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Cole Turner  
Cole Turner
Julian McMahon



Name Cole Turner

Birthday: 1885
Died: 2003 (vanquished by the Charmed Ones)

Husband/Wife: Phoebe Halliwell (dark wedding)
Father: Benjamin Coleridge Turner 1859-1888, killed by Elizabeth
Mother: Elizabeth (demon)

Pyrokinesis, Energyballs, shimmer, telekinesis
in his demonic form as Belthazor he is stronger than as human

season 3: a silver BMW convertible (4QAP168)
season 4: a silver Porsche

Assistant District Attorney
South Bay Social Service, legal aid office (not even a day)
Jack McCarter and Kline

walks in the park
fine wine,
steaks, artichokes


In 2002 he became The Source of all Evil

Cole is ticklish (toe and waist especially)

Cole is an excellent salsa dancer

Cole likes walks in the park

Loves jazz

He likes steaks medium rare, fine wine and artichokes.

During his time as demon Cole used to stay at the mausoleum 

Cole uses a shadow to report back to the Triad and other services

Cole Turner first came into the Charmed Ones' lives when he was sent by the Evil Triad to destroy them. The son of a demon and a human, he also had a demonic side named Belthazor. Using his human form, Cole posed as an assistant district attorney and attempted to get close to Phoebe in order to kill her, but fell in love with her instead. Phoebe fell in love back, and even after she found out he was evil she could not vanquish him. Instead, she convinced him to give up his demonic ways and even created a potion that conquered his demonic half.




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