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Leo Wyatt  
Leo Wyatt
Brian Krause



Name: Leo Wyatt

Birthday: 6 May 1924
died: 14 November 1942

Husband/Wife: Lilian (in his first life), Piper Halliwell
Children: Wyatt Matthew
, Chris and a girl (probably named Melinda)
Grandchildren: Matthew (Chris or Wyatt's son) and a girl (name unknown)

sensing his charges (exceptions when they are dead or in the underworld)
changing his appearance
repair things
cover charges from dark lighters
as all whitelighters he can use whitelighter dust to erase memory

his powers increased when he became an Elder
With his decision for his family he gave up his powers and became mortal in 7x16 The seven year witch

Leo studied medicine and worked as para-med in WW2
As whitelighter he usually poses as handy man.
was an Elder for a while
headmaster at Magic School


Leo grew up in Burlingame.

He got the Purple Heart post mortem

His favourite baseball player was Joe DiMaggio

He was married to Lilian. 

Leo Wyatt is the Charmed Ones' whitelighter (guardian angel for good witches) and is also Piper Halliwell's husband. Leo died in the World War II battle at Guadalcanal and was reincarnated as a Whitelighter in recognition of the good deeds he had done. He was assigned to the Charmed Ones and quickly fell in love with Piper, which was forbidden by the Elders. Leo's tendency to follow the rules is in complete contrast to the Charmed Ones' tendency to break them. Nevertheless, Piper and Leo managed to stay together and finally got married (once the Elders gave their blessings).




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