
JM 2007/00/00 Appelez-le DrDestroy! F Voici x
JM 2007/00/00 Hiding his girlfriend? Star x
JM 2006/12/10 Julian looks for a lift Sunday Herald
JM 2006/12/06 McMahon tucks in Herald Sun
JM 2006/10/00 Rosie O'Donnell and Julian McMahon Get Down on The View
JM 2006/09/25 Nip/Tuck - secrets of the new season Star magazine x
JM 2006/09/05 Nip/Tuck returns with triple twist IndyStar
JM 2006/09/05 More than just a pretty face The Providence Journal
JM 2006/09/05 Julian McMahon turned 38 recently. But ... Post/
JM 2006/09/04 Smooth operator TVGuide x
JM 2006/09/00 Nip/Tuck gets dirty The Advocate x
JM 2006/09/00 Nip/Tuck lives up to its reputation .. TVGuide x
JM 2006.07/28 Entertainment Weekly article on Nip/Tuck Entertainment weekly
JM 2006/07/26 Julian McMahon talks about Dr. Doom in Fantastic Four and the Silver Surfer iF magazine
JM 2006/07/04 New Season of Nip/Tuck Gets Hotter than Ever Extra
JM 2006/06/16 McMahon makes cut Sydney Confidential
JM 2006/05/23 Warner Home Video Releases the Third Season of Nip/Tuck
JM 2006/05/00 Portrait de personnage F Arthelius x
JM 2006/04/25 Nip/Tuck: Introducing the New Age of Consciousness MediaBlvdMagazine
JM 2006/03 Devil inside Charmed mag. 09 x
JM 2006/01/08 Hollywood Oz squad Sunday Herald Sun
JM 2006/00/00 Nip/Tuck' a lift
JM 2005/11/01 Christian and Kimber's wedding day TVGuide x
JM 2005/10/20 Julian McMahon Q&A E!Online
JM 2005/10/09 Julian's a Prisoner of Marriage Sunday Herald Sun
JM 2005/10/00 Nip/Tuck's Julian McMahon TVGuide x
JM 2005/10/00 Cutting edge Sky mag. x
JM 2005/10/00 Julian will be back for one more Fantastic Four movie
JM 2005/09/16 Nip/Tuck - the inside scoop on TV's wildest show Entertainment weekly x
JM 2005/09/00 Wickedly wonderful OK mag. x
JM 2005/08/00 Dr. Swoon Hollywood Life x
JM 2005/08/00 Man of style InStyle x
JM 2005/08/00 Ein Macho zum Verlieben G Young woman's x
JM 2005/07/31 I'm always naked .. Sunday mirror UK x
JM 2005/07/30 The shock of This life Australian TV week x
JM 2005/07/29 Do You Want To Be Naughty With Me, Baby? Nepszabadsag
JM 2005/07/25 Secret passions Inside TV x
JM 2005/07/23 Family man TV week x
JM 2005/07/21 Ich bin ein echtes Weichei G Gala x
JM 2005/07/00 Doctor in charge Inside entertainment x
JM 2005/07/00 Boss statt Brioni? G Celebrity x
JM 2005/07/00 McMahon of steel Herald Sun x
JM 2005/07/00 The star of Nip/Tuck talks spanking, scrambled eggs and his Doom... Sky One
JM 2005/07/00 A charming chat with Nip/Tuck's horniest plastic surgeon Giant mag. x
JM 2005/07/00 Exclusive Interview Dark Horizons
JM 2005/06/29 Tavis Smiley Show
JM 2005/06/12 Doomed to be a bad guy Adelaide Sunday Mail x
JM 2005/06/00 TVGuide donned a surgical mask and gown .. TVGuide Adelaide x
JM 2005/06/00 Man in the metallic mask Starlog x
JM 2005/06/00 Fantastic four TVGuide
JM 2005/06/00 The essential Best life x
JM 2005/04/00 License to kill Luxury of Dallas
JM 2005/04/00 Julian McMahon - meet the next James Bond Angeleno x
JM 2005/03/00 Apres avoir quitte"Charmed" a ta fin de la cinquieme saison .. F Series mag. x
JM 2005/03/00 Best of böse G Die Wienerin x
JM 2005/01/00 Zwischen Hexenkunst und Schönheitsoperationen G TV Highlights x
JM 2005/00/00 Doom patrol Wizard x
JM 2005/00/00 Nip/Tuck ce qui nous plait chez eux F Dossier x
JM 2005/00/00 Ik heb niks tegen een beetje Britney op z'n tijd NL Glossy x
JM 2005/00/00 Fantastic Four Prevue x
JM 2005/00/00 I fancy myself as a good/looking hero Woman (UK) x
JM 2005/00/00 The making of Fantastic Four Book x
JM 2005/00/00 Un acteur enchanté UPE23 x
JM 2004/12/00 Julian McMahon - Between Witchcraft and Plastic Surgery TV Highlights x
JM 2004/09/27 Mad about the girl Woman's day x
JM 2004/08/00 Exclusive interview with the hot doc from Nip/Tuck OK mag. x
JM 2004/08/00 Nip/Tuck's sexy docs .. Star mag. x
JM 2004/06/00 The bad and the beautiful TVGuide x
JM 2004/04/05 I'm not good at marriage JGN magazine x
JM 2004/03/00 Red right now Men's health x
JM 2004/02/29 Answer the questions Independent UK
JM 2004/02/21 60 seconds extra - Julian McMahon Metro cafe
JM 2004/02/00 Julian McMahon Razor x
JM 2003/11/26 Plastic Fantastic Melbourne Herald Sun
JM 2003/10/00 The Doctor is In Venice x
JM 2003/09/08 Father's day with mother Woman's day x
JM 2003/01/00 Life's a scream for squeamish Julian Sky TV
JM 2003/00/00 Julian's very sexy medicine! Woman's day x
JM 2003/00/00 Out of the shadows Sunday Herald Sun x
JM 2003/00/00 Quenching Cole's Fire XPose x
JM 2002/10/00 A charming rogue GQ x
JM 2002/08/00 Mum's the word Woman's day x
JM 2002/06/00 Julian McMahon F Series Mag x
JM 2002/05/00 Ask the icon - Julian McMahon Sunday Telegraph Australia
JM 2002/03/00 Diavolo di un Julian I Telepiu x
JM 2002/00/00 Julian and Brooke call it quits Woman's day x
JM 2001/12/00 Julian McMahon thinks he knows what people like about Charmed Cult Times
JM 2001/11/12 Julian's double life Woman's day x
JM 2001/07/30 Julian falls for Shannen's charms Woman's day x
JM 2001/06/00 Chat transcript TVGuide
JM 2001/01/00 Cole face Xpose x
JM 2001/00/00 Julian and Brooke - is it over? Woman's day x
JM 2001/00/00 Charmed? You better believe it The Record
JM 2000/12/00 The apple of daddy's eye Woman's day x
JM 2000/11/00 Chat transcript MSN
JM 2000/10/00 The new demon from Charmed TheWB
JM 2000/07/10 It was such a spiritual experience Woman's day x
JM 2000/05/00 Kimberley's killer role Woman's day x
JM 2000/04/23 Truly, madly, deeply New Idea x
JM 2000/01/17 Our dream wedding and baby surprise Woman's day x
JM 2000/01/00 Julian's new bride Woman's day x
JM 2000/00/00 It's a girl Woman's day x
JM 2000/00/00 O, Lucky McMahon People
JM 1999/06/12 Dancing and romancing New idea x
JM 1999/05/28 Profiler's Distant Detective LA Times
JM 1997/09/00 When Tasma met Julian TV week x
JM 1997/08/30 After Being Stalked By Paparazzi ... Julian Snaps Back TV week
JM 1997/05/20 Keeping track - Another world Soap in depth x
JM 1996/09/00 In Another world Cleo x
JM 1996/06/00 Hot cop Julian's TV triumph Woman's day x
JM 1996/01/01 Julian brings Crystal home Woman's day x
JM 1995/05/02 Rain goes away Soap x
JM 1993/12/20 This is it Who x
JM 1993/09/00 Paulina & Ian boxed in on aw Soap Opera weekly x
JM 1993/08/00 Tropical loverbirds Woman's day x
JM 1992/05/00 I'm Captain Good Guy... Again! TV week x
JM 1992/00/00 Julian's first film
JM 1992/00/00 Hot off the rack unknown x
JM 1991/05/04 It all started with love letters TV week x
JM 1990/12/00 A new porpoise in life TV week x
JM 1990/07/00 Breathless about Dick Tracey TV week x
JM 1990/00/00 Denim duo act their pants off unknown x
JM 1989/09/00 The Power, The Passion star lets off steam by orking out and wakling the dog TV soap x
JM 0000/00/00 High Profiler in Hollywood Woman's day x
JM 0000/00/00 Julian's a daytime heart-throb Woman's day x
JM 0000/00/00 Var. articles New idea x
JM 0000/00/00 Julian McMahon as Dr. Christian Troy Nip/Tuck Pressbook x
JM 0000/00/00 Ca va couper, cherie F Actuellement x
JM 0000/00/00 Les femmes me prennent pour un expert en chirurgie plastique F unknown x
JM 0000/00/00 A man's castle unknown
JM 0000/00/00 Article Movieline x
JM 0000/00/00 Julian McMahon is a clothes horse .. unknown x
JM 0000/00/00 High profile unknown x
JM 0000/00/00 Diavolo e l'acquasant I unknown x
KCuoco 2007/00/00 Shining star Statement x
KCuoco 2006/01/23 Kaley Cuoco Flipped for Charmed Yahoo news
KCuoco 0000/00/00 Stregati da Kaley I Telefilm x
KCuoco 0000/00/00 Clippings Book of Three, vol. 2 x
KSmith 2007/04/00 Handle with Kerr Charmed mag. 16 x
KSmith 2005/03/00 Agent provocateur Charmed mag. 03 x
KSmith 2005/03/00 Older and wiser Charmed mag. 03 x
KSmith 2005/01/00 Free agent Charmed mag. 02 x
KSmith 2004/11/18 Daws on's Creek graduate Kerr Smith, 32, is a bona fide hit on Charmed TVGuide
LMunro 2003/00/00 Lochlyn Munro Talks About "Freddy vs Jason"
MNichols 2007/08/00 Have you seen her lately? (Marisol Nichols) Charmed mag. 18 x
MPatt 2007/08/00 The beautiful side of evil Charmed mag. 18 x
MPatt 2006/06/00 Twisted sister Charmed mag. 11 x
MPatt 2006/04/00 Simply Charming Starry Constellation mag.
MBSmith 2007/04/00 Demon days Charmed mag. 16 x
MStaff 2006/09/00 Desperate - and loving it Charmed mag. 12 x
NRob 2006/05/00 Going, going, gone Charmed mag. 10 x
NLach 2007/01/16 Nick Lachey and Eva Mendes have been named Fun Fearless Male and Female of the Year
NLach 2006/02/15 Cosmopolitan's Fun Fearless Male Awards
NLach 2005/01/00 All the moves Charmed mag. 02 x
NLach 2004/11/00 Nick of time Charmed mag. 01 x
NLach 2004/10/04 Lachey is Charmed
NLach 2004/09/00 Looks like the honeymoon is over for Newlywed's Nick Lachey TVGuide CA
OFehr 2005/07/00 Truth or fear Charmed mag. 05 x
OFehr 2005/03/00 Evil personified Charmed mag. 03 x
RBald 2006/12/00 This woman's work Charmed mag. 14 x
ROver 2007/11/00 Rise of the triad Charmed mag. 20 x
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RM 2008/07/24 Comic-Con 2008: Red Sonja with Robert Rodriguez and Rose McGowan
RM 2008/07/00 Ti sembro cattiva? I Jack x
RM 2008/04/00 La guerra di Rose I Velvet x
RM 2008/03/00 How to dress like Rose McGowan Charmed mag. 22 x
RM 2008/03/00 Rose on the run Charmed mag. 22 x
RM 2008/02/28 Essentially Rose
RM 2008/02/07 Which star is writing a male “Golden girl
RM 2008/02/00 Sing star Charmed mag. 21 x
RM 2007/12/28 50 cent persuaded me .. Entertainment weekly x
RM 2007/12/00 Horror and Rose I Vanity fair x
RM 2007/11/15 Rose McGowan Q&A
RM 2007/11/16 V Salemu by me upálili CZ TVMax x
RM 2007/10/00 Rose McGowan: miss pin-up I Mia x
RM 2007/10/00 Perfect Rose Charmed mag. 19 x
RM 2007/10/00 Rose McGowan Above Magazine x
RM 2007/10/00 Mein Telefon, das Dreckstück G Park Avenue x
RM 2007/09/00 Non c'e Rose senza spine I Ciak x
RM 2007/09/00 Rose McGowan Crash x
RM 2007/08/05 Quizá es que quiero ser un hombre E ElPais
RM 2007/08/05 Ich mag die Anonymität von LA G/E 20 Minuten
RM 2007/08/02 Kumma kaunotar Fin Me Naiset x
RM 2007/07/21 Risiko, dein Name ist Rose G TVMedia x
RM 2007/07/00 Todo lo que debes saber sobre Grindhouse E Cinemania x
RM 2007/07/00 Poolside drama InStyle x
RM 2007/07/00 Mad, bad and dangerous to know Arena x
RM 2007/07/00 Talking trash Total Film x
RM 2007/06/00 Blue is believed to keep bad spirits away i-D x
RM 2007/06/00 Schlock and load Empire x
RM 2007/05/12 Zombie-Killerin mit Sexappeal G TVMedia x
RM 2007/05/00 Rose McGowan heats up Grindhouse Wizard x
RM 2007/05/00 The Sleaze filled Saga of an Exploitation Double Feature Book Grindhouse book x
RM 2007/05/00 Funny joke from a beautiful woman Esquire x
RM 2007/04/13 Rose McGowan: I'm Not Jaded
RM 2007/04/12 View Shocker: Co-Hosts Expose Sharpton's Extreme Remarks
RM 2007/04/12 A Rose By Any Other Name, It's Still O'Donnell's View
RM 2007/04/06 Rose McGowan in the Planet Terror segment of Grindhouse movies iF magazine
RM 2007/04/00 Hell on wheels Blackbook x
RM 2007/04/00 Grindhouse - double the flavor, double the fun Rocket x
RM 2007/04/00 Rose McGowan da protagonista di "Streghe" a musa di Tarantino I Vogue x
RM 2007/04/00 Down and dirty double feature Vanity fair x
RM 2007/04/00 Rose McGowan Venice
RM 2007/04/00 Grindhouse Vixens Get Dirty for RS Cover Rolling Stone x
RM 2007/04/00 The comeback interview Interview x
RM 2007/04/00 Death by sexy Maxim x
RM 2007/04/00 Double trouble Premiere x
RM 2007/03/00 Wanted .. R Sim x
RM 2007/03/00 Something wild Radar x
RM 2007/01/17 Rose McGowan replacing Jolie in Sin City 2? MoviesOnline.CA
RM 2007/00/00 Movie - Grindhouse
RM 2006/12/00 All the Paige Charmed mag. 14 x
RM 2006/10/00 All good things ... Charmed mag. 13 x
RM 2006/07/27 Will 'Grindhouse' Be Amputee Porn? Zap2It
RM 2006/05/00 Simply charming Charmed mag. 10 x
RM 2006/03/12 McGowan's Charmed Life Comes to an End Zap2It
RM 2006/02/10 E!online interview on set E!Online
RM 2006/00/00 Movie - "The black Dahlia"
RM 2005/12/28 Eight expectations Dreamwatch x
RM 2005/11/00 Kick and spell Charmed mag. 07 x
RM 2005/07/00 Rose in bloom Charmed mag. 05 x
RM 2005/06/00 Entretten avec Rose McGowan F Arthelius x
RM 2005/06/00 Unlike Any Other Rose
RM 2005/06/00 Night and day Inside TVGuide x
RM 2005/05/10 Rose McGowan GR Katrina x
RM 2005/05/00 I hate being scared of something SFX x
RM 2005/02/02 Guilty pleasures Arena x
RM 2005/02/00 Rose McGowan - ihr Leben ist spannender als ein Drehbuch G Bravo x
RM 2005/01/00 A Rose by any other name Charmed mag. 02 x
RM 2005/00/00 Four for four XPose x
RM 2004/11/00 Rose McGowan F Series mag. x
RM 2004/10/00 Sitting pretty XPose x
RM 2004/03/00 Anxious Rose finds a magic cure TVGuide NZ
RM 2003/02/00 A Rose By Any Other Name ... Cult Times
RM 2002/12/00 A whole lot of Rose Elle x
RM 2002/12/00 Charmed and dangerous TVGuide x
RM 2002/12/00 Interview TVGuide
RM 2002/11/00 Cool actresses Pavement x
RM 2002/07/00 Questa é la via mita I Pops x
RM 2002/03/07 Con me dimen ticherete Shannen I Telepiu x
RM 2002/02/00 Wild Rose Twist x
RM 2002/02/00 The devil and Ms. McGowan NY Times x
RM 2002/02/00 Interview Girlfriend
RM 2001/08/00 Die neue Charmed-Hexe stellt sich vor G TV Highlights x
RM 2001/06/00 McGowan Feeling "Charmed" E!Online
RM 2001/00/00 Rose McGowan Glamour x
RM 2001/00/00 Chat transcript AOL chat
RM 1999/03/00 Hollywood's most untamed talent explores the joys of revenge ... Maxim x
RM 1999/02/00 Rose McGowan in bloom Calgary Sun
RM 1999/00/00 Interview with Rose McGowan
RM 1999/00/00 Showbiz interview Showbiz
RM 1999/00/00 Hollywood's hottest rebel Steppin' out
RM 1998/09/00 Rising vamp The Face x
RM 1998/00/00 Subrosa Bikini mag.
RM 1997/09/00 Q&A with Rose McGowan Details mag.
RM 1997/05/00 Blood and guts in high school The Face x
RM 1997/03/00 Rose McGowan Bikini mag. x
RM 1997/03/00 A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose McGowan Girlfriend
RM 1995/11/00 Fierce creature Premiere x
RM 1995/11/00 The doom generation interview
RM 0000/00/00 Rose McGowan was the perfect choice .. TV week x
RM 0000/00/00 Ich mach, was ich will G Yam x
RM 0000/00/00 Pourquoi devrais-je faire comme tout le monde? F unknown x
RM 0000/00/00 J'ai toujours fait ce que je voulais .. F unknown x
RM 0000/00/00 Je me vois mal jouer Paige a vie F unknown x
RM 0000/00/00 Immediatement adoptee par les fans de Charmed .. F unknown x
RM 0000/00/00 In the wake of Shannen Doherty's departure .. Book of Three, vol. 1 x
RM 0000/00/00 Wild Irish Rose EON magazine
RM 0000/00/00 Clippings Book of Three, vol. 2 x
RM 0000/00/00 The Ascension of Rose McGowan unknown
RM 0000/00/00 Personnalité de Rose McGowan F
RM 0000/00/00 Guns and Rose DailyBruin
RM 0000/00/00 Not Your Garden-variety Actress Bikini mag.
RM 0000/00/00 Interview MTV live
RM 0000/00/00 Transcript Howard Stern
RM 0000/00/00 Rising vamp The Face
RM 0000/00/00 Interview TVGuide
RM 0000/00/00 Rose McGowan GQ x
RM 0000/00/00 The art of being Rose McGowan TheWB
SJaeck 2006/05/00 Sam kind of wonderful Charmed mag. 10 x
STaylor 2007/11/00 Once upon a time Charmed mag. 20 x
STaylor 2007/08/00 Wicked guest star Charmed mag. 18 x
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SD 2008/10/22 Doherty opens up about private life
SD 2008/10/00 The confessions of Shannen Doherty Radar x
SD 2008/09/02 In '90210,' it may be the same Brenda Walsh but it's a new Shannen Doherty LA Times
SD 2008/07/28 9021-0h No! Star magazine x
SD 2008/05/00 At home with Shannen Doherty Life and Style x
SD 2008/03/00 Making up with Shannen Doherty Charmed mag. 22 x
SD 2008/02/00 How to dress like Shannen Charmed mag. 21 x
SD 2007/07/09 Robert Gant and Shannen Doherty to Star in here! Networks’ New Spy Franchise
SD 2007/01/18 When romance sours, move to 90210
SD 2007/00/00 I'll be home for the holidays Zap2It
SD 2006/08/22 Breaking Up, when bad girls do good
SD 2006/08/22 Breaking Up is hard to view
SD 2006/08/17 Shannen Doherty Hangs up on Newsweek Wizbang of pop
SD 2006/08/01 Shan's Surgery Upset
SD 2006/08/01 Doherty slams Lohan's behaviour
SD 2006/08/00 Shannen Doherty - the tabloid magnet on Breaking up .. TVGuide x
SD 2006/08/00 Knifestyles: Shannen Doherty Star mag. x
SD 2006/07/19 Shannen Doherty can break you up on TV HeraldExtra
SD 2006/07/14 Breaking Up? Shannen Doherty Tells You How AccessHollywood
SD 2006/07/00 How nutty can TV get? Inquirer
SD 2006/06/00 Big Mama had better watch out for Shannen Doherty Entertainment weekly x
SD 2006/04/21 Oxygen Announces Breaking up with Shannen Doherty Reality TV website
SD 2006/00/00 Breaking up with Shannen Doherty People x
SD 2005/11/02 Taking the World By Storm in 'Category 7' Zap2It
SD 2005/10/12 Doherty Moves on from Love Zap2It
SD 2005/04/00 Shannen Doherty - North Shore F Series Mag x
SD 2004/00/00 Charmed and dangerous Loaded x
SD 2004/00/00 Doherty Delivers Drama to 'North Shore' Zap2It
SD 2004/00/00 Fox is hoping to make Mondays a bitch again News Yahoo
SD 2003/04/00 Shannen Doherty - Scare tactics Steppin' out x
SD 2003/00/00 Shannen Doherty unwrapped Playboy x
SD 2001/10/05 Doherty Sentenced to Civic Gardening E!Online
SD 2001/08/14 Shannen Doherty won't be making any comeback appearances on her former show "Charmed" National enquirer
SD 2001/08/00 Most actors have a leisurely morning before the big interview ... Details mag.
SD 2001/07/31 Has TV's wild one lost her charm? NY Post
SD 2001/07/30 Julian falls for Shannen's charms Woman's day x
SD 2001/07/00 Charmed is for 12-years-old Movieline
SD 2001/06/12 Shannen's Straight Talk! Entertainment Tonight
SD 2001/05/00 Did she jump or was she pushed? Mediadrome
SD 2001/05/00 Doherty No Longer Charmed E!Onliine
SD 2001/03/18 Magica Shannen I Telepiu x
SD 2001/00/00 A casa di Shannen Doherty I Onda mag. x
SD 2001/00/00 Shannen Doherty – wants to be alone Ocean drive
SD 2001/00/00 Charmed Casts More Than a Spell TVGuide
SD 2000/12/00 Witchy Woman Smoke
SD 2000/12/00 Wicked! FHM x
SD 2000/11/00 Star Appeal Woman's Day
SD 2000/06/00 Seduced! Maxim
SD 2000/05/00 Charmed - I'm Sure Entertainment weekly
SD 2000/03/00 Satan's school for girls unknown
SD 1999/12/00 Celebrity Closet Case Vogue
SD 1999/00/00 Bewitching - the resucrrection of Shannen Doherty Sunday Telegraph x
SD 1999/00/00 Making Magic Happen All Over Again FW x
SD 1998/10/00 This time, she's a good witch Time Magazine
SD 1995/10/00 20 questions
SD 1995/00/00 Shiny happy person Sky x
SD 1995/00/00 Time for a change Parade x
SD 1995/00/00 Misc. German articles G Beverly Hills 90210 mag. x
SD 1994/03/00 Das Biest aus Beverly Hills 90210 G Playboy x
SD 1994/00/00 Misc. German articles G Beverly Hills 90210 mag. x
SD 1994/00/00 I’m Not A Wild Girl TVGuide
SD 1993/00/00 Don't judge me for who I am Vanity fair x
SD 1993/00/00 Out of control and under atcack Us x
SD 1993/00/00 Career makeover Entertainment weekly x
SD 0000/00/00 Misc. articles G Bravo x
SD 0000/00/00 Shannen und Jason ein Paar? G Popcorn x
SD 0000/00/00 Kraskaz Beverly Hills unknown x
SD 0000/00/00 Arretee au volant, l'heroiine de Charmed va passer au tribunal F Telestars x
SD 0000/00/00 The art of being Shannen Doherty TheWB
STemp 2006/08/00 Death becomes him Charmed mag. 12 x
SKrull 2005/09/00 Soul provider Charmed mag. 06 x
TKing 1999/00/00 T.W. King was hardly feeling Charmed ... unknown
TKing 1998/00/00 Under the spell TVZone
TKing 1998/00/00 The Scream "King" HO
VWeb 2006/08/00 I'm with Cupid Charmed mag. 12 x
VWeb 2006/00/00 Alyssa Milano's New Hex Man
WRam 2006/12/00 Wyatt's story Charmed mag. 14 x
ZWard 2007/06/00 Warding off evil Charmed mag. 17 x
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Misc 2008/06/11 Ihr Leben nach der Kultserie G TVMedia x
Misc 2008/03/00 Charmed on the web Charmed mag. 22 x
Misc 2008/02/00 S8 easter eggs Charmed mag. 21 x
Misc 2006/08/00 It's a wrap Charmed mag. 12 x
Misc 2006/08/00 End of an era Charmed mag. 12 x
Misc 2006/08/00 A farewell to Charmed Charmed mag. 12 x
Misc 2006/08/00 Location, location, location Charmed mag. 12 x
Misc 2006/07/04 Like a witch in heat The MalayMail
Misc 2006/06/30 Old shows will sing swan song for Frog Zap2It
Misc 2006/06/26 Fug in Peace, Aaron Spelling
Misc 2006/06/00 TheWB Will End With A Bang
Misc 2006/06/00 Tremate tremate... le Streghe son tornate I XL
Misc 2006/05/22 Charmed: Forever Charmed (series finale) TV Squad Television Blogger
Misc 2006/05/20 At least one good witch leaves Charmed with bad blood Louisville Courier-Journal
Misc 2006/05/19 Pop music tailor made for beautiful television witches IGN Music
Misc 2006/05/19 The Cast and Crew of Charmed Bid Farewell iF
Misc 2006/05/18 Mechnology gives Charmed fiery send off
Misc 2006/05/17 After eight super, supernatural years, the cast and crew of Charmed say goodbye to the magic SciFi Weekly
Misc 2006/05/07 Cast hopes to charm spellbound viewers for one last episode
Misc 2006/05/00 Series finale TVGuide x
Misc 2006/05/00 In the line of fire Charmed mag. 10 x
Misc 2006/05/00 Location, location, location Charmed mag. 10 x
Misc 2006/04/03 Charmed Changed Cast's Lives SciFi Wire
Misc 2006/04/01 Les mariages magiques de Charmed F Series Mania x
Misc 2006/03/29 Charmed lives Entertainment weekly
Misc 2006/03/00 Setting the scene Charmed mag. 09 x
Misc 2006/03/00 Location, location, location Charmed mag. 09 x
Misc 2006/02/26 Cult vs. mainstream
Misc 2006/01/00 Halliwell sisters - no luck in love R Cepuai x
Misc 2006/01/00 Lucky Charmed TVGuide x
Misc 2006/01/00 Location, location, location Charmed mag. 08 x
Misc 2006/00/00 All stars R Все Звезды x
Misc 2006/00/00 Revelations saison 8 F Series mag. x
Misc 2006/00/00 Charmed Cast Blasts WB SciFi Wire
Misc 2006/00/00 Charmed-girls stinksauer G Yam x
Misc 2005/11/00 Location, location, location Charmed mag. 07 x
Misc 2005/08/20 Charmed Magically Stays Alive Zap2It x
Misc 2005/07/00 Congratulations and celebrations Charmed mag. 05 x
Misc 2005/07/00 Endlich! Die 7 Staffel ... G TV Highlights x
Misc 2005/05/00 When WB unveiled its fall sked .. TVGuide
Misc 2005/05/00 We celebrate 150 episodes of magic ... XPose special x
Misc 2005/00/00 Charmed - noitien seitsemán askelta taikuuteen Fin Suosikki x
Misc 2005/00/00 Last April on the set of Charmed tempers were a bit frayed Zap2It
Misc 2004/10/00 Seven's the charm XPose x
Misc 2004/07/22 Works like a charm
Misc 2004/07/05 Speciale Streghes I Pops x
Misc 2004/04/09 Strike it Witch Entertainment weekly
Misc 2004/03/19 Appuntamento magico I Cioe x
Misc 2004/00/00 ... SK unknown x
Misc 2004/00/00 Liebe, Zoff und Eifersucht G Bravo x
Misc 2004/00/00 Kern I kick it? Cult Times
Misc 2004/00/00 Sounds charming TV Zone x
Misc 2003/00/00 Charmed and dangerous WB Magazine x
Misc 2003/11/14 Good day live transcript Good day live
Misc 2003/10/00 La rentree de Charmed F Series Mania x
Misc 2003/08/07 On The Set Of Season Six E!News live
Misc 2003/08/00 Charmed - 100ème episode! F Arkanium x
Misc 2003/08/00 Rhymes with witch 8 days x
Misc 2003/07/00 E siamo a sei I Pops x
Misc 2003/05/00 How to lead a Charmed life Cleo x
Misc 2003/04/00 La posta di Streghe I Pops x
Misc 2003/04/30 Avventureda brivido I Cioe x
Misc 2003/03/00 Diventa attrice con streghe I Pops x
Misc 2003/03/00 Article Glamour x
Misc 2003/02/00 Les dessous de Charmed F Series TV x
Misc 2003/01/16 Witchy Women (and Men) The Hollywood Reporter x
Misc 2002/12/28 Charmed lives TVGuide x
Misc 2002/11/28 TV's sexiest stars 8 days x
Misc 2002/11/25 Charmed Scoop! Alyssa's Demon Lover Lost TVGuide
Misc 2002/11/20 E in soffitta si scoprirono "Streghe" I TV sorrisi e canzoni x
Misc 2002/10/15 Charmed? We were already! The Advocate x
Misc 2002/06/22 Death becomes her TV week x
Misc 2002/03/00 Charmed again Big hit x
Misc 2002/03/00 Raidue: Ridacci le Streghe I Pops x
Misc 2002/03/00 Tremate, le net Streghe son tornate I unknown x
Misc 2002/00/00 Love, babies and wedding bells TV hits x
Misc 2002/00/00 The magic is gathering TV special x
Misc 2002/00/00 Beyond the witching hour TV week x
Misc 2001/12/10 On The Set: Casting Their Spell US weekly
Misc 2001/12/00 Streghe - vincera il male? I Pops x
Misc 2001/11/00 Krausing for a bruising XPose x
Misc 2001/11/00 The power of 3 Seventeen x
Misc 2001/08/25 The Witching Hour TVGuide x
Misc 2001/03/00 Le Streghe della TV I Gente x
Misc 2000/03/00 Real Charmer - Alyssa Milano & Co. have viewers spellbound Calgary Sun
Misc 1998/12/25 The Women of the WB Entertainment weekly
Misc 1998/11/06 Buffy, Charmed Entertainment weekly
Misc 1998/10/23 Charmed has that Spelling magic
Misc 0000/00/00 Vita da Streghe I Series Metro x
Misc 0000/00/00 Salagadula Magicabula Bidibibodibibu I Series #17 x
Misc 0000/00/00 Stregate dalla luna I Series #16 x
Misc 0000/00/00 La vita senza Streghe I Series #12 x
Misc 0000/00/00 4 Sorcieres de Charme! F unknown x
Misc 0000/00/00 Doe het net als de heksen van Charmed NL Hitkrant x
Misc 0000/00/00 Meerjungfrauen, Superheldinnen, Göttinnen - die neuen "Jobs" der drei G Yam x
Misc 0000/00/00 Které Carodejce jsi podobna? Bravogirl x
Misc 0000/00/00 Every Witch Way TV Hits
Misc 0000/00/00 TVGuide ads, articles and images TVGuide and misc. x
Crew 0000/00/00 - divider - -
Crew 2008/09/00 Doug E. Jones, Writing Charmed Charmed mag. 24 x
Crew 2008/05/00 Dorenda Moore, From high kicks to smashing through walls Charmed mag. 23 x
Crew 2008/02/00 A day in the life of Roger Montesano Charmed mag. 21 x
Crew 2007/11/00 Peter Chomsky, Producing magic Charmed mag. 20 x
Crew 2007/11/00 Eilish, Behind the seams Charmed mag. 20 x
Crew 2007/10/00 Paul Ruditis - Leo rising
Crew 2007/10/00 Stephen Lebed, A day in the life of Stephen Lebed Charmed mag. 19 x
Crew 2007/08/00 Bret Mardock, A day in the life of Bret Mardock Charmed mag. 18 x
Crew 2007/06/00 Curtis Kheel, Writer's block Charmed mag. 17 x
Crew 2007/06/00 Todd Tucker, Making it all up Charmed mag. 17 x
Crew 2007/04/00 Derek Johansen, A day in the life of Derek Johansen Charmed mag. 16 x
Crew 2007/02/00 Derek Berlatsky, A day in the life of Derek Berlatsky Charmed mag. 15 x
Crew 2007/02/00 Magic memories Charmed mag. 15 x
Crew 2006/12/00 Peter Chomsky, Special memories Charmed mag. 14 x
Crew 2006/02/00 James Conway, Conway's Sisters Cult Times
Crew 2006/01/00 Jonathan West, The life and times of Jonathan West Charmed mag. 08 x
Crew 2005/11/00 Derek Johansen, Director's cut Charmed mag. 07 x
Crew 2005/09/00 Carrie Benjamin, sets appeal Charmed mag. 06 x
Crew 2005/09/00 Estee Chase, amazing Chase Charmed mag. 06 x
Crew 2005/09/00 Stuart Gillard, Director's cut Charmed mag. 06 x
Crew 2005/09/00 Kris Krosskove, Kris crossed Charmed mag. 06 x
Crew 2005/09/00 Todd Tucker, SFX appeal Charmed mag. 06 x
Crew 2005/07/00 Eilish, Costume change Charmed mag. 05 x
Crew 2005/07/00 Mel Damski, Director's cut Charmed mag. 05 x
Crew 2005/07/00 Michael Grossman, Director's cut Charmed mag. 05 x
Crew 2005/07/00 Nancy Solomon, Words wise Charmed mag. 05 x
Crew 2005/05/00 Noon Orsatti, Fight club Charmed mag. 04 x
Crew 2005/05/00 Magic memories Charmed mag. 04 x
Crew 2005/05/00 John T. Kretchmer, Director's cut Charmed mag. 04 x
Crew 2005/03/00 Paul Staheli, Sets appeal Charmed mag. 03 x
Crew 2005/01/00 Chris Leitch, Frights! Camera! Action Charmed mag. 02 x
Crew 2005/01/00 Jon Pare, Director's cut Charmed mag. 02 x
Crew 2005/01/00 Eilish, Although she's dressed .. Charmed mag. 02 x
Crew 2005/00/00 Jon Pare, Two's company XPose x
Crew 2005/00/00 Duke E. Vincent, The View from the top XPose x
Crew 2004/11/00 Duke E. Vincent, Aaron Spelling, Welcome ... Charmed mag. 01 x
Crew 2004/11/00 James Conway, Director's cut Charmed mag. 01 x
Crew 2004/04/00 Paul Ruditis
Crew 2003/12/00 James Conway, Fighting talk XPose x
Crew 2003/00/00 Jon Pare, Lucky Charmed TVZone x
Crew 2000/04/00 Constance M. Burge, The Charmed One TVZone
Crew 1999/00/00 Constance M. Burge, The Real Stories Behind a Trio of 'Charmed' Lives Television
Crew 0000/00/00 Randy Cabral, SFX coordinator - clippings Book of Three, vol. 2 x
Crew 0000/00/00 Randy Cabral, SFX Coordinator Book of Three, Vol. 1 x
Crew 0000/00/00 Peter Chomsky, co-producer Book of Three, vol. 1 x
Crew 0000/00/00 Peter Chomsky, producer - clippings Book of Three, vol. 2 x
Crew 0000/00/00 James Conway, Co-executive producer Book of Three, vol. 1 x
Crew 0000/00/00 James Conway, executive producer - clippings Book of Three, vol. 2 x
Crew 0000/00/00 Samantha Danson, Interview with Samantha Danson AboutCharmed
Crew 0000/00/00 Eilish, Charmed's Costume Designer
Crew 0000/00/00 Eilish, costume designer Book of Three, vol 1 x
Crew 0000/00/00 Daniella Gschwendtner, costume supervisor - clippings Book of Three, vol. 2 x
Crew 0000/00/00 Stephen Lebed, visual effects supervisor - clippings Book of Three, vol. 2 x
Crew 0000/00/00 Stephen Lebed, visual effects supervisor Book of Three, vol 1 x
Crew 0000/00/00 Jonathan Levin, Consulting Producer - clippings Book of Three, vol. 2 x
Crew 0000/00/00 Javier G. Marxuach, I'm a TV Producer, what do I know about living? PopGurls
Crew 0000/00/00 Roger Montesano, Property Master - clippings Book of Three, vol. 2 x
Crew 0000/00/00 Roger Montesano, Property Master Book of Three, vol 1 x
Crew 0000/00/00 Ken Miller, Postproduction - clippings Book of Three, vol. 2 x
Crew 0000/00/00 Nanette New, department head, Key Makeup artist Book of Three, vol. 1 x
Crew 0000/00/00 Nanette New, Key Makeup artist - clippings Book of Three, vol. 2 x
Crew 0000/00/00 Noon Orsatti, Stunt Coordinator - clippings Book of Three, vol. 2 x
Crew 0000/00/00 Noon Orsatti, Stunt Cooridnator Book of Three, Vol. 1 x
Crew 0000/00/00 Jon Pare, producer Book of Three, vol. 1 x
Crew 0000/00/00 Jon Pare, producer/director - clippings Book of Three, vol. 2 x
Crew 0000/00/00 Celest Ray, music coordinator - clippings Book of Three, vol. 2 x
Crew 0000/00/00 Celest Ray, Vice President of Music for Paramount Pictures Group Book of Three, vol 1 x
Crew 0000/00/00 Pam Shae, executive in charge of talent - clippings Book of Three, vol. 2 x
Crew 0000/00/00 Nancy Solomon, Script Supervisor - clippings Book of Three, vol. 2 x
Crew 0000/00/00 Nancy Solomon, Script Supervisor Book of Three, Vol. 1 x
Crew 0000/00/00 Aaron Spelling, Executive Producer - clippings Book of Three, vol. 2 x
Crew 0000/00/00 Paul Staheli, Charmed sets and how they were made Winterwave
Crew 0000/00/00 Paul Staheli, production designer Book of Three, vol. 1 x
Crew 0000/00/00 Paul Staheli, production designer - clippings Book of Three, vol. 2 x
Crew 0000/00/00 Audrey Stern, key hairstylist - clippings Book of Three, vol. 2 x
Crew 0000/00/00 Audrey Stern, key hairstylist Book of Three, vol 1 x
Crew 0000/00/00 Todd Tucker, Special Effects Makeup - clippings Book of Three, vol. 2 x
Crew 0000/00/00 Todd Tucker, Special Effects Makeup Book of Three, Vol. 1 x
Crew 0000/00/00 Duke E. Vincent, Executive Producer - clippings Book of Three, vol. 2 x
Crew 0000/00/00 Duke E. Vincent, A conversation with Aaron Spelling and E. Duke Vincent Book of Three, vol 1 x


L=language (if not stated otherwise it usually is English)
S=scan only, T+S=text and scan (if none is checked there is only text available)

AM=Alyssa Milano
ACist=Anthony Cistaro
ADale=Anthony Dale
BGetty=Balthazar Getty
BNiv=Barbara Niven
BDrago=Billy Drago
BZane=Billy Zane
BKern=Brad Kern
BQuinn=Brandon Quinn
BR=Brian Krause
CCarp=Charisma Carpenter
CKeib=Christian Keiber
CRose=Christine Rose
DKim=Dae Kim
DWood=Danny Woodburn
DDow=Denise Dowse
DF=Drew Fuller
DG=Dorian Gregory
EDane=Eric Dane
FTahir=Faran Tahir
FHugh=Finola Hughes
GJack=Gildart Jackson
GZabr=Grace Zabriskie
GVaugh=Greg Vaughan
HMC=Holly Marie Combs
ISerg=Ivan Sergei
JRead=James Read
JPress=Jaime Pressly
JLewis=Jason Lewis
JKSim=Jason/Kristopher Simmons
JRhod=Jennifer Rhodes
JWood=Jesse Woodrow
JSwet=Joel Swetow
JdLanc=John de Lancie
JM=Julian McMahon
KCuoco=Kaley Cuoco
KSmith=Kerr Smith
LMunro=Lochlyn Munro
MNichols=Marisol Nichols
MPatt=Marnette Patterson
MBSmith=Michael Bailey Smith
MStaff=Michelle Stafford
NLach=Nick Lachey
NRob=Neil Roberts
OFehr=Oded Fehr
RBald=Rebecca Balding
ROver=Rick Overton
RM=Rose McGowan
SJaeck=Scott Jaeck
STaylor=Scout Taylor-Compton
SD=Shannen Doherty
SKrull=Suzanne Krull
TKing=Ted King
VWeb=Victor Webster
WRam=Wes Ramsey
ZWard=Zack Ward
Misc.=Charmed in general
Crew=producers, directors and other crew

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