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2x01 Witch trial
2x02 Morality bites

2x03 The painted world
2x04 The devil's music
2x05 She's a man, baby, a man
2x06 That old black magic
2x07 They're everywhere
2x08 P3 H2O
2x09 Ms. Hellfire
2x10 Heartbreak city
2x11 Reckless abandon
2x12 Awakened
2x13 Animal pragmatism
2x14 Pardon my past
2x15 Give me a sign
2x16 Murphy's luck
2x17 How to make a quilt out of Americans
2x18 Chick flick
2x19 Ex libris
2x20 Astral monkey
2x21 Apocalypse not
2x22 Be careful what you witch for


2x01 Witch trial
Abraxas Walter Phelan
2x01-nicholas.jpg 2x01-nicholas_rick-cramer.jpg
Nicholas Rick cramer

Eric Scott Woods (Jeremy)
Sibila Vargas (Sierra Stone)
Greg Cromer (Rob)
Janet Wood (Mrs. Milton)
Jesse D. Goins (Doctor)
Matt Entriken (Assistant)
Mark Hearing (Paramedic)
Aidel D. Herrera (Boy)
Jennifer Rhodes ('Grams' Penny Halliwell)
Karis Paige Bryant (Jenny Gordon)
Greg Vaughan (Dan Gordon)



This is a different actor than in 1x17
He also played guard 2 in 4x12 Lost and bound


2x02 Morality bites
2x02-nathaniel-pratt.jpg 2x02-nathaniel-pratt_ Pat-Skipper.jpg
Nathaniel Pratt Pat Skipper
Melinda Clara Thomas

Lisa Connaughton (Anne)
Jennifer Hale (Carpool Neighbor)
Sibila Vargas (Sierra Stone)
Dan Horton (Cal Greene)
Michael Brownlee (Sports Reporter)
Richard Saxton (TV Anchor From 2009)
Claudia Gold (Screaming Woman)
Darron Johnson (Hallway Guard)
Tina Thomas (Assistant #1)
Taili Song (Assistant #2)





2x03 The painted world
Malcolm  Paul Kersey


Holly Fields (Mrs. Franklin)
Damian Perkins (Joe Lyons)
Cindy Lu (Receptionist)
Anthony Deane (Applicant #1)
Rebecca Jackson (Applicant #2)
Tate Taylor (Applicant #3)





2x04 The devil's music
2x04-jeff-carlton.jpg 2x04-jeff-carlton_larry-holden.jpg
Jeff Carlton Larry Holden
Masselin Chris Nelson


Alexandra Picatto (Tina Hitchens)
Ralph Garman (DJ)
Robert Madrid (Roadie #1)
Smalls (Bouncer)
Dishwalla (Themselves)



2x05 She's a man baby a man

2x05-succubus.jpg 2x05-succubus_heidi-mark.jpg
Darla/Succubus Heidi Mark

Lex Medlin (Alan Stanton)
Michael McLafferty (Alan Stein)
The Cranberries (themselves)
Nick Stabile (Owen Grant)
Georgia Emelin (Jan)
Jamison Yang (Coroner)




2x06 That old black magic

2x05-jack-sheridan.jpg 2x05-jack-sheridan_lochlyn-.jpg
Jack Sheridan Lochlyn Munro
2x06-kyle.jpg 2x06-kyle_Jay-Michael-Ferguso.jpg
Kyle Gwideon Jay Michael Ferguson
2x06-tuatha.jpg 2x06-tuatha_Brigid-Brannagh.jpg
Tuatha Brigid Brannagh

Pamela Kosh (Betty)
John Johnston (Joshua)
Pamela Kosh (Betty)
Teddy Lane Jr. (Director)
Jeremy Rowley (Treasure Hunter #2)




2x07 They're everywhere

2x07-eric-bragg.jpg 2x07-eric-bragg_Misha-Collins.jpg
Eric Bragg Misha Collins
Dr. Stone/Collector Edouard Sadd


Jim Antonio (Collector #2)
Dean Morris (Ben Bragg)
Edouard Sadd (Collector #1)
Marcelo Tubert (Museum Tour Guide)



Jim Antonio also starred in Little House on the Prairie (Shannen Doherty)


2x08 P3H2O

Sam Wilder Scott Jaeck

Pat Crowley (Mrs. Johnson)
Lucky Luciano (Kid #1)
Emmalee Thompson (Young Prue Halliwell)




2x09 Mrs. Hellfire

2x09-jessup-bane.jpg 2x09-jessup-bane_antonio-sa.jpg
Jessup Bane Antonio Sabato Jr


Billy Drago (Barbas)
Courtney Gains (Marcy Steadwell)
Hynden Walch (Ms. Hellfire)
Carlo Castronovo (Wills)
Tom Simmons (Coroner)


He also starred on Melrose Place (Alyssa Milano) and See Jane Date (Holly Marie Combs)


2x10 Heartbreak City

2x10-cupid.jpg 2x10-cupid_Michael-Reilly-Burke.jpg
Cupido Michael Reilly Burke
2x10-drazi.jpg 2x10-drazi_Clayton-Rohner.jpg
Drazi Clayton Rohner


Lochlyn Munro (Jack Sheridan)
Tiffany Salerno (Cindy)
Brody Hutzler (Max)
Jonathan Aubé (Kevin)




2x11 Reckless Abandon

2x11-elias-lundy.jpg 2x11-elias-lundy_J-Kenneth-Campbell.jpg
Elias Lundy J. Kenneth Campbell

she also starred in Profiler (Julian McMahon) and Melrose Place (Alyssa Milano)


Lochlyn Munro (Jack Sheridan)
Hilary Danner (Alexandra van Lewen)
Stephanie Beacham (Martha van Lewen)
Rick Coy (Gilbert)
Rolando Merlina (Hernandez)
Albert Stroth (Uniform Cop)



Stephanie Beacham also starred in Beverly Hills 90210  (Shannen Doherty)


2x12 Awakened

2x12-curtis-williamson.jpg 2x12-curtis-williamson_matthew-glave.jpg
Curtis Williamson Matthew Glave

Lochlyn Munro (Jack Sheridan)
Andrew Ducote (Nathan)
Daniel Reichert (Dr. Seigler)
Monica Allison (Nurse)
Faith Slie (Second Nurse)
Chuti Tiu (Asian-American Nurse)



2x13 Animal Pragmatism

Pig Steve Monroe
2x13-rabbit.jpg 2x13-rabbit_Tim-Griffin.jpg
Rabbit Tim Griffin
2x13-snake.jpg 2x13-snake_Christopher-Wiehl.jpg
Snake Christopher Wiehl


Janice Robinson (Herself)
Katie Johnston (Brooke)
Kelly McNair (Andrea)
Rafer Weigel (Ethan)
Lela Lee (Tessa)
Richard Wharton (Professor)
Benton Jennings (Concerned Citizen)
Amber Skalski (Girl)





2x14 Pardon my past

2x14-anton.jpg 2x14-anton_Tyler-Christopher.jpg
Anton Tyler Christopher

Greg Vaughan (Dan) and Tyler Christopher played half-brothers Lucky Spencer and Nikolas Cassadine on Soap Opera "General Hospital"


little Christina Larsen Daveigh Chase


Jeanette Miller (Adult Christina Larson)
Susan Savage (Classy Woman)
Lauri Hendler (Socialite)





2x15 Give me a sign

2x15-litvack.jpg 2x15-litvack_Steve-Railsback.gif
Litvack Steve Railsback

Keith Brunsmann (Litvack's Assistant)
Antonio Sabato Jr. (Bane Jessup)
Geoff Meed (Guard #1)
Janis Chow (Newscaster)
Gwen McGee (TV Anchor)



2x16 Murphy's luck

2x16-darklighter.jpg 2x16-darklighter_ Arnold-Vosloo.jpg
Darklighter Arnold Vosloo

Amy Adams (Maggie Murphy)
Kent Faulcon (Gil Corso)




2x17 How to make a quilt out of Americans

2x17-aunt-gail.jpg 2x17-aunt-gail_Anne-Haney.jpg
Aunt Gail Anne Haney
2x17-cryto.jpg 2x17-cryto_Cameron-Bancroft.jpg
Cryto Cameron Bancroft

Pamela Gordon (Amanda)
Lucy Lee Flippin (Helen)
Julia Lee (Young Gale)
John Gowans (Mr. York)
Bill Wiley (Caddie Guy #1)
Charles C. Stevenson Jr. (Caddie Guy #2)



2x18 Chick Flick

2x18-demon-of-illusion.jpg 2x18-demon-of-illusion_Robin-Atkin-Downes.jpg
Demon of Illusions Robin Atkin Downes
Billy Chris Payne Gilbert

Mark Lindsay Chapman (Finley Beck)
Kent Faulcon (Gil Corso)
Olivia Summers (Bloody Mary)
Alec Ledd (Film Geek)
Leslie Lauten (Sally Mae)
Michael Rivkin (Cell Phone Guy)
Dale Fabrigar (Irritated Guy)
August Amarino (Projectionist)
J. P. Romano (The Slasher)



2x19 Ex Libris

Charlene Hughes Rebecca Cross
Cleavant Wilson Cleavant Derricks
Libris Scott Lincoln

Jeremy Roberts (Gibbs)
Peg Stewart (Lillian)



2x20 Astral Monkey

2x20-evan-stone.jpg 2x20-evan-stone_Jim_Davidson.jpg
Evan Stone Jim Davidson


Matthew Glave (Dr. Curtis Williamson)
Milt Tarver (Dr. Jeffries)
Susan Martino (Lucy)
Jack Maxwell (Barry)
Dierdre Holder (Nurse #1)
Gary Douglas Kohn (Benny Ritter)
Karen James (Sally 'Bones' Dopler)
Lina Patel (Doctor #1)



2x21 Apocalypse not

2x21-death.jpg 2x21-death_Patrick-Kilpatrick.jpg
Death Patrick Kilpatrick
2x21-famine.jpg 2x21-famine_Jeff-Ricketts.jpg
Famine Jeff Ricketts
2x21-strife.jpg 2x21-strife_ Geoffrey-Blake.gif
Strife  Geoffrey Blake



2x21-war.jpg 2x21-war_Brian-Thompson.jpg
War Brian Thompson

Kevin Ramsey (Bartender)
Kenneth Cortland (Assistant)
Gannon Brown (Worker #1)
Peter Asle Holden (Worker #2)
Paula Cole (Herself)


He also played the titan Cronos in 5x22/5x23 Oh my Goddess

2x22 Be careful what you witch for

2x22-dragon-warlock.jpg 2x22-dragon-warlock_Marcus-Graham.jpg
Dragon warlock Marcus Graham


2x22-genie.jpg 2x22-genie_French-Stewart.jpg
Genie French Stewart

Garman Hertzler (Council Member)
Zitto Kazann (Council Member)
Jeff Corey (Council Member)
Joshua Hutchinson (Dick)




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