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Timeline 1644-1997 
The timeline is the result of the few information given in the show (text and picture) and a lot of guessing and conclusions.

Sometimes there is a paradoxom like in 2x08 which should be in mid year (summer camp) but must happen before Valentine's day or for example when Wyatt has been born. 



March 1998 Piper meets Jeremy Burns    
05-03-1998 Penny Halliewll dies    
soon after Phoebe leaves for New York    
05-09-1998 series starts, the girls get their powers   Phoebe is 23, Piper 25, Prue 27
20/21-10-1998 1x04 Date man dating   a week before Prue's birthday
March 1999 1x11 Feats of Clay   6 months after Phoebe came back from New York
March 1999 1x13 From fear to eternity   shortly before spring equinox
24-03-1999 1x17 That 70s episode    
August 1999 1x22 Deja-vu all over again   Rodriguez has posed as cop for a year
2x01 Witch trial
fall equinox
  The girls are witches for 1 year
Piper knows Leo approx. 1 year
November 1999 2x07 They are everywhere    
? 2x08 P3H2O   summer camp opening
Jack starts working at Buckland's
early 2000 2x12 Awakened   Phoebe starts college
14-02-2000 2x13 Animal pragmatism    
17-02-2000 2x14 Pardon my past   past Phoebe (P. Russell) died
mid 2000 2x20 Astral monkey   90 days after 2x12 Awakened
late 2000 2x21 Apocalypse not    
September 2000 2x22 Be careful what you witch for    
October 2000 3x01 Honeymoon is over   Phoebe meets Cole
3x04 All Halliwell's Eve    
November 2000 3x05 Sight unseen   a week before 3x06
November 2000 3x06 The Primrose empath   couple of weeks before 3x08
end 2000 3x07 Power outage   approx. 1 week before 3x08
end 2000 3x08 Sleuthing with the enemy   the triad sent Belthazor after the girls about 2 month ago
end 2000 3x09 Coyote Piper   approx. 1 week after 3x08, 10 years after Piper's highschool graduation in 1990
mid 2001 3x14 The good, the bad, the cursed   1 week after 3x13
September 2001 3x15 Just Harried   Piper and Leo marry; in 4x16 they will have their first anniversary
mid to end 2001 3x17 Pre-Witched   some weeks after 3x15
late 2001
3x20 Exit Strategy   Phoebe graduates from college
late 2001 3x22 All hell breaks loose   Prue dies
early 2002 4x10 A Paige from the past   8 years after Paige's adoptive parent's death in 1994
ealry 2002 4x13 Charmed and dangerous   The Source is vanquished
early 2002 4x15 Marry go round   Phoebe and Cole marry
21-09-2002 4x16 The fifth Halliwheel   the day before Harvest moon, Phoebe conceives
November 2002 4x17 Saving Private Leo   60st anniversary of the battle at Guadalcanal
end 2002 4x21 Womb raider   Phoebe is 8 weeks pregnant, the baby dies
end 2002 4x22 Witch way now   Piper is pregnant
early 2003     Piper is in her first trimester
shortly before
5x06 Magic wears a mask   time discrepance!
early 2003 5x12 Centennial Charmed   Cole dies
31-01-2003 or 01-02-2003 5x15 Special delivery   Piper is in the 34 week of her pregnancy, Wyatt is born
end February  2003 5x16 Baby's first demon   3 weeks after 5x15, Phoebe meets Jason dean
August 2003 5x21 Necromancing the stone   Wyatt is 6 months old
September 2003 5x22/23 Oh my goddess   Piper splits up with Leo
end 2003 6x04 Dirty blondes   Chris Perry is their new whitelighter for 2 month now
December 2003 6x05 Love's a witch   Wyatt is 10 months old, Piper and Leo are seperated after 2 years marriage
07-03-2004 6x12 Prince Charmed   Piper's 31 birthday, 6 months after splitting up with Leo
late January or early February 2004 6x16 Midnight rendezvous   Wyatt is 1 year old, Chris is conceived
June 2004 6x17 Hyde School reunion   4 months after 6x16
August  2004 6x18 Spin City   6 Months after 6x16
end 2004 6x22/6x23 It's a bad, bad, bad,
bad world
  Chris is born
early 2005 7x01 A call to arms   2 months after 6x23
January 2005 7x03 Cheaper by the coven   Wyatt is 2 years old
14-02-2005 7x14 Carpe Demon   Valentine's day
time discrepance!
April 2005 7x17 Scry hard   accord. to a wall-calendar in Paige's office
end 2005 7x21 Death becomes them   Chris is 1 year old
approx. 6 months after 7x04 Charrrmed!
end October 2005 8x04 Desperate housewitches   shortly before Halloween
30-10-2005 8x06 Kill Billie, Vol. 1   the day before Halloween
06-11-2005 8x07 The lost picture show    
early February 2006 8x12 Payback's a witch   Wyatt's third birthday




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