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4.01 Charmed Again, Part One

When Inspector Cortez catches the girls, Grams, Patty, Leo and Cole in the attic, why didn't Piper just freeze him and have Leo wipe his memory of the incident before dumping him. Leo does have that ability, as he erased the memory of the victims in 'The Devil's Music'.

When Piper and Phoebe summoned Grams for the second time, they didn't light any candles, but in order to summon her for the first time, Piper had to light candles (PedroWatson)

When Piper, Phoebe and Paige run upstairs to look for the spell to vanguish Shax, there are no candles in the floor, from when Piper previously cast the summoning spell. Did they magically disappear? (PedroWatson)

When Piper and Phoebe went upstairs to summon Grams for the first time the lights were on, later when Cortez and Darryll entered the house they were off, but when Paige entered the house they were on again. (Anthony)

When Cole and Phoebe shimmer out of the room they were in while they watched Paige on the rooftop, Cole is holding the pair of binoculars. However, when Cole and Phoebe reappear in the building where Shax had chased Paige, Cole does not have the binoculars. (Stephanie)

When everyone is at Prue's funeral and that girl blows out the candle she puts her hand in the back of the candle and blows it out then she does the samething to the second candle but then when she is about to blow out the second candle the camera cuts to a closer look at her and her hand is at her side and she blows the second candle out!!! (ChrisR)

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4.02 Charmed Again, Part Two

When Piper and Phoebe are in front of the fireplace waiting for Leo and Cole, Piper's hair goes from her shoulder, to behind her shoulder and back and forth. (Evie)

It's the White-Lighter laundry service again. When Cortez and Cole are healed their clothes are repaired and free of blood. I think I've worked out why WL's have this power, 'up there' everyone wears white - and it's a real pain to get bloodstains out of white clothing.

How did Paige manage to break the mirror with her powers? She didn't say anything like she had to when moving any other objects with her power. Even when she was turning evil, she had to say 'heart'.

Leo and the Source were a bit careless in their departure after Paige attacked the abused child's father. They orbed/flamed straight out in the middle of the street! Even if most people were concentrating on the father there's still a chance that they would have been seen by other passers-by.

'Charmed Again 1&2' did the Source just magically change actors? Because he had a different accent. And why did he decide to change his robe? In the space between the end of the third series and the fourth, he changed from a pinky purple robe to a black one but between Charmed Again and Brain Drain, he didn't change his clothes. (gotho)

When Piper and Phoebe said the enchantment spell we can see Leo from behind and he has his hands behind his back, but when the camera changes the angle we can see Leo from the front part and he has his hands on his hips, not behind his back. (Pedro)

When Cole gets stabbed by the source it's sometime around 2 o'clock. But it's gotta be at least past six when the girls finally find him. But yet he's lying beside a side-walk in a residential area. Why wouldn't some people who lives near there or just people walking by notice him and call a ambulance? (Kris)

When Piper freezes Cole so that Leo and Paige can heal him, his frozen hand keeps switching from being wrapped around Phoebe's arm, to resting on to the underside of it, depending on which angle the shot is. (Kiva)

In the scene where the girls are all standing around frozen Cole, you can see Cole's hand go from holding on to Phoebe's arm and then the next shot behind Phoebe's arm, and again holding on to Phoebe's arm. (Kris)

In less than a week, the police station got a brand new captain, completely different from the one that appears in "All Hell Breaks Loose." However, the same captain that appears in the season three finale reappears in "A Paige From the Past." Maybe the first captain went on vacation and they borrowed the second one for a while. :o) (Stephanie)

After the Source kills the man in the toilets, you see a shot of Shane with his hand up and when the source goes into him, just before that his hand is down...(Darryl)

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4.03 Hell Hath No Fury

Towards the end of the episode, Fury Piper and Fury No.2 come into the manor. Phoebe levitates into the air and kicks both in the head.When she does it's really obviously not Phoebe.Her face really doesn't look anything like her. (Max)

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Paige: Perfect. I'll just change demon to dirtbag.
Nice try but the spell specifies a "villain," not a "demon"





4.04 Enter the demon

When Paige (Phoebe) pulled Phoebe (Paige) down after they fought Yen-lo, Phoebe's(Paige's) hair was messed up. Then when they went with Piper, you saw that Phoebe's (Paige's) hair was fine. (Emily)

When did Paige start the Lollipop thing? She seemed to be a lot more mature in the past two episodes. (Magikalkit)

When An-Ling stabs Yen-Lo, her sword doesn't have any blood on it even though she stabbed him pretty deeply. (Magickalkit)

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When they're jumping into limbo, if you look closely Leo is a carboard figure 





4.05 Size Matters

When Piper and Leo were looking for Paige at 'The Spot', why did they even bother to go there, if Leo can locate his charges on his 'radar'? If he'd bothered to use it they would have gone straight to Paige's loft and not lost any time searching for her at the club.

All the painted figurines have open mouths, as if the victims were screaming. But judging by the statues made of the girls, the clay would have hardened their features with their mouths closed.

After Phoebe frees the trapped girl from the clay she says "Run before Gammill ..." - how did she know Gammill's name? Finn didn't tell her and neither did Paige.

When Phoebe, Piper and Paige are trapped in clay on the shelf, you can see Phoebe's chest and neck move - wouldn't they be trapped by the clay?

After breaking out of the clay, Paige, Phoebe and Piper are covered in clay dust which vanishes in the next couple of shots, then reappears after they are un-shrunk.

When Leo, Paige and Piper are in the car, Paige's lollipop is brown, but when she goes to the door of the house it is red. (Griff)

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4.06 A Knight to Remember

The girls already had a spell in the Book of Shadows to bind the powers of a witch (see the season 2 epsiode "Morality Bites"). Why didn't they use that one? (unless of course it'd bind Paige's power as well)

When getting shocked by the 'Shock Demon', you wouldn't get thrown away from the shock. (That's why you never test for a live wire with the palm of your hand. The electricity would make your muscles contract, closing your hand over the wire)

When Leo comes to heal Paige after she's thrown onto the car, she is quite clearly breathing - but when Leo heals her she's gasping for breath.

There's some weird sound dubbing going on when Paige is talking to Leo at the Social Services Center - it goes softer when the camera is on Leo.

Shouldn't the Prince's sword have made some dent in the truck, or at least have damaged the sword?

Why didn't the Prince get electrocuted by the 'Shocker Demon'? He was wearing full chainmail and hit it with a metal sword!!

How did Leo get Piper and Phoebe out of the chains? It's not like his powers were working and he didn't even have the key.

When Paige is in the manor we see her looking through the book of shadows, she has her hand bookmarking a page (obviously knew what page she had to open) but a second later the same hand is resting on her hip. (Walnuttree)

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4.07 Brain Drain

When Piper gets hit by the car in her vision-dream, the blood comes out of the left-hand side of her mouth (and continues to be shown on that side in the vision-dream). However in reality when she is lying in the Source's cave, the blood is flowing out of the right corner of her mouth.

After Piper is hit by the car and is talking to Leo, Leo gives Piper a needle to 'heal her pain'. He puts the needle in, but doesn't push down on the end of it. (CJL)

Did the source suddenly change skin colour? In this episode, he has black hands before he morphs into Alastar but in 'All Hell Breaks Loose' he has red hands (gotho).

When Piper is run over, you can see blood all over the windscreen although Piper only has bruises and minor cuts on her face that couldn't have caused all that blood to go on the window. (Nathan)

When Piper lands on the windscreen, the camera cuts to a different angle from behind the car. You can see Piper fall off the left side of the bonnet and onto the ground although when the camera cuts back to in front of the car, Piper falls off again and lands in front of the car. It is as if she had just bounced off the ground and went back onto the bonnet and fell of again. (Nathan)

If Piper's lip bleeds because it did in her vision, then why didn't she get all those cuts on her face? (Nathan)

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4.08 Black As Cole

In the beginning, before the credits start, where Phoebe and Cole are trying to find the demon, Phoebe's hair is down. After the credits, when they go back to the manor, Phoebe's hair is up. (Evie)

In season 3, Phoebe destroyed the Power-Stripping potion. And it wasn't even the same color in this episode! In season 3 it was a blood-red crimson color, but in this season it was pink! (MagikalKit)

Cole believes to beat a powerful demon he will have to fully embrace his evil side and he tells Pheobe to use the old vanquishing potion on him if he can't snap out of it. But in the episode 'Look Who's Barking' Cole has a dark priest do a ritual on him that would make the potion useless. So why would Cole tell Pheobe to use a potion on him he knew wouldn't work? (Kris)

What happened to the pictures Phoebe put in the Book of Shadows about Beltazor's human form? What Cole likes, etc... from the Episode she turns into the Banshee. When Paige is looking through the Book it's not there. (Sheri)

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4.09 Muse To My Ears

In the club, during the warlock ambush, Piper freezes all of the innocents, and then the sisters proceed to vanquish the remaining warlocks. After a few deaths, one warlock throws a light dart at Paige. She is injured, and so Phoebe goes off to kill that warlock. She does a flying kick, and lands on the floor. She also crashes into an innocent, who moves her arm quite obviously. (Nick)

When Phoebe says the spell, there was the "he blinks from place to place" line, then when Piper mentions blinking for a second time, Paige questions it. Wouldn't Paige have questioned the line in the limerick? (Molly)

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When Phoebe writes her first warlock vanquish spell Paige remarks that it sounds more like a limerick than a spell". Well, a limerick definitely sounds different in rhyme, meter and structure and even Paige should have noticed that.

Phoebe leaps through the air to boot a brute warlock in the head. As he drops, he knocks into a blonde standing nearby, jostling her out of her pose. There's a shot of Piper, and when the camera cuts back to show the brute bursting into flame, the blonde and her companion have vanished from the brute's side.


While Piper had frozen all of P3 she yells "Okay anyone here who doesn't want to die" the warlocks blink out. Behind the third warlock that blinks out there is smoke moving in the background, but warlocks don't smoke out and all of P3 was frozen at the time, so where did the smoke come from ?




4.10 A Page From The Past

When Leo and Paige are sent back in time they arrive in Paige's old room and she's wearing like 70s 80s clothes yet she has a Tiffany doll from the 1998 movie Bride of Chucky, Also she has a Metallica poster on her wall, its a poster of the cover of Metallica's album Garage Inc.. which I have it also came out in 1998 how could she have stuff from the 90s back then. (StonedRaider41)

Piper says that Leo was back in 1994 with Paige when she was in the police station with Darryl. However this still doesn't explain the 1998 stuff. (Molly)

In the scene where Paige is in the classroom, the teacher is reading history from a textbook. But when the teacher is talking to Paige from his seat, you could kinda see that the textbook says algebra. I recognize that algebra book because I was taught from the exact same one. (Cris)

When Paige was saying she was cruel to her parents, she said that the day her parents died she told them they weren't her real parents, but when she went to the past the mum said "So today I'm mum, yesterday we weren't your real parents!" and they died that very day!! (Kaz)

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4.11 Trial by Magic

Phoebe needed the power of three to bring Angela's ghost back for the rest of the jury, however she uses the same spell Piper used in Charmed Again to bring Grams ghost back, and she didn't need the power of three. (Smithi)

In a real courtroom, evidence would not be allowed to be passed around to the jurors unless it was in some sort of container like a plastic bag.

If the judge does not like the decision of the jury, they have the right to overturn the verdict - however although this judge did not believe the jury's decision, he did not overrule the verdict.

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4.12 Lost and Bound

When Piper tells Leo to orb when they are thrown out of the academy, she is next to him, but when Leo orbs she is farther away from him than in the last scene (Poiyu)

In 'Magic Hour' when Phoebe is talking to Grams, she said that Grams was married 4 times. But in this episode Phoebe said to Cole that Grams was married 6 times (with the ring he gave her). (StrayCat)

Cole mentions later in the episode that he was working the "9-5 life". Well, when he and Paige went into the office, and the director of legal aid comes in, she says that Alen Yates was coming in at noon for a "fact finding session" She then says that he has 2 hours to learn all he can about the case. That would logically be at 10:00 in the morning. Weren't he and Paige supposed to be there at 9? (Molly)

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4.13 Charmed and Dangerous

Cole says 'Put Pandora back in the box' - but in the story, Pandora wasn't in the box to begin with, she was the one that opened the box

When The Source opens The Hollow for the first time, you can see there are a bunch of black wires in it (magickal kit)

When all 4 of them are in the kitchen, one of Phoebe's braids is behind her back, and the other is in front of her shoulder. Then after she says "Not cocky, confident" and walks over to Piper, both braids are in front of her shoulder. (magickal kit)

It's attack of the skin changing demon! In 'All Hell Breaks Loose' the Source had red hands, then in 'Brain Drain' he had black hands, now all of a sudden in this episode, he has white hands!!! Someone in the make up department hasn't been paying attention! (gotho)

Why do they always use something so valuable to demonstrate that they have lost their powers. Piper can't freeze a glass ornament, and the same thing happens in Power Outage. (Jo)

When Paige cast the spell to clear up Billy's face in "Hell Hath No Fury" some of the words were highlighted. But in "Charmed and Dangerous" when Paige used the spell to fix the lady's face all the words looked the same. (Nicole)

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The spell to vanquish the Source is:
"Prudence, Patricia, Penelope, Melinda, Astrid, Helena, Laura and Grace ..."
and is suppossed to list the Halliwell line. Why is Melinda's mother Charlotte not listed? And why is there a huge gap between Penelope (Grams) and Melinda (Warren)?


4.14 The Three Faces of Phoebe

In this episode, the Seer says that she's served many Sources. If this was the case, why did the Source use the Oracle instead of the Seer the first time around? In 'Charmed and Dangerous' the Seer even states that her powers were stronger than that of the Oracle. (Charmedgurlies)

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4.15 Marry-Go-Round

When Paige fell asleep because of the Source she was still repairing Phoebe´s dress, but when she woke up it was ready. Did the fairies fix it magically??? (Pedro Watson)

When Phoebe turned invisible they showed the mirror behind her and it had a picture of the same dress that Phoebe was wearing but it was turned the same way as Phoebe - instead of showing her back side. (Sebastian)

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Is it not a bit weird that Piper and Leo married with a wicca ritual, their children get a wiccaning and Prue was buried with a wicca ritual but Phoebe wants to marry in a church with a christian wedding ceremony?
Even if she only does it to fulfill her dreams of a "Cinderella" wedding and not out of believing it leaves the question how much Phoebe actually believes in wicca religion.




4.16 The Fifth Halliwell

When Cole gives Phoebe the chocolate, he has it held in his hand for a few mintues and then the camera angle changes when he walks into talk to Karen and the chocolate has gone out of his hand. (Jo)

When the camera pans out while Cole is on the phone in the attic after scaring Paige, you can see that Paige is not there at all. (Charmed Freakerzoid)

The doll house that Paige destroyed in the attic with her lightning power should be the same doll house that was burnt by the Evil Enchatress in the episode A Knight To Remember (Charmed Freakerzoid)

The editor, Elyse, of Phoebe's Ask Phoebe column played Aviva's aunt in a season 1 episode, 'The Fourth Sister'. (Emily)

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4.17 Saving Private Leo

When Piper was stabbed, why didn't Paige try and heal her with her magic? She's done it before. Even if she's never done the healing without Leo's help, she could at least have tried.

Why was Phoebe working in the kitchen if she wanted peace and quiet? Surely she knew that in the morning, kitchens are usually the busiest and noisiest places to be! She should have been up in her room or something.

Why would Phoebe's document be lost when the power went out? She's running on a laptop which (in my experience) would have a battery in it as backup. Even if the power went out, enough should have been built up in the battery for her to save her document. Also, most word processing programs have a built in document recovery function or autosave that would have done it for her so she wouldn't have lost half her document.

When the ghost threw the knife at Piper and she froze it, the knife dropped. But if she froze time it would keep going when unfrozen. (Erik)

When the power went out at the manor, and Phoebe said that she just lost half her document, she goes to call Cole. If the power is out, you can't exactly make a phone call especially if it is a carry aorund. (Molly)

When Phoebe is working in the conservatory, Pipers hair goes form in front of her shoulders to behind, and this happens a few times when she walks to the staircase with Paige. (Jo)

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4.18 Bite Me

In 'Awakened', the sisters were concerned about doctors analyzing their blood? In this episode, both Paige and Phoebe have blood drawn for testing.  (Toni)

Isn't Leo suppose to sense when his charges are in danger? But when Leo, Piper, and Phoebe arrive at the hospital to see Paige, Leo acts like he never knew Paige was in danger. (Cris)

When Leo goes to heal the Harpy scratch Piper stops him. When she goes to hit him, it first shows her going to hit him with her left hand. The camera angle changes and she hits him with her right hand. (Crimson)

When Phoebe receives the news from the doctor that she's pregnant she faints one way and when we next see her on the floor she's lying the other way. She couldn't have been lying that way from the way she fainted! (Emily)

In "Bite Me" when Piper and Phoebe are looking for Paige in the graveyard, Phoebe gets dizzy and leans on a headstone, at that time the headstone has leaves and debris on it but when you see it again the headstone is perfectly clean. (dazzlingpiper)

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4.19 We're Off to See the Wizard

The evil book of shadows protects itself from good, yet Paige was able to take it with her powers. Wouldn't the book protect itself from the orb? (Shayln)

First, when Phoebe tells her sisters she's pregnant, her shoes are white. Seconds later, talking with Cole, they've turned into ugly black boots!! And again at the end of the day, the shoes are white. (Angy)

Charmed Interactive

When Piper and Paige are coming in to Phoebe's place right at the start, Paige walks over next to the chair, then they cut to a back view and shes still walking over to the chair.

When Piper is talking to Paige she is fiddling with the strap on her top then they cut to the back and her arms are by her side then back to the front and her arm is on her shoulder again





4.20 Love Live the Queen

When The Seer comes the second time to Phoebe to tell her that she must drink the tonic, there is only one glass on the plate beside the dead flower and it's the empty one. While they talk to each other, The Seer holds the drink in her hands and when she leaves, she leaves with the drink in her hands. When she's out of the house, you see Phoebe standing there and you see that the other drink is now on the plate too. (Ante)

When Piper and Paige are talking in the kitchen and Paige just made that drink to Piper in the mixer, they walk out of the kitchen and Piper brings the blue glass out of the kitchen. When they come into the hall, she doesn't have it in her hands, it's gone. (Ante)

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4.21 Womb Raider

Piper gets a call from her doctor telling her that she would have trouble conceiving due to scar tissue caused by blows to the abdomen. How is that possible, she has been healed everytime by Leo and even if it was caused before she met him the first time he healed her it should have gone away.

In the scene where the watermelon turns into raw meat as Pheobe is about to eat it,The fruit bowl is right in front of Pheobe.Then,when Pheobe drops the meat the fruit bowl is in front of where Piper is standing but no-one moved it. (Max)

In this episode they find the Seer in the BoS. Wouldn't they have looked her up the first time they met her, she did seem to be a big nasty, so it would be logical to assume the sisters wanted to know as much as possible about her. (gotho)

Phoebe and Paige are in the "Magic proof" cage and thay say magic can't get out. If magic can't get out how did the spell get out to summon Piper? (Bill)

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4.22 Witch Way Now

When Paige hits the witch hunter/witch she gets knocked unconscious. That must of been one hard hit because she was out of it for a while. But when you see the witch again she has no bruise on her face. How could a punch that knocked her out cold not bruise her? (Kris)

In the purgatory or whatever it is where Cole was trapped, the demons who were cast into it were disintigrated and all that was left was their powers which the demon sucker ate. Cole said that he was a demon with a soul; something that was unique, meaning the only one. Well, in the scene where he's climbing the rock then decides to face the demon sucker, there's a skeleton of an obviously humanoid creature lying at the base of that rock. Now, considering that there are no other demons with souls and all the demons vaporize as soon as they enter that place, where did the skeleton come from? (Pedro)

In the last scene when the Angel Of Destiny freezes everything, Leo's head is tilted because he was kissing Piper. But in the next shot Leo is looking striaght foward! (MagikalKit)

When the Angel of destiny freezes everything you see a bird and a helicopter. The helicopter blades are frozen in a blur. If it were to have really freezed then the blades would not be in a blur, you would see each blade individually. (Alana)

When the demons vaporize into the weirdo world thingy they all look exactly alike with black coats on, but in the show not all demons wear black coats and they don't all look human.(Erik)

At the start of the episode the angel of destiny freezes time and Paige goes to the window, moves the curtain and looks out. At the end she comes in the door and he freezes time and the door is stuck. Why would the curtain move but not the door. (Bill)

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