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1x00 Unaired pilot
1x01 Something wicca this way come 
1x02 I've got you under my skin

1x03 Thank you for not morphing
1x04 Dead man dating
1x05 Dream sorcerer 
1x06 The wedding from hell
1x07 The fourth sister
1x08 The truth is out there and it hurts
1x09 The witch is back
1x10 Wicca envy
1x11 Feats of Clay
1x12 The wendigo
1x13 From fear to eternity
1x14 Secrets and guys
1x15 Is there a Woogy in the house?
1x16 Which Prue is it, anyway?
1x17 That 70s episode
1x18 When bad warlocks go good
1x19 Blind sided
1x20 The power of two
1x21 Love hurts
1x22 Deja vu all over again
1x00 Unaired pilot
Phoebe Halliwell Lori Rom
Andy Trudeau Chris Boyd

Eric Scott Woods (Jeremy Burns)
Jimmy Dineen (Detective Heater)


1x01 Something wicca this way comes
1x01-jeremy-burns.jpg 1x01-jeremy-burns_eric-scott-woods.jpg
Jeremy Burns Eric Scott Woods


Roger Matthew Ashford


Chris Flanders (Chef Moore)
Francesca Cappucci (News Reporter)
Charmaine Cruz (Admitting Nurse)
Hugh Holub (Pharmacist)
Dorian Gregory (Darryl Morris)
T.W. King (Andy Trudeau)



1x02 I've got you under my skin
Stefan/Javna Michael Philip

Barbara Pilavin (Older Brittany Reynolds)
Cynthia King (Brittany Reynolds)
Neil Roberts (Rex Buckland)
Leigh-Allyn Baker (Hannah Webster)
Marc Shelton (Father Williams)
Bailey Chase (Alec)
Julie Araskog (Darlene)
Todd Feder (Clerk)
Tamara Lee Krinsky (Tia)
Ralph Manza (Elderly Man)
Ben Caswell (Max Jones)
Lou Glenn (Carpenter)




1x03 Thank you for not morphing
1x03-victor.jpg 1x03-victor_tony-denison.jpg
Victor Bennett Tony Denison

Markus Flanagan (Marshall)
Eric Matheny (Fritz)
Mariah O'Brien (Cynda)
James Dineen (Mailman)


T. Denison also starred in  Melrose Place (Alyssa Milano)


1x04 Dead man dating
1x04-mark-chao.jpg 1x04-mark-chao_john-cho.jpg
Mark Chao John Cho
1x04-tony-wong.jpg 1x04-tony-wong_Todd-Newton.jpg
Tony Wong Todd Newton

Patricia Harty (Mrs. Correy)
Elizabeth Sung (Mrs. Chao)
William Francis McGuire (Nick Correy)
Joe Hoe (Yama)
Sherrie Rose (Susan Trudeau)
Randelle Grenachia (Frankie)



1x05 The dream sorcerer

1x05-whitaker-berman.jpg 1x05-whitaker-berman_matt-schulze.jpg
Whitaker Berman Matt Schulze

Neil Roberts (Rex Buckland)
Alex Mendoza (Jack Manford)
J. Robin Miller (Skye Russell)
Tim Herzog (Hans)
James Howell (Technician #1)
James O'Shea (Goatee Guy)
Marie O'Donnell (Dr. Black)
Todd Howk (E.R. Nurse)
Trish Suhr (Paramedic #1)
Doug Spearman (Nurse)
Bo Clancy (Businessman)
Rainoldo Gooding (Guy #1)



1x06 The wedding from hell

1x06-hecate-human-form.jpg1x06-hecate.jpg 1x06-hecate_sarah-peterson_garden-of-evil.jpg
Jade D'Mon/Hecate Sara Rose Peterson

Barbara Stock (Grace Spencer)
Deeny Consiglio (Kirsten)
Neil Roberts (Rex Buckland)
Christie Lynn Smith (Allison Michaels)
Leigh-Allyn Baker (Hannah Webster)
Todd Cattell (Elliott Spencer)
Jeffrey Hutchinson (Father Trask)
Roy Abramsohn (Doctor)
Jennifer Badger (Bridesmaid #1)
Eileen Weisinger (Bridesmaid #2)
Bill Ferrell (Security Guard #1)
Thomas Crawford (Security Guard #2)
James Geralden (Justice Of The Peace)
David Moreland (Charles)
Phoenix Nugent (Seamstress)
Leon Fracno (Male Stripper)



1x07 The fourth sister

1x07-aunt-jackie.jpg 1x07-aunt-jackie_Rebecca-Balding.jpg
Aunt Jackie Rebecca Balding
From season 4 on she also starred as Elise Rothman
1x07-aviva.jpg 1x07-aviva_Danielle-Harris.jpg
Aviva Danielle Harris
1x07-kail.jpg 1x07-kail_Rebekah-Carlton.jpg
Kali Rebekah Carlton

Michael LeBlanc (Video Clerk)



Rebekah Carlton also played in "Wet and Wild summers" (Julian McMahon)



1x08 The truth is out there and it hurts

1x08-gavin.jpg 1x08-gavin_Brad-Greenquist.jpg
Gavin Brad Greenquist

Michelle Brookhurst (Tanya Parker)
Leigh-Allyn Baker (Hannah Webster)
Neil Roberts (Rex Buckland)
Jason Stuart (Martin)
Richard Gilbert-Hill (Dr. Oliver Mitchell)
Craig Thomas (Alex Pearson)



1x09 The witch is back

1x09-matthew-tate.jpg 1x09-mathew-tate_billy-wirth.jpg
Matthew Tate Billy Wirth
1x09-melinda-warren.jpg 1x09-melinda-warren_Tyler-Layton.jpg
Melinda Warren Tyler Layton

Michael Mitz (Cafe Patron)
Terry Bozeman (Arnold Halliwell)
Neil Roberts (Rex Buckland)
Leigh-Allyn Baker (Hannah Webster)
Catherine Kwong (Waitress)
Jodi Fung (TV Reporter)



1x10 Wicca envy

1x10-hannah-webster.jpg 1x10-hannah-webster_Leigh-Allyn-Baker.jpg
Hannah Webster Leigh-Allyn Baker
Rex Bucklands Neil Roberts

Al Rodrigo (Jaime)
Tim Stark (Super)



1x11 Feats of Clay

1x11-clay.jpg 1x11-clay_Victor-Browne.jpg
Clay Victor Browne
1x11-guardian.jpg 1x11-guardian_Stacy-Haiduk.jpg
Guardian of the urn Stacy Haiduk
she also starred in Profiler (Julian McMahon), Melrose Place (Alyssa Milano) and in the TV movie Danielle Steel's A Perfect Stranger with Holly Marie Combs.

Eddie Bowz (Palmer Kellogg)
Allen Cutler (Doug)
Niklaus Lange (Wesley)
Carolyne Lowery (Sheila)
Ming Lo (Police Officer)
Cristine Rose (Claire Pryce)
Allan Hunt (Auctioneer)
Sean Moran (Custom Officer)


Cristine Rose appeared on Picket Fences as Holly Marie Combs' character's biological mother.

1x12 The wendigo

1x12-wendigo-ashley-fallon.jpg1x12-wendigo.jpg 1x12-wendigo-ashley-fallon_Jocelyn-Seagrave.jpg
Ashley Fallon/Wendigo Jocelyn Seagrave
Billy Waters Billy Jayne


Christina Milian (Teri Lane)
J. Karen Thomas (Harriett Lane)
Charles Chun (Lawrence Beck)
Cristine Rose (Claire Pryce)
Richard S. Wolf (Auctioneer)
William Dixon (E.R. Doctor)



1x13 From fear to eternity

Barbas Billy Drago

Allen Cutler (Doug)
Kimberley Kates (Tanjella)
Steve Wilder (Lucas Devane)





1x14 Secrets and guys

1x14-mickey-jackson.jpg 1x14-mickey-jackson_Bradford-Tatum.jpg
Mickey Jackson Bradford Tatum

Richard Cody (Danny)
Robert Gossett (Mr. Franklin)
David Netter (Max Franklin)
Will Stewart (Harry)
Michael Brunin (Security Guard)





1x15 Is there a woogy in the house?

1x15-woogy-man.jpg 1x15-woogy-man_Richard-McGonagle.jpg
Woogy man Richard McGonagle

Michael Mantell (Gasman)
Shawn Christian (Josh)
Nancy Moonves (Professor
Beth Wittlesey)
Cristine Rose (Claire Pryce)
Tait Ruppert (Neighbour Joe)


also starred in Melrose Place (Alyssa Milano)

1x16 Which Prue is it, anyway?

1x16-gabriel-sattler.jpg 1x16-gabriel-sattler_Alex-McArthur.jpg
Gabriel Statler Alex McArthur

Shannon Sturges (Helena Statler)
Cristine Rose (Claire Pryce)
Mongo Brownlee (Luther Stubbs)
Susan Chuang (Monique)


He also played in Devil in the Flesh with Rose McGowen

by k.k.


1x17 That 70's episode

1x17-little-piper.jpg 1x17-little-piper_megan-corletto.jpg
Little Piper Megan Corletto
Little Prue Emmalee Thompson
1x17-nicholas.jpg 1x17-nicholas_Andrew-Jackson.jpg
Nicholas Andrew Jackson

Jake Sakson (Little Andy)
Sally Ann Brooks (Officer at Jail)
Rey Silva (Officer at Park)
Finola Hughes (Patty Halliwell)
Jennifer Rhodes ('Grams' Penny Halliwell)



1x18 When bad warlocks go good

1x18-brendan-rowe.jpg 1x18-brendan-rowe_Michael-Weatherly.jpg
Brendan Rowe Michael Weatherly
Greg Rowe Nick Kokotakis

David Kriegel (Paul Rowe)
Shawn Christian (Josh)
Frank Birney (Father Austin)
Andrea E. Taylor (Girl Victim)
Stacie Chan (Little Girl)
Dathan Hooper (Officer)
Ann Vareze (Nun)



1x19 Blind sided

1x19-brent-miller.jpg 1x19-brent-miller_Raphael-Sbarge.jpg
Brent Miller Raphael Sbarge
1x19-david.jpg 1x19-david_scott-terra.jpg
David Hatcher Scott Terra
1x19-grimlock.jpg 1x19-grimlock_Matt-George.jpg
Grimlock Matt George

Shawn Christian (Josh)
Maureen Muldoon (Dee Hatcher)
Michael O'Connor (Jerry Cartwright)
Dennis Keiffer (Grimlock #2)
Lucy Rodriguez (Housekeeper)



1x20 The power of two

1x20-jackson-ward.jpg 1x20-jackson-ward_jeff-kober.jpg
Jackson Ward Jeff Kober

Sean Hennigan (Alcatraz Guide)
Brenda Bakke (Soul Collector)
Carlos Gomez (Inspector Rodriguez)
Cristine Rose (Claire Pryce)
Susan Chuang (Monique)
Don Brunner (Inspector Anderson)
Lesley Woods (Iris Beiderman)
Jack Donner (Judge Renault)
Michele Harrell (Inspector Blakely)
Gregg Monk (Officer)
Jim Hanna (CSI Detective)
Victoria Fang (Marianne)
Yuji Hasegawa (Mr. Yakihama)



1x21 Love hurts

1x21-alec.jpg 1x21-alec_michael-trucco.jpg
Alec Michael Trucco

Carlos Gomez (Inspector Rodriguez)
Lisa Robin Kelly (Daisy)
Don Brunner (Inspector Anderson)
Tom Yi (Motel Manager)



1x22 Deja vu all over again

Inspector Rodriguez Carlos Gomez
Tempus David Carradine

Wendy Benson-Landes
(Joanne Hertz)
Nancy O'Dell (Weatherperson)



He also starred in "North and South 2"
with James Read (Victor Bennett)


Actors' names are taken from TVTome.com 

For more information about the actors check TVTome or IMDB.com





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