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Harmed Cartoons
Cartoons by Payndz

"The Witches Who Lived"
The Sorcerer's Stone


Part 1
Paige gets a job, while Piper is watching
an attack on a Fairy.

Part 2
Paige gets an interesting call and Phoebe
will reveal the truth about Cole's departure.

Part 3
Piper gets a very peculiar visitor, Paige explains
how Phoebe got her haircut and
Chris's alter ego will try to save the
Charmed Ones.
Turn on your speakers!

Part 4
Phoebe gets a new power, while the identity
of the Source is revelead.
Demian's recaps
Warning: You need some good, adult humor to enjoy these hilarious recaps.
Fan Art
images, fiction, videos - Charmed fans are very creative
Obsession Tests
When you think you are addicted to Charmed and start to worry how much addicted you are, take the level 1 test

You are quite sure you are obsessed but want to know how much try the level 2 test

You don't think you are obsessed. You know it.
Is there hope for you? Level 3 will tell
Which Charmed One is your style icon?

Which witch are you?
(Charmed magazine #7's)
Personality Cocktail
Every Charmed One contains a lot of traits. This test aims to determine, from a name alone, the most dominant personality traits and give you a little recipe to charm up your own personality
Find your perfect Charmed partner

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