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Paige Matthews  
Name: Paige Matthews Mitchell

Birthday:  shortly before 2 August 1977
Astrological sign: Leo

Husband/Wife:  Henry Mitchell
Father:  Sam Wylder
Mother: Patty Halliwell
Adoptive parents: Mr. and Mrs. Matthews
Siblings: half sisters - Phoebe, Piper, Prue

children: twin girls and a boy named Henry jnr.

Love interests

Paige is half-witch and half-Whitelighter thanks to her parents, so she has a combination of powers. Mainly, she can orb in a variety of different ways. In the beginning, Paige was able to orb herself only fleetingly, when she was scared, and even then it wasn't great distances. As the season has progressed, Paige has been able to not only orb across town, but also carry a number of passengers with her.

This is an extension of the third Charmed One's power, telekensis, but her Whitelighter heritage makes it work differently. Paige can literally "call" for an object, and it will orb into her hand. This has been useful in fighting demons - she has been known to steal their energy balls and weapons to use against them.

Healing, glamouring and cloaking charges


2002 Volkswagen New Beetle GLS Turbo
Lime Green with Tan Leather
Plate: 4IMV486
Episodes: 4x01-4x22

1998 Volkswagen New Beetle GLS
Lime Green with Tan Leather
Plate: 4IEW871
Episodes: 5x01-5x11

1996 Nissan Sentra GLE (Rental)
Silver with Black Cloth
Plate: 3DZR367
Episodes: 5x12-5x13

2004 Volkswagen New Beetle GLS Turbo
Lime Green with Tan Leather
Plate: 4DYV682
Episodes: 5x14-8x22

list thanks to Jordan

South Bay Social Service
Temp Agency (dog walker, North Shore Citrus, Taking care Of grandma Callaway, Assistant To Attorney Larry Henderson, The Bay Mirror)
Headmaster at Magic School

Paige likes lollipops  

Fashion style:
Clothes: Paige's style is the most daring of the Halliwell sisters. She tends to wear bright colours, bold prints and clothing pieces that really shout for attention. Funky boots, colored tights, trendy hats, ruffles, sparkle and shine all are a must for Paige's colourful fashion sense, not forgetting mini skirts as a main piece! Paige's clothes make such a statement that for the most part, she doesn't really need any special accessories; maybe some funky earrings or a pin. On occasion, Paige wears more conservative pieces, usually for work purposes.
Hair: Most of the time Paige's hair is worn simple, just ... loose ... sometimes stick straight, sometimes with a little curl to it. Occasionally though, Paige has also worn her hair up & tousled and in braids.

(thanks to


Paige is ticklish at her third toe and behind her neck.

Paige only salts the right side of her popcorn

The "Wizard of Oz" makes her cry.

She wants to be free, independent, to be able to use her magic without fear of

Paige has a belly
button ring

Paige is a perfectionist

She had problems with alcohol

Paige was given to Sister Agnes on August 2nd 1977

Paige can be described as defiant, clever, independent and stubborn

Paige’s adoptive dad was a fireman  

As teenager Paige liked Metallica


Paige Matthews is Piper and Phoebe's long-lost half sister. Paige was the result of an affair between their mother and her Whitelighter Sam Wylder. Because the Elders strictly forbade witches and whitelighters to become involved, Patty feared for her daughter's life and abandoned her at a church. Paige was adopted by a loving family and had a good childhood. Nevertheless, she began cutting classes and drinking heavily in high school. It took her parents' deaths in a car crash to get her to finally clean up her act. She turned her life around, quit drinking, went to college, and got a job in social services. Paige was excited when she found out she had sisters, but apprehensive on learning she was a witch. Her impulsive and headstrong behavior make it a bit difficult to follow the magical rules that her sisters set up for her. Nevertheless, she has accepted her role as a Charmed One, and has even moved into the Manor.





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