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Jason and Kristopher Simmons  



Name: Jason Patrick Simmons and
Kristopher Robert Simmons
Birthday: 19 September 2002
Birth place: USA

Mother: Maria Simmons
Father: Robert Simmons
Siblings: older half brother Patrick


They played little Wyatt.

They are half Argentinian and understand Spanish.

Jason is older than his twin brother by one minute.

Favorite TV show: Dragon tales and Clifford the Big Red Dog. (2005)

Favorite toy: scooter (2005)

They have their own trailer on set.

On set their parents are next to them usually and tell them what to say, where to look or what they need them to do. They rehearse at the house in advance like playing a game.

To get them (and thus "Wyatt") to cry their mother just had to leave the set for a moment.


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