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Guests Season 5  

5x01 A witch's tail, part 1
5x02 A witch's tail, part 2
5x03 Happily ever after
5x04 Siren's song
5x05 Magic wears a mask
5x06 The eyes have it
5x07 Sympathy for the demon 
5x08 A witch in time
5x09 Daddy dearest
5x10 The mummy's tomb
5x11 The Importance of being Phoebe
5x12 Centennial Charmed
5x13 House Call
5x14 Sand Francisco dreamin'
5x15 Special delivery
5x16 Baby's first demon
5x17 Lucky Charmed
5x18 Cat house
5x19 Naughty nymphs
5x20 Sense and sense ability
5x21 Necromancing the stone
5x22 Oh my goddess part 1
5x23 Oh my goddess part 2

5x01 A witch's tail part 1

5x01-greg.jpg 5x01-greg_Dan-Gauthier.jpg
Craig Dan Gauthier

He also starred in Melrose Place (Alyssa Milano) and Bevery Hills 90210 (Shannen Doherty)

5x01-mylie.jpg 5x01-mylie_Jaime-Pressly.jpg
Mylie Jaime Pressly
5x01-necron.jpg 5x01-necron_Judson_Scott.jpg
Necron Judson Scott
5x01-necrons-lackay.jpg 5x01-necrons-lackey_Fred-Koehler.jpg
Necron's lackay Fred Koehler
5x01-sea-hag.jpg 5x01-sea-hag_Diane-Salinger-as-queen-bansheera.jpg
Sea hag Diane Salinger
Charles Walker (Judge) Charles Walker also was in 4x11 (judge) 3x08 (pastor).
He also starred in Melrose Place, Who's the boss (Alyssa Milano), Picket fences (Holly Marie Combs)  and Bevery Hills 90210 (Shannen Doherty)
David Reivers (Bob Cowan)



5x02 A witch's tail part 2

5x02-nancy-o-dell.jpg 5x02-nancy-o-dell_Nancy-O'Dell.jpg
Nancy O'Dell

Nancy O'Dell

She also starred as weather person in 1x22 Deja vu all over again


Finola Hughes (Patty Halliwell)
Judson Scott (Necron)
David Reivers (Bob Cowan)
Tom McCleister (Fisherman)
Patrick Gallo (Fisherman #1)
Amanda Sickler (Intern)



5x03 Happily ever after

5x03-adam-prince.jpg 5x03-adam-prince_sean-patrick-flan.jpg
Adam Prince Sean Patrick Flanery
5x03-apprendice.jpg 5x03-apprentice_Charlie-Shanian.jpg
Apprentice Charlie Shanian
5x03-dwarf1.jpg 5x03-dwarf1_Arturo-Gil.jpg
Dwarf 1 Arturo Gil
5x03-evil-witch.jpg 5x03-evil-witch_Natalija-Nogulich.jpg
Evil witch Natalija Nogulich
5x03-head-dwarf.jpg 5x03-head-dwarf_Danny-Woodburn.jpg
Head dwarf Danny Woodburn
5x03-keeper.jpg 5x03-keeper_Kay-E-Kuter.jpg
Keeper Kay E. Kuter

Jennifer Rhodes ('Grams' Penny Halliwell)
Tinsley Grimes (Phoebe's assistant)
Clay Rivers (Dwarf #2)



5x04 Siren's song

5x04-darklighter.jpg 5x04-darklighter_Greg-Provance.jpg
Darklighter Greg Provance
5x04-david.jpg 5x04-david_branton-boxer.jpg
David Branton Boxer
5x04-married-man.jpg 5x04-married-man_Robert Merril.jpg
Married man Robert Merrill
5x04-melissa.jpg 5x04-melissa_Amy-Laughlin.jpg
Melissa Amy Laughlin
5x04-siren.jpg 5x04-siren_Melinda-Clarke.jpg
Siren Melinda Clarke

Hawthorne James (Demonic Healer)
Tisha Gonsalves (Nurse)
Tera Hendrickson (Simone)
Daniel Betanles (TV Reporter)
Rebecca Balding (Elise Rothman)



5x05 Magic wears a mask

5x05-arnon.jpg 5x05-arnon_Mark-Sheppard.gif
Arnon Mark Sheppard
5x05-dave.jpg 5x05-dave_Craig-Young.jpg
Dave Craig Young
5x05-kaz.jpg 5x05-kaz_Ernie-Reyes-jr.jpg
Kaz Ernie Reyes Jr.
5x05-kevin.jpg 5x05-kevin_Andrew-James-Allen.jpg
Kevin Andrew James Allen
5x05-ramus.jpg 5x05-ramus_Gerry-Becker.jpg
Ramus Gerry Becker
He also starred in Nip/Tuck (Julian McMahon)
Demonhead creature Todd Tucker
  he also stars in 8x09 Hulkus Pocus, 7x06 Once in a Blue Moon, 7x04 Charrrmed!, 7x02 The Bare Witch Project, 7x01 A Call to Arms, 6x04 Dirty blondes, 5x21 Necromancing the stone

Tinsley Grimes (Phoebe's Assistant)
Kasim Saul (Security Guard)
Jeannie Epper (Elderly Woman)





5x06 The eyes have it

5x06-cree.jpg  5x06-cree_Channon-Roe.jpg
Cree Channon Roe
5x06-oren.jpg 5x06-oren_Tobin-Bell.jpg
Oren Tobin Bell
5x06-eva-niccolli.jpg  5x06-eva-niccolli_Emmanuelle-Vaugier.jpg
Ava Emmanuelle Vaugier
5x06-madame-theresa.jpg 5x06-madame-theresa_Lorna_Raver.jpg
 Madame Theresa Lorna Raver

Rebecca Balding (Elise Rothman)
Shareen Mitchell (Lydia)
Ryan Shaw (Attendant)
Joe Camareno (Male Nurse)
Heather McPhaul (OR Nurse)



5x07 Sympathy for the demon

5x07-barbas.jpg 5x07-barbas_billy-drago.jpg
Barbas Billy Drago

James Read (Victor Bennett)
Jennifer Rhodes ('Grams' Penny Halliwell)


5x08 A witch in time

5x08-bacarra.jpg 5x08-bacarra_Jason-Brooks.jpg
Bacarra Jason Brooks
5x08-miles.jpg 5x08-miles_Ken-Marino.jpg
Miles Ken Marino
5x09-avatar-of-force.jpg  5x09-avatar-of-force_Tony-Todd.jpg
Avatar of Force Tony Todd
 5x09-avatar-of-power.jpg  5x09-avatar-of-power_Joel-Swetow.jpg
Avatar of Power Joel Swetow

Joseph Paneno (Max)
Maurice Smith (Driver)
L. Sidney (Police Officer)
Tosh Ayers (Tooth)



5x09 Daddy dearest

 5x09-trevor.jpg  5x09-trevor_Eric-Winter.jpg
Trevor Eric Winter

F.J. Rio (Ronan the Darklighter)
Scott Jaeck (Sam Wilder)
Niki Botelho (Elf Woman)
Bruce Comtois (Thug #1)


Article about Niki Botelho

5x10 The mummy's tomb

5x10-jeric.jpg 5x10-jeric_Adrian-Paul.jpg
Jeric Adrian Paul

Shannon Engemann (Sandra)
Amy Leland (Saleswoman)
Dwight Bacquie (Coroner)
Greg Benson (Officer Worley)
Doug Sinclair (Officer #1)
Brian David Cohen (Officer #2)



5x11 The importance of being Phoebe

5x11-bail-bondsman.jpg 5x11-bail-bondsman_Christopher-Darga.jpg
Cecil Bresser (Bail Bondsman) Christopher Darga
5x11-dex.jpg 5x11-dex_Erik-King.jpg
Dex Erik King
5x11-kaia.jpg 5x11-kaia_Angela-Little.jpg
Kaia Angela Little
5x11-demon.jpg 5x11-demon_David-Figlioli.jpg
Demon David Figlioli

Rebecca Balding (Elise Rothman)
Armando Valdés (Officer Garcia)
Garry G. (Guard)
Steven M. Porter (Health Inspector)
Natasha Aiello (Driver)
Joe Sabatino (Demon Guard)
Dawn Lewis (Demon Dancer)
Alex Paez (Cop #1)
Casey Smith (Rat Demon #1)



5x12 Centennial Charmed

5x12-darla.jpg 5x12-darla_Kristin-Richardson.jpg
Darla Kristin Richardson
5x12-eve.jpg 5x12-eve_Deanna-Russo.jpg
Eve Deanna Russo
5x12-handsome-demon.jpg 5x12-handsome-demon_Michael-Bergin.jpg
Demon Michael Bergin

Joel Swetow (Avatar of Power)
Debbi Morgan (The Seer)
Michelle Branch (Herself)
Ricki Lopez (Homeless man)
Sean Morgan (Designer)
Greg Provance (Demon Guard)
Steven Daniel (Lazarus demon)



5x13 House call

5x13-head-witch-doctor.jpg 5x13-head-witch-doctor_Richard-Gant.jpg
Head witch doctor Richard Gant
5x13-jessica.jpg 5x13-jessica_Erinn-Bartlett.jpg
Jessica Erinn Bartlett
5x13-photographer.jpg 5x13-photographer_Todd-Sherry.jpg
Photographer Todd Sherry

thanks to Joie for the photo
Spencer Ricks Googy Gress

Jesse Woodrow (Glen Belland)
Wolfgang Bodison (witch doctor)
Rebecca Balding (Elise Rothman)
Keith Sellon-Wright (Minister)



5x14 Sand Francisco dreamin'

5x14-ryder.jpg 5x14-Ryder_Austin-Peck.jpg
Ryder Austin Peck
5x14-sandman.jpg 5x14-sandman_Henry-Gibson.jpg
Sandman Henry Gibson
5x14-tracer-demon.jpg 5x14-tracer-demon_Darin-Heames.jpg
Tracer demon Darin Heames
5x14-wendy.jpg 5x14-wendy_Allison-Munn.jpg
Wendy Allison Munn

Rebecca Balding (Elise Rothman)
Tim Kelleher (Axel)
Clarissa Romano (Becca)
Beth Orton (Herself)
Troy Blendell (Clown)
Shauna Sand (Sienna)
Shari Sharx (Soccor Mom)
Chris Ufland (Bill)
Jossie Thacker (Reporter #2)
Christian Keiber (Reporter #3)
Amanda Sickler (Assistant)



5x15 Special delivery

5x15-cronyn.jpg 5x15-cronyn_Richard -ynch.jpg
Cronyn Richard Lynch
5x15-doris.jpg 5x15-doris_Cheryl-Ladd.jpg
Doris Cheryl Ladd
5x15-merrill.jpg 5x15-merrill_W-Morgan-Sheppard.jpg
Merrill W. Morgan Sheppard
5x15-stanley.jpg 5x15-stanley_J-P-Manoux.jpg
Stanley J.P. Manoux

James Read (Victor Bennett)
Maggie Baird (Doctor)
Yan Birch (Warlock)



5x16 Baby's first demon

5x16-crone.jpg 5x16-crone_Grace-Zabriskie.jpg
Crone Grace Zabriskie

She also starred with Rose in "Seed"

5x16-hawker-demon.jpg 5x16-hawker-demon_Jack-McGee.jpg
Hawker demon Jack McGee
5x16-jason-dean.jpg 5x16-jason-dean_Eric-Dane.jpg
Jason Dean Eric Dane
5x16-leech.jpg 5x16-leech_nicholas-sadler.jpg
Parasite demon 1 Nicholas Sadler
5x16-suck.jpg 5x16-suck_Andy -ackenzie.jpg
Parasite demon 2 Andy Mackenzie

Doug Budin (Nerdy Demon)
Rebecca Balding (Elise Rothman)
Damian Foster (Demon Guard #2)
Jonathan Joss (Brutish Demon)
Taira Soo (Power Broker)
Amanda Sickler (Assistant)
Kate Anthony (Reporter Kate)
Tim Sitarz (Demon Guard #1)
Bob Cicherillo (The Strong Man)



5x17 Lucky Charmed

5x17-busker.jpg 5x17-busker_Jake-Alston.jpg
Street performer Jake Alston
He also composed for Charmed
5x17-female-demon1.jpg 5x17-female-demon1_Phina-Oruche.jpg
Female demon 1 Phina Oruche
5x17-female-demon2.jpg 5x17-female-demon2_Monika-Schnarre.jpg
Female demon 2 Monika Schnarre
5x17-finnegan.jpg 5x17-finnegan_michael-gilden.jpg
Finnegan Michael Gilden
5x17-seamus.jpg 5x17-seamus_Mark-Povinelli-in-Polvone.gif
Seamus Fitzpatrick Mark Povinelli

Amanda Sickler (Sophie)
Eric Dane (Jason Dean)
Pat Benatar (Herself)
Neil Giraldo (Himself)
Dominic Fumusa (Saleel)
Cork Hubbert (Head Councilman)
Drew Wood (Erik)
Kevin Thompson (Connor)
Eugene Pidgeon (Liam)
James Wellington (Groupier)
Jake Kyle (Chet)



5x18 Cat house

5x18-dr-berenson.jpg 5x18-dr-berenson_John-Rubinstein.jpg
Dr. Berenson John Rubinstein
5x18-warlock.jpg 5x18-warlock_Zachary-Quinto.jpg
Warlock Zachary Quinto

Marita Geraghty (Katrina)



5x19 Naughty nymphs

5x19-band-manager.jpg 5x19-band-manager_Jason-Lasater_in-undressed.jpg
Band manager Jason Lasater
5x19-miranda.jpg 5x19-miranda_Susan-May-Pratt.jpg
Miranda Susan May Pratt
5x19-satyr.jpg 5x19-satyr_Todd-Duffey.jpg
Satyr Todd Duffey
5x19-tull.jpg 5x19-tull_Jaimz-Woolvett.jpg
Tull Jaimz Woolvett

Katherine Cunningham Eves (Daisy)
Eric Dane (Jason Dean)
Ruth Powell (Lily)
Pat Healy (Xavier)
Loudermilk (Themselves)
Jim O'Brien (Reporter)
D.J. Lockhart-Johnson (Officer #1)
Jossie Thacker (Female Reporter)



5x20 Sense and sense ability

5x20-kazi-demon.jpg 5x20-kazi-demon_Nynno-Ahli.jpg
Kazi Demon Nynno Ahli
5x20-nate-harper.jpg 5x20-nate-harper_Norman-Reedus.jpg
Nate Parks Norman Reedus

Grace Zabriskie (Crone)
Rebecca Balding (Elise Rothman)
Jerome Butler (Kazi King)
Daniel R. Escobar (Richard Jean)
Sean Sweeney (Emcee)
Colleen McDermott (Laura Robbins)



5x21 Necromancing the stone

thanks to Joie for the photo
Necromancer Chris Sarandon
Wyatt Matthew Halliwell Jason and Kristopher Simmons

Scout Taylor-Compton (Thistle)
Eric Dane (Jason Dean)
Jennifer Rhodes ('Grams' Penny Halliwell)
Norman Reedus (Nate Parks)
Sam Pancake (Lackay Demon)
Lisa Renee Pitts (Co-Pilot)
Todd Tucker (Creeper demon)



5x22 Oh my goddess part 1

5x22-evan.jpg 5x22-evan_Nick-Kiriazis.jpg
Guy Nick Kiriazis
5x22-meta.jpg 5x22-meta_Lisa-Thornhill.jpg
Meta Lisa Thornhill
5x22-sheila-morris.jpg 5x22-sheila-morris_Sandra-Prosper.jpg
Sheila Morris Sandra Propser

Scout Taylor-Compton (Fairy)
Brian Thompson (Cronus)
Drew Fuller (Chris Perry)
John Cothran Jr. (Cecil)
Will Kempe (Demetrius)
Niki Botelho (Elf Nanny)
Michael Gilden (Finnegan)
Danny Woodburn (Head Dwarf)
Trey Alexander (Rick)
Rebecca Balding (Elise Rothman)
Channing Pourchet (Sara)


John Cothran Jr. also starred in Who's the boss (Alyssa Milano)

5x23 Oh my goddess part 2

5x23-roland.jpg 5x23-roland_Eyal-Podell.jpg
Roland Eyal Podell

Brian Thompson (Cronus)
Drew Fuller (Chris Perry)
Sandra Prosper (Sheila Morris)
Will Kempe (Demetrius)
Niki Botelho (Elf Nanny)
Dina Sherman (Hot Woman)
Kelly Cole (Demon)
Rebecca Balding (Elise Rothman)
Michael Gilden (Finnegan)



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