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Brian Krause  
Brian Krause



Name: Brian Jeffrey Krause

Birthday: 1 February 1969
Birth place: El Toro, California, USA

Married but divorced, one son, Jamen (1996)

Hobbies: playing golf, tennis and basketball when he's not on the beach or playing Scrabble with friends and family, auto racing.

favourite food: mexican
favorite store: Roger Dunn Golf Store
smoking: yes


If he works out, he likes to play hoops or walk the golf course. Weights bore him

Between the shooting of two seasons of Charmed, Brian Krause takes back his electrician job.
He says that it's a way for him to have a normal life.

Before Brian got the role of Leo he auditioned to be Andy on Charmed

Julian McMahon and Brian both starred on TV's now defunct daytime drama Another World. However, since Julian left the soap in 1994 and Brian arrived in 1997, they never had a chance to work together.

Brian's nickname on the set is "The Blue Flamer". 
"Alyssa and Holly usually call me that. The guys keep it short and refer to me as BK. The girls like to pick on me because I'm like their brother now." 

Brian first rose to attention when he starred opposite Milla Jovovich in The Return to the Blue Lagoon. Shortly thereafter, he landed the lead role of Charles Brady in Stephen King's feline thriller Sleepwalkers. Additional features credits include Breaking Free with Jeremy London and Christine Taylor, Naked Souls with Pamela Anderson Lee, The Liars' Club with Wil Wheaton, and December costarring Balthazar Getty and Jason London. He will be seen next opposite Judd Nelson in the television thriller Return to the Cabin by the Lake.

In addition to his series regular work, Brian has made guest appearances on a number of shows including Walker, Texas Ranger and Tales From the Crypt, as well as a six-month stint as Matthew Cory on the daytime drama Another World.

He lives in the Los Angeles area.

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