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Andrew Trudeau

Andy Trudeau is with the San Francisco Police Department and is a Homicide Inspector. He and Prue once were an item until he left San Francisco for Portland. He recently returned and bumped into Prue. Andy has been trying to date her since, but several kinks have developed in their relationship. Prue discovered that Andy had been married (to Suan), she breaks many of the dates they make on the flimsiest excuses and after casting a spell to discover how Andy would take learning the truth about her and her sisters she learned he would not take it well. 
Andy finally learned that the sisters are witches and have powers. He was killed in the last episode of season one.

"Evil dead II" was his favourite movie while growing up.

Andy can read lips








Darryl Morris

Darryl Morris is a skeptic thru and thru. Even after witnessing some strange events this year, he refuses to believe in anything out of the ordinary. He always questioned Andy's outlandish theories about witchcraft and the occult. Since Andy's death, he has gone to Prue for help on his more outlandish cases. Morris has finally learned the Halliwell secret and sometimes comes to them for aid any of his cases that pertain to the supernatural.

Darryl is married to Sheilla and has a son (Michael).







Patty Halliwell

Name: Patricia Halliwell (Bennett)
Nickname: Patty

Birthday: 5 April 1950
died: 28 February 1978
Astrological sign: Aries

Husband/Wife: Victor Bennett (divorced), Sam Wylder
Children: Prue, Piper, Phoebe, Paige
Father:  Jack Johnson
Mother: Penny Halliwell

Temporal Stasis
As with Piper, Patty's power was the ability to stop time. When she was pregnant with Phoebe, however, Patty experienced premonitions - Phoebe's power.

She worked at Buddies at waitress.

As with all the Halliwell women, Patty was unlucky in love. Her first and only marriage was to Victor Bennett, the father of Prue, Piper, and Phoebe. This marriage lasted for six or seven years, but the witch-y livinghood of the family put a strain on their marriage. Victor and Patty soon divorced after a disagreement over how their children's powers should be handled - Victor wanted them bound so they could live happy, carefree childhoods, while Patty wanted them to be brought up as witches, as she was.

After the divorce, Patty's relationship with her Whitelighter, Sam, grew deeper and their love created a child, Paige. This relationship was stricly forbidden by the Elders, and the child - a fourth Charmed One - was hidden, despite Patty's worry over this.

Patty died at the Skylark Camp - a Summer camp for children. She discovered a water demon killing in the lake there, and took it upon herself to destroy it. However, she died trying, drowned from the inside by the demon. Years later, the Charmed Ones encountered and destroyed this demon, avenging their mother's death.







Victor Bennett

Born: 1949/50







Penny Halliwell (Grams)

Name: Penelope Halliwell Johnson
Nickname: Penny

Birthday: 23 June 1937
died: 5 March 1998
Astrological sign: Cancer

Husband/Wife: several marriages, first one Allen
Jack Johnson

Penny harboured the power of Telekinesis, passed down to her through the Halliwell/Warren bloodline. This power enabled her to move objects with the mind. As with her descendant, Prue, Penny was able to channel her power through her hands, and displayed great skill with this gift. Her power still survives today, as Penny uses it to flip the Book of Shadows to guide her grand-children, the Charmed Ones.

Grams was born in Boston. In a hotel room breach


Penny Halliwell was the grandmother of the Charmed Ones. Penny took care of the girls after their mother was killed by a water demon, and the differences and worrying conflicts between them all forced her to consider binding their Charmed powers before they discovered they had them.

Grams died after a heart condition overcame her. She died with her grandchildren beside her bed in the San Francisco Memorial Hospital. Her spirit lives on, however, helping and guiding the Charmed Ones. She appears every now and again in order to aid her grand-daughters, and even married Piper and Leo as a High Priestess.





Dan Gordon

He used to play second base for the Mariners. Ha had an all-star season going till he blew out his knee sliding into home
He is interested in architecture
He has 1 sister



Others and other family

Sam Wilder
died: 1999
dated Patty Halliwell
Children: Paige Matthews



Mr. and Mrs. Matthews
died: 1994
adoptive parents of Paige Matthews


The Family Tree

The Warren family trait: the short tempers, the great cheekbones, the strong wills, and of course the powers. 

Charlotte Warren
Born 1644
Mother of Melinda Warren

Melinda Warren
Born 31 October 1670
Died 1697

Telekinese, temporal stasis and premonition

Prudence Warren-Wentworth
Born: 1695
Mother: Melinda Warren
Husband: Michael Wentworth
children: Cassandra Warren-Wentworth
powers: telekinesis and premonitions
After the death of her mother she has been
raised by Elizabeth Hasting

Cassandra Wentworth
Mother: Prue Wentworth
children: Brianna and Astrid

Born: 1831
Mother: Cassandra Warren-Wentworth
siblings: Astrid Warren-Wentworth
children: Laura, Helena, Grace
Powers: Telekinese

Piper Baxter
Born September 1897
Married to Gordon Johnson
Died Dezember 1970
Temporal stasis

Phoebe Russell
Born: 2 July 1894
Died: 17 February 1924

Prue Bowens
Born: Juni 1895
Died: Mai 1970

Jack Halliwell
Born: 19 June 1930
Died: 1964
Married to Penelope Halliwell (Grams)

Gordon Johnson

Francine Bowen

Grandaunt Reva
Uncle Dave
Aunt Julie
Cousin Jeff





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