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Original Music
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production company:
Spelling Television Inc.
5700 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles
California 90036-3659

creator_constance-m-burge.jpg Constance M. Burge
Unaired Pilot
1.01 Something Wicca This Way Comes
1.05 Dream Sorcerer
1.14 Secrets and Guys
1.22 Déjà Vu All Over Again
2.03 The Painted World

producer_peter-chomsky.jpg Peter Chomsky
2.19 Ex Libris
staff-writer_assistant-to-brad-wright_doug-e-jones.jpg Doug E. Jones
5.19 Nymphs Just Wanna Have Fun
6.18 Spin City
7.17 Scry Hard
4.17 Saving Private Leo
8x07 The lost picture show

executive-producer_brad-kern2.jpg Brad Kern
1.02 I've Got You Under My Skin
1.10 Wicca Envy
1.14 Secrets and Guys
1.20 The Power of Two
1.22 Deja Vu All Over Again
2.01 Witch Trial
2.19 Ex Libris
2.22 Be Careful What You Wish For
3.01 The Honeymoon Is Over
3.22 All Hell Breaks Loose
4.01 Charmed Again, Part 1
4.02 Charmed Again, Part 2
4.08 Black As Cole
4.22 Witch Way Now?
5.12 Centennial Charmed
5.18 Cat House
6.01 Valhalley of the Dolls, Part 1
6.02 Valhalley of the Dolls, Part 2
6.16 The Courtship of Wyatt's Father
7.01 A Call to Arms
7x22 Something wicca this way goes
8x01 Still Charmed and kicking
8x02 Malice in wonderland

staff-writer-script-coordinato_scott-lipseyr.jpg Scott Lipsey
6.06 My Three Witches
7x09 There's something about Leo

story-editor_cameron-litvack.jpg Cameron Litvack
6.10 Chris-Crossed
6.14 The Legend of Sleepy Halliwell
6.20 A Wrong Day's Journey Into Right
7.04 Charrrmed!
7x12 Extreme makeover: world edition
7x18 Little box of sites
8x03 Run, Piper, run
producer_herny-alonso-myers.jpg Henry Alonso Myers
5.21 Necromancing the Stone
5.07 Sympathy for the Demon
5.13 House Call
6.03 Forget Me Not
6.12 Prince Charmed
6.19 Crimes Witch Demeanors
7.05 Styx Feet Under
7x13 Charmaggedon
7x20 Imaginary fiends
supervising-producer_mark-wilding.jpg Mark Wilding
5.05 Witches In Tights
7.03 Cheaper by the Coven
7x11 Ordinary witches
7x19 Freaky Phoebe
co-producer_jeannine-renshaw.jpg Jeannine Renshaw
6.05 Love's a Witch
6.13 Used Karma
6.22 It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World, Part I
7.02 The Bare Witch Project
7x10 Witchness protection
8x04 Desperate housewitches
8x08 Battle of the hexes
Abbey Campbell
4.08 Black As Cole

Ed Bokinskie
5.20 Sense and Sense Ability

Javier Grillo-Marxuach
1.04 Dead Man Dating
1.11 Feats of Clay
1.16 Which Prue is it, Anyway?
1.21 Love Hurts
2.05 She's a Man, Baby, A Man!
2.17 How to Make a Quilt Out Of Americans
2.11 Reckless Abandon

Julie Hess
6.09 Little Monsters

Alison Schapker
3.07 Power Outage
3.14 The Good, the Bad, and the Cursed
3.21 Look Who's Barking
4.06 A Knight to Remember
4.19 We're Off to See the Wizard
5.02 A Witch's Tail, Part 2
5.09 Sam I Am
5.14 Sand Francisco Dreamin'
5.21 Necromancing the Stone

Andrea Stevens
5.19 Nymphs Just Wanna Have Fun

Andy Reaser
6.18 Spin City
7x17 Scry hard
8x07 The lost picture show

Chris Levinson
1.03 Thank You for Not Morphing
1.08 The Truth is Out There ... and it Hurts
1.11 Feats of Clay
1.15 Is There a Woogy in the House?
1.21 Love Hurts
2.01 Morality Bites
2.08 P3 H20
2.13 Animal Pragmatism
2.18 Chick Flick
2.22 Be Careful What You Wish For
3.02 The Magic Hour
3.10 We All Scream for Ice Cream
3.17 PreWitched

Curtis Kheel
3.21 Look Who's Barking
4.07 Brain Drain
4.14 The Three Faces of Phoebe
4.18 Bite Me
5.03 Happily Ever After
5.10 Y Tu Mummy Tambien
5.17 Lucky Charmed
6.07 Soul Survivor
6.15 I Dream of Phoebe
6.23 It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World, Part II
7x08 Charmed Noir
7x14 Carpe demon
7x21 Death becomes them

Daniel Cerone
3.20 Exit Strategy
4.17 Saving Private Leo
5.20 Sense and Sense Ability
3.06 Primrose Empath
3.15 Just Harried
4.04 Enter the Demon
4.10 A Paige From the Past
4.15 Marry-Go-Round
4.21 Womb Raider
5.01 A Witch's Tail, Part 1
5.08 A Witch In Time
5.15 The Day the Magic Died
5.23 Oh My Goddess, Part 2
6.04 Power of Three Blondes
6.11 Witchstock

David Simkins
2.04 The Devil's Music
2.20 Astral Monkey
2.10 Heartbreak City
2.16 Murphy's Luck
6.08 Sword and the City
6.17 Hyde School Reunion

Edithe Swensen
Greg Elliot
Javier Grillo-Marxuach
Joel J. Feigenbaum
Krista Vernoff
Laurie Parres
Michael Gleason
Michael Perricone
Monica Breen
Nell Scovell
Paul Jackson
Peter Hume
Robert Masello
Sanford Golden
Sheryl J. Anderson
Tony Blake
Valerie Mayhew
Vivian Mayhew
Whip Lipsey
William Schmidt
Zack Estrin
assistant-editor_brian-johnson.jpg Brian Johnson - assistant editor
co-producer_jeannine-renshaw.jpg Jeannine Renshaw - executive story editor (season 6),
assistant-editor_eric-lea.jpg Eric Lea - assistant editor
assistant-editor_gene-wood.jpg Eugene Wood - assistant editor (season 6)
best-boy-grip_tom-ham.jpg Thomas B. Ham - second company grip (season 5-)
producer_herny-alonso-myers.jpg Henry Alonso Myers - executive story editor (season 6)
story editor (season 5)
staff-writer_natalie-antoci.jpg Natalie Antoci - staff writer (2003-)
editor_derek-berlatsky.jpg Derek Berlatsky - editor

Monica Breen - executive story editor
Amy Budden - first assistant editor
Jennifer Calbi - assistant editor (1999)
Daniel Cerone - story editor
Dino DeLorenzo - assistant editor (season 1)
Zack Estrin - executive story editor (12 episodes 1999-2000)
Paul Fontain - assistant editor (1999)
Amelia Ann Hagen - assistant editor
Julie Hess - story editor (season 6)
Brian Jonason - assistant editor (season 6)
Don Kelly - assistant editor
Curtis Kheel - executive story editor (season 5)
Robert Masello - executive story editor (2000)
Alison Schapker - executive story editor

staff-writer-script-coordinato_scott-lipseyr.jpg Scott Lipseyr - staff writer script coordinator
script-supervisor_nancy-solomon.jpg Nancy Solomon - script supervisor
Deidre Strohm - script coordinator
Valentine - script supervisor (season 3-4)
Suzan Lowitz - script supervisor (seasons 1 and 2)
Peter Madamba - script researcher
Nan Sumski - publicist (2003)
co-executive-producer_james-conway-2005-02-01.jpg James L. Conway
director_derek-johansen.jpg Derek Johansen
executive-producer_brad-kern.jpg Brad Kern
director_john-kretchmer.jpg John T. Kretchmer
producer_jon-pare-2005-02-01.jpg Jon Paré
director-of-photograph_jonathan-west.jpg Jonathan West
a-camera-steadycam-op_kris-krosskove.jpg Kris Krosskove - a camera/steadycam-op
editor_paul-fontain.jpg Paul Fontaine
editor_don-kelly.jpg Don Kelly (2002-)
Thomas Del Ruth (1998)
Rick F. Gunter (1999-)
"Oh My Goddess, Part I")
Michael Negrin
Geoffrey Schaaf (1999)
Allan Kroeker
Anson Williams
Bruce Seth Green
Chip Scott Laughlin
Chris Long
Craig Zisk
David Jackson
David Straiton
Don Kurt
Ellen S. Pressman
Elodie Keene
Gilbert Adler
James A. Contner
James Whitmore Jr.
Joel J. Feigenbaum
John Behring
Kevin Inch
Les Landau
Les Sheldon
Martha Mitchell
Mel Damski
Michael Schultz
Michael Zinberg
Nick Marck
Noel Nosseck
Perry Lang
Richard Compton
Richard Denault
Richard Ginty
Roxann Dawson
Shannen Doherty
Stuart Gillard
Timothy Lonsdale

Film Editing by:
Stewart Schill (1999-)
Alan L. Shefland
Bill Turro
Tomaz Remec  - 1st assistant director
2nd-2nd-assistant-director_lisa-stuckey.jpg Lisa Stuckey - 2nd 2nd assistant director
Hal Arnold - A camera 1st ac
a-camera-2nd-ac_jon-jennings.jpg Jon-Jennings - A camera 2nd ac
Alvin Simmons - A camera dolly grip
b-camera-2nd-ac_jeff-mihovilovich.jpg Jeff Mihovilovich - B camera 2ndac
b-camera-dolly-grip_bill-withans.jpg Bill Withans - B camera dolly grip
b-camera-operator_greg-st-johns.jpg Greg St. Johns - B camera operator
1st-assistant-camera_rick-sobin.jpg Richard Sobin - first assistant camera (season 5-)
boom-director_kevin-mcclellan.jpg Kevin McClellan - boom director
  Peter Albert - additional digital video assist operator (2003)
Craig Asato - first assistant camera (1999-)
Brian Dzyak - assistant camera (uncredited)
Michael Frediani - camera operator (1999-2002)
J. Armin Garza II - driver: camera car
Kris Krosskove - camera operator (season 5-)
Nino Neuboeck - assistant camera
Lex Rawlins - first assistant camera (1998-1999)
Guy Skinner - camera operator (10 episodes in 1999)
Richard Sorn - first assistant camera
Michael St. Hilaire - camera operator (episode 5.21 "Necromancing the Stone) (episode 5.22 "Oh My Goddess: Part 1")
Ron Vargas - first assistant camera (-2002)
Jud Kehl - camera operator (1999-)
Assistant Director:
key-2nd-assistant-director_vincent-gonzales.jpg Vincent G. Gonzales - second assistant director


1st-assistant-director_derek-johansen.jpg Derek E. Johansen - first assistant director
2nd-2nd-assistant-director_eric-oliver.jpg Eric Oliver - second second assistant director (seasons 5 and 6)
Tom Blank - first assistant director (1998)
Todd A. Covert - key second assistant director (1998)
Valerie Finkel - second assistant director (season 3)
James Grayford - second assistant director
Richleigh Heagh - first assistant director (2003-)
Craig Huston - first assistant director (season 2)
J.J. Linsalata - key second assistant director (episode 1.02 "I've Got You Under My Skin") (episode 1.03 "Thank You for Not Morphing")
Timothy J. Lonsdale - first assistant director (1999-2002)
Martha L. Mericka - key second assistant director (episode 1.02 "I've Got You Under My Skin")
Robert J. Metoyer - first assistant director
Lincoln Myers - second assistant director
Daniel Orozco - second assistant director (episode 2.13 "Animal Pragmatism") (episode 2.22 "Be Careful What You Witch For")
Judith Vogelsang - first assistant director (episode 1.03 "Thank You for Not Morphing")
executive-producer_aaron-spelling.jpg Aaron Spelling - executive producer (1998-)Mark Wilding - co-producer (2002-2003)
producer_e-duke-vincent-2005-02-01.jpg E. Duke Vincent - executive producer (1998-)
co-executive-producer_james-l-conway.jpg James L. Conway - consulting producer (seasons 3-4), co-executive producer (season 4-)
creator_constance-m-burge.jpg Constance M. Burge - executive producer (1998-2000)
executive-producer_brad-kern2.jpg Brad Kern - executive producer (1998-)
producer_rob-wright.jpg Rob Wright
producer_peter-chomsky.jpg Peter Chomsky - associate producer (1998-), co-producer (2003)
producer_jon-pare-2005-02-01.jpg Jon Paré - producer (1999-)
co-producer_debra-j-fisher.jpg Debra J. Fisher - co-producer
co-producer_erica-messer.jpg Erica Messer - co-producer
supervising-producer_mark-wilding.jpg Mark Wilding - supervising producer
Chris Levinson - co-producer (9 episodes 2000)
Sheryl J. Anderson - producer (seasons 1-2), supervising producer (season 3), co-executive producer (season 4)
Tony Blake - consulting producer (13 episodes in 1999)
Monica Breen - co-producer (2003)
Daniel Cerone - producer (2002-2003), supervising producer (2003), co-executive producer (2003-)
Holly Marie Combs - producer (2002-)
Robert Del Valle - coordinating producer (pilot episode)
Zack Estrin - co-producer (9 episodes 2000)
Javier Grillo-Marxuach - co-producer (1999-2000)
Peter Hume - supervising producer: 14 episodes 2000-2001
Curtis Kheel - co-producer (season 6)
Jonathan Levin - consulting producer (1998-)
Valerie Mayhew - co-producer (12 episodes 1999-2000)
Vivian Mayhew - co-producer (12 episodes 1999-2000)
Alyssa Milano - producer (2002-)
Laurie Parres - co-producer (2002-2003)
Betty Reardon - coordinating producer (1998-)
Alison Schapker - co-producer (2003)
William Schmidt - co-executive producer (14 episodes 2000-2001)
Nell Scovell - co-executive producer (2001-)
Les Sheldon - producer (pilot episode), supervising producer (1998-1999)
David Simkins - co-executive producer (1999-2000), consulting producer (2003-)
Krista Vernoff - co-producer (2002-2003), producer (2003)
Shannen Doherty - co-producer
Paul Jackson - consulting producer (13 episodes in 1999)
Production Management:
producer_jon-pare-2005-02-01.jpg Jon Paré - unit production manager (1999-)
Rick Napoli - production coordinator
Matthew Houbrick - production supervisor (1999-2000)
Timothy J. Lonsdale - unit production manager (2000)
Robert J. Metoyer - unit production manager (episode 5.13 "House Call") (episode 5.21 "Necromancing the Stone")
Gail M. Patterson - executive in charge of production
creator_constance-m-burge.jpg Constance M. Burge - executive consultant

Chris Levinson - executive consultant
Mary Kara - technical consultant (2001-2002)
Zack Estrin - executive consultant (5 episodes 2000)
Peter Hume - executive consultant (8 episodes 2001)
Chris Watkins - technical consultant (2001-2002)

unity-stunt-player_david-hugghins.jpg David Hugghins - unity stunt player
stunt-coordinator_noon-orsatti.jpg Noon Orsatti - stunt coordinator
stunt-double-alyssa_laura-lee-connery.jpg Laura Lee Connery - stunt double Alyssa
stunt-double-phoebe_dorenda-moore.jpg Dorenda Moore - stunt double Alyssa
stunt-double-holly_nancy-thurston.jpg Nancy Thurston - stunt double Holly
stunt-double-rose_melissa-parker.jpg Melissa Barker - stunt double Rose
stunt-double-brian_zach-hudson.jpg Zach Hudson - stunt double Brian
stunt-double-julian_allen-robinson.JPG Allen Robinson - stunt double Julian
- Julie Adair - stunt double Shannen
2nd team
alyssa-2nd-team_judy-gunter.jpg Judy Gunter - 2nd team Alyssa
holly-2nd-team_estee-chase.jpg Estee Chase - 2nd team Holly
rose-2nd-team_gina-rodgers.jpg Gina Rodgers - 2nd team Rose
brian-2nd-team_louie-novoa.jpg Louie Novoa - 2nd team Brian
Costume Design:
costume-designer_Eilish-McNulty.jpg Eilish McNulty - costume design
key-costumer_charlotte-oshiro.jpg Charlotte Oshiro - Key costumer
Kate Wood - set costumer


Mandi Line - set costumer


costume-supervisor_daniela-gschwendtner.jpg Daniella Gschwendtner - costume supervisor
costume-designer_Eilish-McNulty2.jpg Eilish McNulty - costume supervisor
Lynda Pyka - costume supervisor (1999-)
indy Napoli - set costumer
Julia Schklair - costume supervisor (pilot episode)
Joyce Unruh - costume supervisor (2000)
Tony Velasco - costume supervisor (season 3)
George Sartiano - specialty costumes (uncredited)
Molly Harris Cnampbell (season 1)
Robert 'Jake' Jacobs - costume supervisor (season 1)
Michael V. Maurice - set dresser
Makeup Department:
key-hairstylist_audrey-futterman-stern.jpg Audrey Futterman-Stern - key hairstylist
key-makeup-artist_bret-mardock.jpg Bret Mardock - key makeup artist
key-makeup_nanette-new.jpg Nanette New - key makeup
Monique DeSart - key hair stylist
Audree Futterman - key hair stylist (2000-2002), department head key hair stylist (2002-)
Lana Heying - key hair stylist
Kathryn Miles Kelly - key makeup artist (seasons 1-3)
Laurel Kelly - key hair stylist (-2003)
Michael Key - special makeup effects artist
Mary Kim - makeup effects production supervisor: Captive Audience Productions Inc.
Suzanne Kontonickas - key hair stylist (1999-)
Margie Latinopoulos - special makeup effects artist
Ani Maloney - key makeup artist
Kent Nelson - key hair stylist
Ani Plotkin - key makeup artist (-2003) (1999-2003), key makeup artist (2003-)
Special effects makeup:
Rick Stratton - special makeup effects artist (episode "Blind Sided") (episode "Love Hurts") (episode "The Power of Two") (episode "When Bad Warlocks Go Good")
Keith VanderLaan - makeup effects producer: Captive Audience Productions
John Vulich - special makeup effects artist (episode "I've Got You Under My Skin") (episode "Thank You For Not Morphing")
R. Stephen Weber - special makeup effects artist (episode 2.19 "Ex Libris") (episode 2.20 "Astral Monkey")
Jake Garber - special makeup effects artist (uncredited)
Production designer:
production-designer_paul-staheli2.jpg Paul Staheli (season 3-)
Carlos Berben (1999-2000)
Dean Edward Mitzner (1998-1999)
fx-technician_bruce-knechtges.jpg Bruce Knechtges - FX technician
fx-technician_michael-arbogast.jpg Michael Arbogast - FX technician
fx-technician_vince-borgese.jpg Vince Borgese - FX technician
special-effects-coordinator_randy-cabral.jpg Randy Cabral - special effects coordinator
Damian Fisher - technician: Steve Johnson's XFX
Thomas Floutz - artist: Steve Johnson's XFX (season 2)
Joe Gomez - technician: Steve Johnson's XFX
John E. Gray - special effects coordinator (1998-1999)
Steve Newburn - technician: Steve Johnson's XFX
Thomas Ovenshire - technician: Steve Johnson's XFX
Dan Rebert - artist: Steve Johnson's XFX (season 2)
Property Master:

Roger Montesano

prop-master_stephen-gold.jpg Stephen Gold - prop master
prop-assistant_jeff-angelo.jpg Jeff Angelo - prop assistant
Original Music:
Jay Gruska (1999-)
Jake Alston
Kenneth Burgomaster (song "Hey Pretty")
Melissa Kaplan (song "A Charming Spell")
Costa Kotselas (song "Caladan") (episode 82 "The Fifth Halliwheel")
Costa Kotselas (song "Metropolitan") (episode 31 "Heartbreak City")
Johnny Marr (opening theme song "How Soon is Now?")
J. Peter Robinson
Tim Truman (season one)
Sound Department:
sound-mixer_brett-grant.jpg Brett Grant - sound mixer (season 2-)
Larry Benjamin - sound re-recording mixer
Gary Boatner - second unit boom operator (2001)
Gary Boatner - sound
Gary Boatner - utility dayplayer (2002)
Gary Boatner - utility sound (2002)
Scott Brewster - adr recordist
Nino Centurion - music editor
Jeff Clark - supervising sound editor (season 2-)
Rich Steven - Supervising Sound Editor:
Scott Cochran - music recordist
Eddie Gilroy - sound re-recording mixer (season 1)
James LaRue - sound mixer (season one)
Andy MacDonald - sound re-recording mixer (1999-2000)
William L. Manger - supervising sound editor (4 episodes 1998)
Frank D. Menges - sound mixer: second unit
Bruce P. Michaels - sound re-recording mixer
Mark Petersen - supervising sound editor (1998-1999)
Joshua E. Schneider - sound re-recording mixer (season 3-)
Kevin Valentine - sound re-recording mixer (2000-)
Celest Ray - music coordinator (1999-)
  Joseph Malone - choreographer (episode "Nymphs Just Wanna Have Fun")
Shannen Doherty - choreographer (episode "Coyote Piper")
Visual Effects:
visual-effects-supervisor_stephen-lebed.jpg Stephen Lebed - visual effects supervisor
visual-effects-assistant_chris-aronoff.jpg Chris Aronoff - visual effects assistant
Jonathan Block - animator
Christian Boudman - digital compositor
Everett Burrell - visual effects supervisor
Jason Fotter - digital compositor: Encore Visual Effects
George Freeman - digital compositor
Trey Freeman - digital compositor: Encore Visual Effects
Mark Hunt - visual effects coordinator: season 3
Alisa Loren Klein - digital artist
Craig Kuehne - visual effects designer
Dan Lopez - visual effects
Michael D. Most - visual effects supervisor (episode 1.04 "Dead Man Dating")
Brad Moylan - digital compositor: Encore Visual Effects
Sean Mullen - digital compositor: Encore Visual Effects
Eric Reinhard - digital compositor
Rod Ripley - data management: Flat Earth Productions
Rick Shick - digital compositor: compositing and rotoscoping
John Shirley - digital compositor
Kevin Struckman - data management: Flat Earth Productions
Greg Tsadilas - digital artist
Wade Van Petten - visual effects
Todd Vaziri - digital artist: Flat Earth Productions
Chris Y. Yang - 3D animator
Matt von Brock - digital artist: Encore Visual Effects
Owen Hammer - digital compositor (uncredited)
Darin Hilton - digital effects artist (uncredited)

Set Decoration:

assistant-prop-master_scott-cockerell.jpg Scott Cockerell - assistant property master (season 6)
construction-coordinator_star-fields.jpg Star Fields - construction coordinator
construction-foreman_gene-bowen.jpg Gene Bowen - construction foreman
set-production-assistant_carrie-benjamin.jpg Carrie Benjamin - set production assistant

Robin Royce (1999-) - set decoration

paint-foreman_mary-ray-campbell.jpg Mary Ray Campbell - paint foreman
paint-gang-boss_danny-ronay.jpg Danny Ronay - paint gang boss
painter_linda-hope.jpg Linda Hope - painter
Donald Krafft - set decoration
Cate Bangs - set designer (seasons 1 and 2)
Michael Caiozzo - construction coordinator (episode 1.01 "Something Wicca This Way Comes") (episode 1.02 "I've Got You Under My Skin") (episode 1.03 "Thank You for Not Morphing")
Gary Christensen - construction coordinator (1999-2000)
Joe Del Monte - construction coordinator (2000)
Darrin Fletcher - storyboard artist
Roland E. Hill Jr-. set designer
Bill Hrnjak - construction coordinator (1998-1999)
Christy McGeachy - assistant property master (seasons 1-5)
James J. Murakami - set designer (2000)
Rocky Slaymaker - leadperson (seasons 1 and 2)
Jim Walters - set designer (episode 2.08 "P3 H20") (episode 2.09 "Ms. Hellfire") (episode 2.10 "Heartbreak City")
electrician_dominic-sfreddo.jpg Dominic Sfreddo - electrician
electrician_ian-luca.jpg Ian Luca - electrician
chief-lightning-technician_kurt-johnson.jpg Kurt Johnson - chief lighting technician (season 5-)
electrician_paul-szopa.jpg Paul Szopa - electrician
  Rick Kelley - electrician
Don Lehman - assistant chief lighting technician (season 5-)
Marc Meisenheimer - assistant chief lighting technician (1998-1999)
Vojislav Mikulic - chief lighting technician (8 episodes in 1999)
Walter Stewart - chief lighting technician (episode "I've Got You Under My Skin") (episode "Something Wicca This Way Comes") (episode "Thank You for Not Morphing")
Thomas Thatcher - chief lighting technician (seasons 2-4) Diana
Blaise Dahlquist - assistant chief lighting technician (seasons 2-4)
Michael A. Jones - chief lighting technician (episode "Feats of Clay") (episode "Wicca Envy")
Craft service:
craft-services_rick-grime.jpg Nick Grime - craft services
Craig Conover - craft service
driver_greg-landis.jpg Greg Landis - driver
David Bassett - transportation coordinator
Charlie Ping - driver
John P. Schott, driver
Location manager
locations-manager_bob-boyle.jpg Robert Boyle - location manager
Frank H. Woodward - location manager
assistant-accountant_malia-mungum.jpg Malia Mungum - assistant accountant
paymaster_paula-harding.jpg Paula Harding- paymaster
  Sharon B. Taksel - production accountant (season 1)
Chrissy Cornwall - production accountant (season 3-)
Wade Hagen - first assistant accountant
Assistants to ..
assistant-to-james-l-conway_sheila-cavanaugh.jpg Sheila Cavanaugh - assistant to James L. Conway
assistant-to-jon-pare_andrea-conway.jpg Andrea Conway - assistant to Jon Pare
staff-writer_assistant-to-brad-wright_doug-e-jones.jpg Doug E. Jones - assistant to writers (season 2)
Doug E. Jones - assistant to Brad Kern (seasons 3 and 4)

Max Joffe - assistant to Brad Kern (seasons 1 and 2)
Abbey Campbell - assistant to writers (2001-2002)
Aviva Barraclough - assistant to Constance M. Burge (seasons 1 and 2)
Julia Swartsley - assistant to Jon Paré
Andrea Stevens - assistant to writers (season 5)
Curtis Kheel - assistant to writers (season 3)
Chele Knapp - assistant to Jon Paré (season 2-3)
Chele Knapp - assistant to Les Sheldon (season 1)

assistant-production-office-coordinator_laura-starks.jpg Laura Starks - assistant production office-coordinator
production-accountant_susan-slattery.jpg Susan Slattery - production assistant
production-assistant_parker-mcgrath.jpg Parker McGrath - production assistant
production-assistant_rosie-magdaleno.jpg Rosie Magdaleno - production assistant
post-production-assistant_drew-ysais.jpg Drew Ysais - post-production assistant
post-production_larry-goldstein.jpg Larry Goldstein - post-production coordinator (season 3-)
  Kristen Reardon - post-production coordinator (1998-1999)
Gregory Charles Schaefer - production assistant (1999)
Jill Barnet Taylor - production coordinator (1998-1999)
Diana Weatherill - production coordinator (episode "Déjà Vu All Over Again") (episode "Love Hurts") (episode "The Power of Three")
Kenneth Miller Jr-. executive in charge of post-production
Kenneth Miller - executive in charge of post-production
Rick Napoli - production coordinator (season 3-)
Rick Narroll - production coordinator
Charles Cornwell - production assistant
Douglas Burzynski - post-production coordinator (1999-2000)
Deborah Greaney - production coordinator (season 2)
key-grip_steve-gausche.jpg Steve Gresche - first company grip
grip-and-production-pundit_ted-lewis.jpg Ted Lewis - grip and production pundit
grip_john-farmer.jpg John Farmer - grip
grip_mark-kuromoto.jpg Mark Kuromoto - grip
  David Salamone - second company grip (1999-2002)
David Salamone - best boy grip (1999)
David Leite - grip: second unit
Marlin Hall - key grip (1998-1999)
Brad Heiner - rigging grip (2000)
Marcus 'Roo' Flower - grip
David W. Donoho - first company grip (1999-2002)
Other crew:
greensperson_billy-don-jackson.jpg Billy Don Jackson - greensperson
  Michael Chaturantabut - martial arts trainer: Shannen Doherty

Renate Kamer - executive associate

Lance Lanfear - extras background coordinator (season 5)

Jeff Levy - gaffer

Michael Zu Zufelt, lead person
  Megan Hunter - casting associate (1999-)
Dana Olson - extras casting
Jeffrey Roth - casting associate (season 1)
Pamela Shae - casting executive (5 episodes 2000)
Pamela Shae - executive in charge of talent
Pamela Shae - senior vice president of talent
Pamela Shae - talent and casting executive (1998-)
Megan Entriken - casting associate
Stacy Alexander (1999) - castin
Leslee Dennis (2000-) - casting
Vicki Huff (original casting)

Constance M. Burge



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