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Guests Season 6  

6.01 Valhalley of the dolls, part 1
6.02 Valhalley of the dolls, part 2
6.03 Dragon heat
6.04 Dirty blondes
6.05 Love's a witch
6.06 Fantasies of the flesh
6.07 Soul sister
6.08 Charmed in Camelot
6.09 Hot mamas
6.10 Chris crossed
6.11 Witchstock
6.12 Prince Charmed
6.13 Used Karma
6.14 The legend of Sleepy Halliwell
6.15 I dream of Phoebe
6.16 Midnight rendezvous
6.17 Hyde School Reunion
6.18 Spin city

6.19 Charmed on Trial
6.20 Stormy leather
6.21 Reality check
6.22 It's a bad, bad, bad, bad world
6.23 It's a bad, bad, bad, bad world

6x01 Valhalley of the dolls part 1

6x01-crying-little-girl.jpg 6x01-crying-little-girl_aria-wallace.jpg
Crying little girl Aria Wallace
6x01-freya.jpg 6x01-freya_Melissa-George.jpg
Freya, Queen of the Warriors Melissa George
6x01-hangin-chad.jpg 6x01-hangin-chad_Stephen-Snedden.jpg
Hangin' Chad Stephen Snedden
6x01-kara.jpg 6x01-kara_Colleen-Porch.jpg
Kara Colleen Porch
6x01-mist.jpg 6x01-mist_Ivana Milicevic.jpg
Mist Ivana Milicevic

Smash Mouth (Themselves)
Tracey Aileen Leigh (Leysa)
Dan Femieux (Soldier)
Lee Coleman (Braveheart Warrior)
Teddy Chen Culver (Asian Purp)
Nicole Bassanda (Valkyrie Trainer)



6x02 Valhalley of the dolls, part 2

6x01-samurai-warrior.jpg 6x01-samurai-warrior_Arnold-Chon.jpg
Samurai warrior Arnold Chon
6x02-magi-warrior.jpg 6x02-magi-warrior_Damian-Poitier.jpg
Magi warrior Damian Poitier
6x02-oscar.jpg 6x02-oscar_Evan-Marriott.jpg
Oscar Evan Marriott


6x03 Dragon's heat

6x03-cleaner-one.jpg 6x03-cleaner-one_Kirk B-R-Woller.jpg
Cleaner One Kirk B.R. Woller
6x03-cleaner-two.jpg 6x03-cleaner-two_Darin-Cooper.jpg
Cleaner Two Darin Cooper
6x03-frank.jpg 6x03-frank_Christian-Kelber.jpg
Frank Christian Kelber
  He also starred in 5x01 A witch's tail, part 1, 5x14 Dreamspell and played "Scott" in 4x14 The Three Faces of Phoebe
6x03-natalie.jpg 6x03-natalie_Sarah-Aldrich.jpg
Natalie Sarah Aldrich
6x03-sophie.jpg 6x03-sophie_Amanda-Sickler.jpg
Sophie Amanda Sickler

She also stars in other episodes as Phoebe's assistant

Andrew Reville (Co-Worker)
Rebecca Balding (Elise Rothman)
Scott Klace (Mr. Stewick)
Melissa Greenspan (Flo)
Rick Hall (?)
Michael Manuel (?)



6x04 Dirty blondes

6x04-jack.jpg 6x04-jack_Kip-Martin.jpg
Jack Kip Martin
6x04-mabel-stillman.jpg 6x04-mabel-stillman_Jennifer-Sky.jpg
Mabel Stillman Jennifer Sky
6x04-margo-stillman.jpg 6x04-margo-stillman_Melody-Perkins.jpg
Margo Stillman Melody Perkins
6x04-mitzy-stillman.jpg 6x04-mitzy-stillman_Jenny-McCarthy.jpg
Mitzy Stillman Jenny McCarthy
6x04-ray.jpg 6x04-ray_Michael-Patrick-McGill.jpg
Ray Michael Patrick McGill
6x04-security-guard.jpg 6x04-security-guard_Jernard-Burks.jpg
Security guard Jernard Burks

Niki Botelho (Elf Nanny)
Todd Tucker (Gremlins)
Eric Dane (Jason Dean)
Joanna Sanchez (Lupita)
Glenn Taranto (Foreman)
Robert Alan Beuth (Salesman)
Bill Smillie (Husband)
Gwen Van Dam (Wife)
Rebecca Balding (Elise Rothman)



6x05 Love's a witch

6x05-alchemist.jpg 6x05-alchemist_Mako.jpg
Alchemist Mako
6x05-benjamin-montana.jpg 6x05-benjamin-montana_J-Michael-Flynn.jpg
Benjamin Montana J. Michael Flynn
6x05-james-callaway.jpg 6x05-james-callaway_James-Sutorius.gif
James Callaway James Sutorius
6x05-olivia-callaway.jpg 6x05-olivia-callaway_Rachelle-LeFevre.jpg
Olivia Callaway Rachelle LeFevre
6x05-richard-montana.jpg 6x05-richard-montana_Balthazar-Getty.jpg
Richard Montana Balthazar Getty
6x05-seth.jpg 6x05-seth_Michael-Muhney.jpg
Seth Michael Muhney

Daniel Hagen (Carl, temp agency placement representative)
Marjorie Lovett (Rosaline Montana)
Christine Healy (Grandma Callaway)



6x06 Fantasies in the flesh

6x06-blake.jpg 6x06-blake_Sam-Vance.jpg
Blake Sam Vance
6x06-gith.jpg 6x06-gith_Desmond-Askew.jpg
Gith Desmond Askew
6x06-mary.jpg 6x06-mary_Gina-Ravera(left).jpg
Mary Gina Ravera
6x06-nina-halter.jpg 6x06-nina-halter_Annabelle-Gurwitch.jpg
Nina Halter Annabelle Gurwitch
Kathryn Fiore (Elizabeth)
Kathryn Joosten (Wife)
Art Frankel (Charley Rawls, old Magician)
Fynn Turfeld (Nurse)
Susan Allison (Bored Woman)
Marty Papazian (Assistant Director)
David Backus (Deranged Fan)
Ken Weiler (Fan #1)
Jessica Friedman (Fan #2)
Alex Esternel (Male Model)
Catherine Reitman (Excited Fan)



6x07 Soul sister

6x07-larry-henderson.jpg 6x07-larry-henderson_Johnny-Sneed.jpg
Larry Henderson Johnny Sneed
6x07-mrs-henderson.jpg 6x07-mrs-henderson_Alla-Korot.jpg
Mrs. Henderson Alla Korot
6x07-zahn.jpg 6x07-zahn_Keith-Szarabajka.bmp
Zahn Keith Szarabajka
Simon Brooke (Grimlock)
Jean St. James (Female Lawyer)
Justine A. Moore (Female Demon)
Googy Gress (Spencer Ricks)
John Bisom (Confederate Soldier)
Gwendolyn Osborne (Demon Bidder #1)
Patrick Stinson (Demon Bidder #2)
Rob Farrior (Ryan)
Brian Wedlake (Brett)
Steadman (Themselves)



6x08 Charmed in Camelot

6x08-lady-of-the-lake.jpg 6x08-lady-of-the-lake_Danielle-Bisutti.jpg
Lady of the lake Danielle Bisutti
6x08-mordaunt.jpg 6x08-mordaunt_Edward-Atterton.gif
Mordaunt Edward Atterton
6x08-ogre.jpg 6x08-ogre_Matthew -McGrory.gif
Ogrre Matthew McGrory

He also stars in Spin City

Scout Taylor-Compton (Fairy)
Mark Aiken (Dark knight)
Danny Woodburn (Dwarf)
Brian Leckner (Head Executioner Demon)
Lamont Johnson (Soul Blaster Demon)
Bjorn Johnson (Cranky Satyr)
Amanda Sickler (Female Staffer)
Simon Brooke (Grimlock)


6x09 Hot mamas

6x09-beast.jpg 6x09-derek.jpg 6x09-beast_Seth-Peterson.jpg
 Beast/Derek  Seth Peterson
6x09-wine-captain.jpg 6x09-wine-captain_Armando-Pucci.jpg
Wine Captain Armando Pucci
Caleb Pinkett (Virgil)
Alec Fedd (Tristan)
Brady Smith (SWAT Commander)


6x10 Chris-crossed

6x10-adult-wyatt.jpg 6x10-adult-wyatt_Wesley-A-Ramsey.jpg
Future evil Wyatt Wesley A. Ramsey
official website
6x10-bianca.jpg 6x10-bianca_Marisol-Nichols.jpg
Bianca Marisol Nichols
6x10-greg.jpg 6x10-greg_Jason-Shaw.jpg
Greg Jason Shaw
He also played in 8x15 The last temptaion of Christie
Tour Guide
Lisa Kushell
thanks to Anna for the pic
Little Bianca
Ashlyn Sanchez
thanks to Anna for the pic
Balthazar Getty (Richard Montana)
Rebecca McFarland (Lynn, Biana's Mother)
Rebecca Balding (Elise Rothman)


6x11 Witchstock

6x11-allen.jpg 6x11-allen-halliwell_Patrick-Cassidy.jpg
Allen Halliwell Patrick Cassidy
6x11-nigel-warlock.jpg 6x11-nigel-warlock_Jake-Busey.jpg
Warlock Jake Busey
6x11-robin.jpg 6x11-robin_Kam-Heskin.jpg
Robin Kam Heskin
young Penny Halliwell Kara Zediker
Peter Pergelides (Guard)
Michael Storer (Sawmill Worker)
Gabe Vanderwalker (Stoner)
Tim Elwell (Officer)


6x12 Prince Charmed

6x12-mr-right.jpg 6x12-mr-right_Eduardo-Verįstegui.jpg
Mr. Right Eduardo Verįstegui
6x12-order-leader.jpg 6x12-order-leader_Bruce-Payne.jpg
Order leader Bruce Payne
Sandra Prosper (Sheila Morris)
Joseph Hodge (Acolyte #1)
Luke Massey (Acolyte #2)
Joe Cappellettti (Acolyte #3)


6x13 Used karma

6x13-swarm-king.jpg 6x13-swarm-king_James-Black.jpg
Swarm demon king James Black
Balthazar Getty (Richard Montana)
David Greene (Steve Montana)
Tom Schanley (Swarm General #1)
Jean-Chrisophe Febbrari (French Army Sgt.)
Lise Canning (Reporter #1)
Joe Torrenueva (Reporter #2)
Rock Reiser (Reporter #3)


6x14 The legend of sleepy Halliwell

6x14-mrs-winterbourne.jpg 6x14-mrs-winterbourne_betsy-randle.jpg
Mrs. Winterbourne Betsy Randle
6x14-shaman.jpg 6x14-shaman_Elena-Finney.jpg
Shaman Elena Finney
Gideon Gildart Jackson
Dean Shelton (Zachery)
Chris Neiman (Sigmund)
Ziggy Marley (Special Musical Guest)
Cate Cohen (Teacher's Aid)
Adam Hendershott (Slick)
Mitchah Williams (Quentin)


6x15 I dream of Phoebe

Saba Homayoon (Jinny)
Balthazar Getty (Richard Montana)
Mark Deklin (Bosk)
Joey Naber (Head Thief)
Jason Shaw (Greg)
J. Michael Flynn (Benjamin Montana)
David Greene (Steve Montana)
Marco Kahn (Thief #1)


6x16 Midnight rendezvous

6x16-damien.jpg 6x16-damien_Eduardo-Ballerini.jpg
Damien Eduardo Ballerini
6x16-sara.jpg 6x16-sara_Linda-Tran.jpg
Sara Linda Tran
Gildart Jackson (Gideon)
Lou Beatty Jr (Darklighter #1)
Bruno Gioiello (Darklighter #2)
Derrick McMillon (Darklighter #3)
Jon Erik (Darklighter #4)
Ellis E. Williams (Bus Driver)
Wayne Mitchell (Frank [Dad])
Jenni Pulos (Mom #1)
Sian Heder (Mom #2)


6x17 Hyde school reunion

6x17-paula-marks.jpg 6x17-paula-marks_Claire-Rankin.jpg
Paula Marks Claire Rankin
6x17-ramona-shaw.jpg 6x17-ramona-shaw_Lesli-Margherita.jpg
Ramona Shaw Lesli Margherita
6x17-rick-gittridge.jpg 6x17-rick-gittridge_Rodney-Rowland.jpg
Rick Gittridge Rodney Rowland
James Read (Victor Bennett)
Jeffrey Pierce (Todd Marks)
Mary-Pat Green (Miss Hickhock)
Lou Richards (Male Lawyer)
Jeannie Hackett (Female Lawyer)
David May (French Waiter)
Sheila Levell (Stacy)
Kevin Burke (Male Sheriff)
David Hugghins (Armored Car Driver)


6x18 Spin city

6x18-dennis.jpg 6x18-dennis_Hamilton-von-Watts.jpg
Dennis Hamilton von Watts
6x18-mitch.jpg 6x18-mitch_Kieren-Hutchison.jpg
Mitch Kieren Hutchison
6x18-spider-demon.jpg 6x18-spider-demon_Jodi-Lyn-O-Keefe.jpg
Spider demon Jodi Lyn O'Keefe
6x18-wood-nymph-as-man.jpg 6x18-wood-nymph-as-man_Scott-Adsit.jpg
Man in dress (wood nymph) Scott Adsit
Rathmere Billy Beck

Thanks to Marilyn for the photo
Jeremy Nathaniel Lamar
Gildart Jackson (Gideon)
Scout Taylor-Compton (Thistle)
Christopher Neiman (Sigmund)
Matthew McGrory (Ogre)
Billy Beck (wizard Rathmere)
David Joseph Steinberg (Riley, Leprechaun)
Jeff Asch (Short Guy, Ogre)


6x19 Charmed on Trial

6x19-inspector-sheridan.jpg 6x19-inspector-sheridan_Jenya-Lano.jpg
Inspector Sheridan Jenya Lano
6x19-phinx.jpg 6x19-phinx_Esteban-Powell.jpg
Phinx Esteban Powell
6x19-tribunal-demon-crill.jpg 6x19-tribunal-demon-crill_James-horan.jpg
Tribunal Demon Crill James Horan
6x19-tribunal-demon-thrask.jpg 6x19-tribunal-demon-thrask_Christopher-Cazenove.jpg
Tribunal Demon Thrask Christopher Cazenove
6x19-tribunal-elder-aramis.jpg 6x19-tribunal-elder-aramis_Ian-Abercrombie.jpg
Tribunal Elder Aramis Ian Abercrombie
Billy Drago (Barbas)
Kirk B.R. Woller (Cleaner One)
Darin Cooper (Cleaner Two)
Sandra Prosper (Sheila Morris)
Ken Page (Tribunal Elder Adair)
Keith MacKechnie (Public Defender, Darryl's Lawyer)
Gildart Jackson (Gideon)
Dennis Keiffer (Killer in Alley, Burglar)


6x20 Stormy leather

6x20-elisa.jpg 6x20-elisa_Jennifer-O-Dell.jpg
Elisa Jennifer O'Dell
6x20-mr-right.jpg 6x20-vincent.jpg 6x20-mr-right_Gabriel-Olds.jpg
 Mr. Right/Vincent Gabriel Olds
Christopher Neimand (Sigmund)
Amy Bernhardt (Demonatrix One)
Annie Wesching (Demonatrix Two)
Sy Richardson (Father Wilkins)


6x21 Reality Check

6x21-kyle-donnie.jpg 6x21-kyle-donnie_Bodhi-Elfman.jpg
Kyle Donnie Bodhi Elfman
6x21-brute-demon.jpg 6x21-brute-demon_Kevin-Grevioux.jpg
Brute demon Kevin Grevioux
6x21-clea.jpg 6x21-clea_Elaine-Hendrix.jpg
Clea Elaine Hendrix
6x21-game-master.jpg 6x21-game-master_Jim-Pirri.jpg
Game master Jim Pirri
6x21-tali.jpg 6x21-tali_Vicki-Davis.jpg
Tali Vicki Davis
Christopher Neiman (Sigmund)
David Ramsey (Upper Level Demon)
Betsy Randle (Mrs. Winterbourne)
Steve Cell (Apprentice Demon, tortured demon)
Gildart Jackson (Gideon)
Steve Gibbons (Shapeshifter)
Daniel Blinkoff (Thur, Button-Down Demon in Bar)
James Joseph O'Neil (Darklighter)
Paul Vinson (Rork, bald demon in bar)


6x22 It's a bad, bad, bad, bad world part 1

6x22-mrs-noble.jpg 6x22-mrs-noble._Lorna-Scott.jpg
Mrs. Noble Lorna Scott
6x22-patrol-officer.jpg 6x22-patrol-officer_Blake-Robbins.jpg
Patrol Officer Blake Robbins
Billy Drago (Barbas)
Sandra Prosper (Sheila Morris)
Gildart Jackson (Gideon)
Betsy Randle (Mrs. Winterbourne)
Jenya Lano (Inspector Sheridan)


6x23 It's a bad, bad, bad, bad world part 2

6x23-female-vulture-demon.jpg 6x23-female-vulture-demon_Dayna-Devon.jpg
Female Vulture demon Dayna Devon
6x23-nurse-ann.jpg 6x23-nurse-ann_Kerry-O-Malley.jpg
Nurse Ann Kerry O'Malley
Jim Abele (Dr. Roberts)
Wes Ramsey (Adult evil Wyatt)
John Richard Todd (Elder)
J. Lamont Pope (Mike, Orderly)
Samantha Miller (Cindy, Candy Striper)
Kristopher Logan (Male Vulture Demon)
Billy Drago (Barbas)
Gildart Jackson (Gideon)




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