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Guests Season 4  

4x01 Charmed again, part 1
4x02 Charmed again, part 2
4x03 Hell hath no fury
4x04 Enter the demon
4x05 Size matters
4x06 A knight to remember
4x07 Brain drain
4x08 Black as Cole
4x09 Muse to my ears
4x10 A Paige from the past
4x11 Trial by magic
4x12 Lost and bound
4x13 Charmed and dangerous
4x14 The three faces of Phoebe
4x15 Marry-go-round
4x16 The fifth Halliwheel
4x17 Saving Private Leo
4x18 Bite me
4x19 We're off to see the wizard
4x20 Long live the queen
4x21 Womb raider
4x22 Witch way now

4x01 Charmed again part 1

4x01-inspector-cortez.jpg 4x01-inspector-cortez_Yancey-Arias.jpg
Inspector Cortez Yancey Arias
4x01-oracle.jpg 4x01-oracle_Krista-Allen.jpg
Oracle Krista Allen
4x01-shane.jpg 4x01-shane_Jordan-Bridges.jpg
Shane Jordan Bridges

James Read (Victor Bennett)
Jennifer Rhodes ('Grams' Penny Halliwell)
Bennet Guillory (The Source)
Finola Hughes (Patty Halliwell)
Michael Bailey Smith (Shax)



4x02 Charmed again part 2

4x02-Carol-Grisanti.jpg 4x02-Carol-Grisanti_Kim-Little.jpg
Carol Grisanti Kim Little
4x02-sister-agnes.jpg 4x02-sister-agnes_Wendy-Phillips.jpg
Sister Agnes Wendy Phillips

Bennet Guillory (The Source)
Jordan Bridges (Shane)
Finola Hughes (Patty Halliwell)
rista Allen (The Oracle)
Yancey Arias  (Inspector Cortez)



4x03 Hell hath no fury

4x03-bob-cowan.jpg 4x03-bob-cowan_David-Reivers.jpg
Bob Cowan David Reivers
4x03-demon.jpg 4x03-demon_Ken-Feinberg.jpg
Demon Ken Feinberg
4x03-lila.jpg 4x03-lila_Becky-Wahlstrom-right.jpg
Lila Becky Wahlstrom
Billy Ben Tolpin

4x04 Enter the demon

4x04-an-ling.jpg 4x04-an-ling_Jeanne-Chinn.jpg
An Ling Jeanne Chinn
4x04-zen-master.jpg 4x04-zen-master_James-Hong.jpg
Zen Master James Hong
4x04-mason.jpg 4x04-mason_Jacobi-Wynne.jpg
Mason Jacobi Wynne
4x04-yen-lo.jpg 4x04-yen-lo_Daniel-Dae-Kim.jpg
Yen Lo Daniel Dae Kim



Jamison Yang (Shopkeeper)



4x05 Size matters

4x05-claudia.jpg 4x05-claudia_Heather-Marie-Marsden.jpg
Claudia Heather-Marie-Marsden
4x05-finn.jpg 4x05-finn_Reynaldo-Rosales.jpg
Finn Reynaldo Rosales


4x05-gammill.jpg 4x05-gammill_Robert-Englund.jpg
Gammill Robert Englund

Kari Coleman (Interviewer)
Aaron Brumfield (Bouncer)
Dave Navarro (Himself)



4x06 A knight to remember

4x06-glen-belland.jpg 4x06-glen-belland_Jesse-Woodrow.jpg
Glen Belland Jesse Woodrow
4x06-lady-julia.jpg 4x06-lady-julia_Bethany-Joy-Lenz.jpg
Lady Julia Bethany Joy Lenz
4x06-prince.jpg 4x06-prince_Charlie-Weber.jpg
Prince Charlie Weber

David Reivers (Bob Cowan)
Frank Crim (Driver)



4x07 Brain drain

4x07-becca.jpg 4x07-becca_Rachel-Wilson.jpg
Becca Rachel Wilson
4x07-wendy.jpg 4x07-wendy_whitney-dylan.jpg
Wendy Whitney Dylan
Alastar Alastair Duncan

Bennet Guillory (The Source)
Krista Allen (Source's Oracle)
Tom Billett (Bounty Hunter #1)
Eric Ware (Orderly #1)
Sheila J. Cavanaugh (Patient #2)
Angela Oh (Patient #3)



4x08 Black as Cole

4x08-emma.jpg 4x08-emma_Heather-Dawn.jpg
Emma Heather Dawn
4x08-sikes-human-form.jpg 4x08-sikes-human-form_Vincent Angell.jpg
Sikes human/demonic form Vincent Angell

He also starred in "Nip/Tuck" (2003) playing "Kurt Dempsey" (Julian McMahon)


Michael Bailey Smith (Belthazor)
Aaron Brumfield (Demon Sykes)
Bonnie Root (Susan Coleman)
Kaycee Shank (Kam)
Sara Lynn Moneymaker (Marika)
Matthew Heron (Annoying Man)



4x09 Muse to my ears

4x09-bev.jpg 4x09-bev_Cindy-Ambuehl.jpg
Bev Cindy Ambuehl
4x09-devlin.jpg 4x09-devlin_anthony-starke.jpg
Devlin Anthony Starke
He also starred in Beverly Hills 90210  (Shannen Doherty)
4x09-melody.jpg 4x09-melody_Siobhan-Flynn.gif
Melody Siobhan Flynn

John Prosky (Congressman)
Chad Kukahiko (Jackson)
Jorge-Luis Pallo (Hector)
Graham Skiels (Homeless Man/Demon)
Harley Zumbrum (Jake)





4x10 A Paige from the past

4x10-captain.jpg 4x10-captain_Tommy-Redmond-Hicks.jpg
Police chief Tommy Redmond Hicks
4x10-clyde.jpg 4x10-clyde_Sherman-Howard.jpg
Clyde Sherman Howard
4x10-michelle.jpg 4x10-michelle-miglis_Alex-Breckenridge.jpg
Michelle Miglis Alex Breckenridge
4x10-mrs-matthews.jpg 4x10-mrs-matthews_Lisa Darr.jpg
Mrs. Matthews Lisa Darr
Mr. Matthews M. Scott Wilkinson

Larry Brandenburg (Mr. Martin)
Bradley James (Security Guard)
Dwayne Macopson (Uniform Cop)
Rhonda Stubbins (Principal Harris)
Time Winters (Chaplain)



4x11 Trial by magic

4x11-angela-provazolli.jpg 4x11-angela-provazolli_Shannon-O-Hurley.jpg
Angela Provazolli Shannon O'Hurley
4x11-foreman.jpg 4x11-foreman_Patrick-Fischler.jpg
Foreman Patrick Fischler
4x11-rat-demon-in-charge.jpg 4x11-rat-demon-in-charge_Ray-Proscia.jpg
Rat demon in charge Ray Proscia
4x11-tanya.jpg 4x11-tanya_cleo-king.jpg
Tanya Cleo King

Kathe E. Mazur (Prosecutor)
Lou Giovanetti (Juror)
John Thaddeus (Stan Provazolli)
Scott Zeller (Mitch)
Charles Walker (Judge) B
art McCarthy (Rat Demon)
Andre Mayers (Bailiff)
Jesse Woodrow (Glen Belland)
Peter Siragusa (Andrew Wike)



4x12 Lost and bound

4x12-cynthia.jpg 4x12-cynthia_Lori-Alan.jpg
Cynthia Lori Alan
4x12-foster-father.jpg 4x12-foster-father_Dwier-Brown.jpg
Foster father Dwier Brown
4x12-foster-mother.jpg 4x12-foster-mother_Ashley-Gardner.jpg
Foster mother Ashley Gardner
4x12-ludlov.jpg 4x12-ludlov_Ray-Wise.jpg
Ludlov Ray Wise
4x12-tyler.jpg 4x12-tyler_Alex-Black.png
Tyler Alex Black


David Reivers (Bob Cowan)
Angelo Tiffe (Security Guard)
Rick Cramer (Guard #2)
Kirk Ward (Head Guard)
Rick Gramer (Guard #2)
Nils Allen Stewart (Demon Bounty Hunter)



4x13 Charmed and dangerous

4x13-darklighter.jpg 4x13-darklighter_Robert-Madrid.jpg
Darklighter Robert Madrid
4x13-good-guardian.jpg 4x13-good-guardian_Caprice-Benedetti.jpg
Angel guardian Caprice Benedetti
4x13-seer.jpg 4x13-seer_Debbi-Morgan.jpg
The Seer Debbi Morgan
4x13-the-source.jpg 4x13-the-source_Peter-Woodward.jpg
The Source Peter Woodward
He also stars in 7x07 Someone to witch over me, 7x11 Ordinary witches and 8x04 Desperate housewitches


Demon Guard Lawrence Smilgys

Camilla Rantson (Carolyn)



4x14 The three faces of Phoebe

4x14-kurzon.jpg 4x14-kurzon_Harry-van-Gorkum.jpg
Kurzon arry Van Gorkum
4x14-old-phoebe.jpg 4x14-old-phoebe_Frances-Bay.jpg
Old Phoebe Frances Bay
4x14-young-phoebe.jpg 4x14-young-phoebe_Samantha-Goldstein.jpg
Young Phoebe Samantha Goldstein

Debbi Morgan (The Seer)
Andrew Abelson (Jax)
David Reivers (Bob Cowan)
Christian Keiber (Scott)
Jason Matthew Smith (Demon #1)



4x15 Marry-go-round

4x15-dark-priest.jpg 4x15-dark-priest_Tony-Amendola.jpg
Dark priest Tony Amendola
4x15-lazarus-demon.jpg 4x15-lazarus-demon_coolio.jpg
Lazarus Demon Coolio

Debbi Morgan (The Seer)
James Read (Victor Bennett)
David Doty (Minister)



4x16 The fifth Halliwheel

4x16-karen-young.jpg 4x16-karen-young_Karen-Young.jpg
Karen Young Molly Hagan
Elise Rothman Rebecca Balding
Elise Rothman Rebecca Balding

She also played Aunt Jackie in 1x07 "The fourth sister"

Debbi Morgan (The Seer)
Mario Schugel (Power Broker)
Becky Wahlstrom (Lila)
Rebekah Ryan (Herself)
Chris Butler (Male Law Clerk)
Rob Luke (Lingerie Guy)
Anne Girard (Lingerie Girl)
Dominic Kurtyan (Reporter)



4x17 Saving Private Leo

4x17-julie.jpg 4x17-julie_Deborah Kellner.jpg
Julie Deborah Kellner
4x17-maria.jpg 4x17-maria_ Evie-Peck.jpg
Maria Evie Peck
4x17-nathan-lange.jpg 4x17-nathan-lange_Louis-Mandylor.jpg
Nathan Lang Louis Mandylor
4x17-rick-lange.jpg 4x17-rick-lange_Costas-Mandylor.jpg
Rick Lang Costas Mandylor

Rene Heger (Greg)
Lauri Johnson (Secretary)
Obie Sims (Security Guard)
Colin McClean (Lawyer)
Joel Anderson (Billy)
Tom Finnegan (Franklin)
Cheryl Anderson (Curious Woman)
Charles C. Stevenson Jr. (Surdez)



He also starred in Picket fences (Holly Marie Combs)


4x18 Bite me

4x18-keats.jpg 4x18-keats_Jay-Acovone.jpg
Keats Jay Acovone
4x18-rowan.jpg 4x18-rowan_Samuel-Ball.jpg
Rowan Samuel Ball
4x18-vampyre-queen.jpg 4x18-vampyre-queen_Elizabeth-Gracen.jpg
Vampire queen Elizabeth Gracen

Deborah Kellner (Julie)
Shishir Kurup (Doctor)
Michael DeVorzon (Vampire)
Michael Bailey Smith (Grimlock)
Betty K. Synom (Harpy Leader)



4x19 We're off to see the wizard

4x19-dark-priest2.jpg 4x19-dark-priest2_Osman-Soykut.jpg
Dark priest Osman Soykut
4x19-dark-priest.jpg 4x19-dark-priest_Michael-Des-Barres.jpg
Dark priest Michael Des Barres
4x19-wizard.jpg 4x19-wizard_Armin-Shimerman.jpg
Wizard Armin Shimerman

Deborah Kellner (Julie)
Debbi Morgan (The Seer)
Dayo Ade (Bodyguard #3)
Jeff Henry (New Bodyguard)
Byron McIntyre (Bodyguard)



4x20 Long live the queen

4x20-dane.jpg 4x20-dane_Jeffrey-Meek.jpg
Dane Jeffrey Meek
4x20-greg-conroy.jpg 4x20-greg-conroy_Jaimé-P-Gomez.jpg
Greg Conroy Jaimé P. Gomez
4x20-malik.jpg 4x20-malik_Joel-West.jpg
Malik Joel West

Rebecca Balding (Elise Rothman)
Debbi Morgan (The Seer)
Aldis Hodge (Trey)
Susan Balboni (Secretary)
David Heckel (Seedy Demon)
Jeff Henry (Demonic Bodyguard)
Matthew Grant (Demon)
James Leo Ryan (Raum)



4x21 Womb Raider

4x21-dr-harris.jpg 4x21-dr-harris_Aaron-Lustig.bmp
 Dr. Harris Aaron Lustig
4x21-tall-man.jpg 4x21-tall-man_Carel-Struyckun.jpg
Tall man Carel Struyckun

Debbi Morgan (The Seer)
Jeffrey Meek (Dane)
Tony Amendola (Dark Priest)
Mike Pavone (Doctor
Nicholas Cascone (Inspector Miles)
Cynthia Yoshikawa (Nurse)
Matthew Kamisky (EMT)



4x22 Witch way now

4x22-agent-jackman.jpg 4x22-agent-jackman_ Bruce-Campbell.gif
Agent Jackman Bruce Campbell
4x22-angel-of-destiny.jpg 4x22-angel-of-destiny_Dakin-Matthews.jpg
Angel of destiny Dakin Matthews
 4x22-phoebes-assistant.jpg  4x22-phoebes-assistant_Leslie-Grossman.jpg
 Phoebe's assistant Leslie Grossman
 4x22-tv-psychic.jpg  4x22-tv-psychic_Gwen-Stewart.jpg
 Tashmin, TV psychic Gwen Stewart

Samantha Shelton (Selena)





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