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Pls. note: all episode titles are those used by TheWB and not the production titles.
For a list of differences pls. see Ask TheDemon > Episodes >
Why are there two names for an episode?

Where to find what:

Detailed episode information can also be found in the Book of Shadows, see Guide

Screencaps and all kind of unsorted images can be found in pictures.

Timeline of events in the show

Airdates are the original airdates on TheWB

If you have questions about certain episodes check Ask TheDemon

Bloopers lists errors and nitpicks for each episode

Crew is a list of the production crew, with pictures

Cultural references are references made in the show and what they mean

Title references gives an explanation what the titles refer to or mean

Episodes in other languages currently offers the official French, Spanish, German, Italian and Finnish episode titles



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