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3.01 The Honeymoon's Over

Remember in episode 2.22 "Be Careful What You Witch For" about this frame that the dragon warlock burned? Well, mysteriously, this frame is back and all repaired, at the same place it was before, in that episode and the following one, just like if nothing happened to it. (Virginie)

When Phoebe gives her kick to Cole, he catches her leg at his chest's height, but on the next shot, he's holding her foot at his hip's height, and then it switches again until he lets go. (Virginie)

When the sisters and Leo are getting into the court room at the end, there is a prison guard behind them, but right on the next shot, he vanishes (Virginie)

When she orbs back in with Leo, Piper is wearing different hair-clips to the ones she orbed out with in 'Be Careful What You Witch For'.

Since when did Prue's car change into a black minivan? She's driven a convertible before this!

Since when did Prue learn all those cool fighting moves? Granted Phoebe could have been teaching her, but surely Prue would have asked for training before this?

In "Be Careful What You Witch For" the Genie reveals that a group of demons called the Council had sent him and the Dragon Warlock after the sisters. In this episode, Prue starts talking about the Triad wanting the sisters dead; to my knowledge, the Triad had never been mentioned before, only the Council. (Stephanie)

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3.02 Magic Hour

Phoebe said that Grams was married 4 times, when in season 4, she said that Grams has been married 6 times with the same ring.

At the beginning, when Phoebe and Prue are talking, right before Piper gets in, Prue asks Phoebe what she is doing (getting ready to watch the eclipse), but she'd been right beside her while Phoebe was preparing. So why did Prue even bother to ask? (Virginie)

When they are paying for their books at the library, the saleswoman makes Piper and Cole pay at the same time. Since when does the salesperson make 2 differents clients pay at the same time? Also, they didn't actually pay for their books. (Virginie)

On the shot of the house that came out of the sorcerer's computer, we can see a black bird at the top of the highest window. But on the shot of the house where we see the eclipse, we can see the same bird, standing in the same place, which mean that they used the same shot, they just added the eclipse by computer. I also noticed this same shot on another episode.(Virginie)

When the minion trashed the kind of closet, we can see that it was empty! So what were they doing with it? (Virginie)

Piper shuts her door on her jeep twice. First when she gets out of the vehicle. Then when she sees the just married couple drive by she turns around and slams her door again. (Verna)

In 'Be Careful What You Witch For', the evil Council had 5 members who wore yellow robes. Now they've suddenly been reduced to a Triad who wear black robes.

This isn't a blooper so much as a fact. When Piper says 'I'm sure I've seen this in a movie somewhere' - she is actually right. This episode was based on the movie LadyHawke. LadyHawke is a film from 1985 starring Rutger Heuer, Michelle Pfieffer & Matthew Broderick. It is set in the middle ages in a fictional world (very french/italian though) The bad guy who cursed the lovers is a bishop, a long faced dude who is in his 40s. She turns into a hawk by day, and him into a wolf by night. The whole eclipse thing is the same in the movie as in Charmed. One difference is he is a kick ass swordsman and hunter, and she is alot more proud in the film. Like in Charmed though, friends of the lovers (The Charmed ones/Matthew Brodericks character) have to lie a bit to keep the lovers hopes up. (Blake)

An eclipse can only last for 7 mins, and none so far have lasted that long. I don't think the eclipse would have lasted all that time that it took for the sisters to deal with the warlock, go back home, and get ready for the handfasting. (Claire)

Pheobe is not even around (she's in the attic) when Brooke said that the curse can only be broken if there was a night within a day. Then later on, she comes down and is talking with Piper and says, 'remember what Brooke said...' (Kathy)

When Cole's shadow walks away to 'report', just seconds later you can see his head casting a shadow over his shoulder. (Jamie)

Prue tells Phoebe that she was 3 and Piper was 1 year old, before Phoebe was born. but in "That 70's Episode" we could see them before Phoebe's birth and they were like 6 and 4 years old. (Camila)

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3.03 Once Upon a Time

When the trolls push Piper in the parking lot, her purse and stuff land out of the spotlight, but on the next closer shot, they're in the spotlight. (Virginie)

At the very end, Cole sends his shadow tell his "boss" that he's getting closer, but afterwards, if you look closely on his chair, you can see his shadow! (Virginie)

Prue and Phoebe fall down the stairs and Phoebe says that the trolls took the key but you can clearly see it around her neck. (Ashley) .

When Piper's finger gets slammed in the cash register, you can see she got her finger out far before the register sprung back. (Andrew)

(This one is a based on an assumption, you can decide) When Prue casts the spell "to see what can't be seen," surely there are more creatures, etc. that can't be seen than trolls and fairies. But when it was cast, the only thing new they could see were trolls and fairies. (Andrew)

If "tween's" are between two things, then wouldn't every thing be a tween? (Ashley)

If you watch the hand that Phoebe has her watch on several times you can see her tattoo. (Ashley)

Phoebe has a bandana thing on her head. Sometimes you can see the tie in the back and sometimes you can't (Ashley)

After knowing trolls can get you in the dark or shadows, why does Kate always sit/stand, in the dark or shadows, what happened to, let there be light? (Ashley)

Phoebe's 'baby' voice is quite often out of synchronisation with her lip movements.

After Kate has turned back into a human, Thistle has vanished from the background, even though she was hovering right next to Kate.

How did they reverse the seeing-fairies spell? After the flowers were delivered at the end, the sisters couldn't see the faries to thank them.

In this episode it is stated that the Book of Shadows has no information about fairies, as it was written by adults. However in 'Give Me A Sign', the Book turns over to pages about Mariners - which are a type of sea fairy.

When Prue, Piper and Phoebe are following the fairy to the cave you can see that Prue has white sneakers on, but when they get home and the doorbell rings you can plainly see when Prue bends down to pick up the flowers and keys that she has got different shoes on. (Lauren)

In the episode "Pardon My Past" on the family tree it says that Piper was born on 8-7-73 which is 7th of August 1973 which would make her a Leo, but in this episode Phoebe says that Piper is a Gemini. (Tim)

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3.04 All Halliwell's Eve

When the sisters arrive in 1670, Prue doesn't have anything in her hair. But when they arrive at "Eva's place" a big butterfly has appeared in her hair! (Virginie)

How could Phoebe have not recognized Cole! He was just wearing a small mask, and his voice didn't change at all. (Virginie)

When Darryl is attacked by the Grimlocks he ends up breaking a coffee table. If you tape it and then play it in slow motion you'll find that the coffe table was already broken before Darryl hit it. (Claudia)

Piper is wearing a ginger-coloured wig in her outfit as Glinda the good witch, but the real Glinda had blonde hair.

When Eva is explaning to Phoebe how to use the broom's power, it seems Prue and Piper are having their own conversation about what was on Prue's nose. Were they even listening to Eva's instructions? (William)

When the sisters bring Charlotte to the altar there are 4 apples and 1 is already cut in half then Prue picks one up and there are 3 left and she is holding one. On another shot of them however the cut apple is back and Prue isn't holding one. Then on another shot of Prue the apple is in her hand again. How weird. (William)

When the clock strikes 12 and that means All Hallows Eve is over and since on only that day the dead come back for revenge, how come the Grimlocks didnt go away at midnight? (William)

When Leo drops the rest of the potion and the sisters come out of the portal, how did Prue know that the potion was on the floor. They just got back without knowing it was there and she didn't even look down at it at all. Strange. (William)

After the sisters return they get a shot of Leo and the vial that had the potion, but when Piper runs to him the vial is gone. (William)

When Phoebe picks up the cardboard witch on a broomstick, at first the witch's nose is pointing one way, then a second later her nose is pointing the opposite way (my 9 year old brother spotted this) - (Anni B)

When they have just been kidnapped you can see in the background that Phoebe is winking and waving to someone! You can also see that Prue is looking very annoyed with Phoebe. 
( Tiff + Emma )

In the episode "Blind Sided" the Book of Shadows said that in order to vanquish a Grimlock, one must make a potion from 'shisandra' root (only), yet when creating the potion for the second time, Leo says they need more thyme. Would he want to give the potion a better taste so that the Grimlocks have a pleasent death?? (Sergei)

It took the Grimlocks ages to steal the kid's sight at the beginning and even when he stopped the kid was okay. How come then it took about 3 seconds for them to take away Daryl's sight completely before Daryl pressed the button on the camera? (gotho)

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Right at the start Phoebe holds up a pitcure of a witch and next shot it's back to front.





3.05 Sight Unseen

Abby appears to be in two places at once, the club and at the manor. (Ashley)

When Troxa is getting electrocuted, we see smoke getting out of his neck on the shots where we see his face, but none when we see him from the back.(Virginie)

How could Piper and Phoebe have not heard Abbey when she was speaking on the phone? She was in the basement, right under where they were standing! (Virginie)

When Prue develops her photos, she makes a huge mistake! She first puts her photo in the revelatory, and that's where the images are supposed to appear. But, they appeared in the stop bath which is impossible! She also contaminated her pincers by putting them in the revelatory and the stop bath. When you take photo classes, the first thing they tell you is to not use the same pincers for those. (Virginie)

Right after Prue put the money in the pot, you see that Phoebe is putting her bottle down. On the next shot, she's drinking from it.(Virginie)

I find it quite unusual that ever since 'Magic Hour', 'They' are orbing Leo out forcibly, instead of 'calling' him like they did previously. Surely Piper would not get the feeling that she was being watched by 'Them' if they'd just 'call' Leo first, and allow him to orb out by himself.

When they show a close up of Piper (while Troxa was in the trap) in the backgroung you can see the lights flickering. But since the electricity was magically conducted and not hooked to their house's electricity that shouldn't happen! (Mags)

When Abbey knocks Prue down when she is chasing her you can totally see her thong. (prue&phoebe)

When the girls go up to the attic to see what was in the trap, Phoebe is not wearing the same sneakers that Prue gave her for demon-hunting, even though Prue asks if they're wearing the special footwear and Phoebe says yes.

Leo says that the Triad is the highest level of evil on the other side. Not true, the highest level of evil is the Source.

Why didn't Piper and Leo lock the door when they were kissing in the club? If you're going to have a make-out session in a public place, it makes sense to make sure that no-one else can get in.

Why didn't Prue attack Abbey with her Astral self, instead of with her physical one when she couldn't see? The Astral self could obviously see, and we know since 'Heartbreak City' that Astral Prue can pick up things!

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3.06 Primrose Empath

At the beginning, when Phoebe joins Prue in the attic after the astral projection experiment, how did Phoebe get up there so quickly? (Ashley)

When Prue is talking to the secretary at the dentist office, her purse is under her arms on the shots that face her, but it switches beside her right arm on the shots from behind her. (Virginie)

Could someone tell me what a young couple would do standing in the middle of a waiting room of a dentist office and kissing? (Virginie)

Phoebe pinched Piper on the right arm, but Prue felt it on her left arm. (Virginie)

When Phoebe get to Cole's apartment, her left hand switches from on his chest to on his shoulder until the commercial break. (Virginie)

Why does Prue only feels bad feelings? It's not like the entire neighbourhood would constantly be fighting! (Virginie)

Why didn't the sisters and Leo project loving feelings towards Prue to combat the pain of the other emotions? Leo's trigger for his powers is love - surely he would have been able to let Prue feel some of that love.

Why didn't Prue just let Leo heal her tooth instead of going to all that trouble with the dentist? It may have been a minor injury, but he's dealt with that sort of thing before.

Prue learnt to channel all those emotions rather quickly didn't she? It took about 2 minutes for her to go from a complete wreck to a controlled and composed fighting machine.

When she is in the basement, Prue's hair is all messed up, yet when she emerges to confront Vinceres it has been perfectly brushed and styled. She also has no tear-tracks on her face. Did she make a quick stop by the bathroom to get perfectly styled whilst a demon was rampaging through the house?

How did Prue get a new power? She's supposed to have telekinesis. You have to see objects to move them with telekinesis. Yet, she's able to move the lock on the other side of the door. (Fuzzy_Slippers)

When Phoebe goes to Cole, she has her purse. When she goes to kiss him, the purse is around her wrist. The next scene, it's gone from her wrist, yet she didn't move her wrist. (Fuzzy_Slippers)

When Phoebe heads up to the attic you can see where they tried to cover up the tattoo on her shoulder. (Julie)

When Prue is up in the building for the second time, we see a shot of the door locked, and then when she is using her powers to keep the door shut, the door is suddenly unlocked. (Jillian and CcCharm2004)

If Vince says that he is immune to the witches' powers, how did Prue throw him against the wall? (Jillian)

When Phoebe is telling Piper and Leo in the kitchen that she thinks Prue's an empath, Prue is feeling negative feelings and blows up the TV, when she does this you can clearly see that the whole screen had fallen out, but the next shot shows that there was only a hole in the middle with glass around it. Then it switches back to the whole glass gone.(Barrons)

As if the people directing traffic would point in the totally opposite direction to where Prue was supposed to be going. We didn't see Cole influencing them at all! They've been pointing in one direction the whole time and then they start pointing in another?

The detour sign was clearly pointing away from where the construction worker indicated for Prue to go. Wouldn't she follow the signs like everyone else was doing?

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3.07 Power Outage

When Leo brings the mineral water bottle in the living room, if you look closely, it's empty. (Virginie)

When Cole says to Andras "This is up to your job", in his car, you can see that there are shadows covering all his face. But on the next shot, it's covering only half. (Virginie)

How could Piper have seen which earrings Phoebe was wearing from where she was standing? We can't even see that she's got earrings! (Virginie)

When Phoebe and Cole finish kissing in the car, Phoebe's hand is switching from down, to on her mouth and then on Cole's face, from a shot to another. (Virginie)

When Piper take the slice of Belthazor, you can see that there are no piece of clothes on it. How could she have cut a piece of him without a piece of clothes on it? (Virginie)

It's 'tattoo time' this episode it seems. Alyssa's shoulder tattoo is covered so badly that you can see it as she's leaving Cole's house after the fight, when she's twirling around in her funny dance at the restaurant and when Piper hugs her when she returns home. Looks like the makeup department isn't doing it's job right!

Prue's car has changed again. She seems to be switching from a convertible to a minivan!

Wouldn't there be more people at the landowners meeting than the four arguing people that Piper threw out? There seemed to be more in the background during the argument but they just vanished.

Why does Piper think of P3 as her club? The sisters are partners in the business (thus the P3)!

Interesting to see that Belthazar only ever appears in his black outfit, no matter what Cole is wearing. Seems that shapeshifting involves clothes-shifting as well!

How did Piper manage to get a 'slice' of Belthazar? She slashed at him, not carved him up like a turkey!

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Piper pulls put Phoebe's earing but when she levatates it's still there




3.08 Sleuthing With The Enemy

If Belthazor didn't want to be discovered in his apartment by Phoebe, why didn't he just lock the front door?

When Cole embraces Phoebe for the last time, you can see that his hand isn't bloody anymore.

Prue mentions that she modified the Melinda Warren summoning spell to call Belthazor, but the final spell is nothing like the original!

The Book Of Shadows says that there is no known way to defeat Belthazor, yet in this episode it provides not only a potion, but a vanquishing incantation!

When Phoebe puts the bottle of potion down on the table in the mausoleum, in the next shot it has vanished. (Emma)

When Prue and Piper are talking to Krell in the conservatory, Prue's hair switches from being behind her ear and hanging in her face for the whole shot. (Katy)

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3.09 Coyote Piper

When Piper hands the knife to Prue it has blood on it, yet later when Prue uses the knife the blood has mysteriously vanished. (Jaclyn)

When Leo heals Piper, not only does the blood on her top vanish, the top itself heals!

Phoebe is in the graveyard and she leans up against the stone and has a preminition and then she rubs the dust of them gravestone but before there wasn't any dust on the stone (Ratcat1)

When the possesed Piper freezes the demon trying to attack her, his mouth is frozen open, though in the next shot, his mouth is closed. (Jillian)

When Phoebe revisited the graveyard, its obvious that the burnt patch on the floor has moved over towards the wall. (Jillian)

When posessed-Piper hugs Leo, the tattoo that should be hidden on her left wrist is visible. (Camila)

When posessed-Piper is tabledancing and sits down almost on a guy's head, before she turns, her hair is bushy, after the turn it is straight for a second and on the next shot from a different angle it is bushy again.(Camila)

When Leo bumps against the wall you can see the wall bend, so he wouldn't get hurt. (Camila)

You get probably the clearest vision of Piper's tattoo on her left wrist (other than in Season 4 of course) when Phoebe and Prue say the spell in the alley and Piper steps back. She puts her hand up to her head and her bracelets slide down. Perfect view. (PiperP3)

Charmed Interactive

When possessed-Piper enters the manor the door is unlocked. Didn't they all agree in 3x05 Sight unseen to be more careful and keep doors locked?





3.10 We All Scream For Ice Cream

When Prue and Phoebe are discussing about her premonition, on the shots where we see Prue's face, she has snow in her hair, and on the shot from behind, she doesn't even has a flake on her head! (Virginie)

Prue tries to use her power in the snow playground and she tells Phoebe their powers don't work there, so how does Phoebe get a premonition of Prue and their father by touching the swings there? (Jule)

They have a different actor playing the sister's father (Lauren)

In the preview for the episode, Prue is on Phoebe's left side when she says "You need a little timeout missy". But then in the actual show, she's on Phoebe's right side. (Bakey17)

If Prue says its winter (which it was) why would there be an normal ice cream truck in the middle of winter. If its not a demon catching truck why is a normal ice cream truck parked in the middle of the street? (Amy)

In the freezing cold ice cream truck Prue and Phoebe show no sign of being cold. They don't even shiver. (prue&phoebe)

When Piper was at the office talking to the woman she showed her a photo of her dad and it looked nothing like him right? But in Phoebe`s premonition about Young Prue he looked the same as he is now. (Jeremy)

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3.11 Blinded By The Whitelighter

When Prue, Phoebe and Piper are at the bar, Phoebe's head is up. Then there is a shot of Phoebe and Piper and Phoebe's head is down. In the next shot it is back up again. (Emily)

This happens when Leo is feeling the pain from the witch who is being killed. Natalie said that she could feel the pain as well, but when they are coming down the stairs and Leo screams again, she asks what happened. But if she said she felt the witches pain, wouldn't she know the witch had just died? (Magickalkit)

Charmed Interactive

Leo says Natalie and he fought together in WW 2 .. however women of that era were not assigned combat roles.

Source: TelevisionWithoutPity



3.12 Wrestling With Demons

When Piper hugs Leo if you look at her wrist you can see that some of her tattoo is uncovered. (Katedep14)

Prue says that Kellman wants Tom to kill his mother, but Kellman never mentioned who he wanted Tom to kill. (Stephanie)

When Phoebe reversed the lost and found spell the lost souls go away, but Phoebe's hair stays brown, all the other junk stays where it is, their mothers ring doen't get lost again, and Leo returns Rasputin to his owner. (Stephanie)

When Leo finally arrives and all 3 sister, Darryl and Leo are gathered in the kitchen, Prue turns around when talking about a spell to save Tom and if you look at the top of the back of her trousers you can clearly see her microphone box. (Lorna)

Charmed Interactive

In the first couple scenes, Phoebe's hair has braids in it. then she comes to the kitchen, and they are gone. then she goes back to the living room or foyer, and the braids are back




3.13 Bride And Gloom

When Piper and Phoebe are in the attic with Dantalia, there is a scene where she gets thrown into the wall. If you look carefully, when she is on the ground, you can clearly see she is wearing combat boots, but when she stands up, she is wearing a different pair of shoes. (Kalel)

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3.14 The Good, The Bad And The Cursed

How in the world did Prue and Cole get guns (you can see them when they first enter the saloon). It's not like there'd be guns left on a dead body, or hanging on a washing line. (Blake)

Where did Prue learn to shoot like that? She says she's had practice/is good at it but we haven't seen her with a gun before at all! (Blake)

Where did they get money for the whiskeys? Not likely to have been left on a dead body. (Blake)

When Prue was wearing that cowboy outfit, she still managed to display some bare midriff. What was with that? And even more weird, she'd likely have been arrested for indecency for displaying that flesh!

After the scene where Prue throws Sutter through the window, we switch to Cole and the cowboy having a shootout. Both them are taking cover behind tables, the cowboy stands up kicks his aside, next shot we see Cole hiding behind the table and he stands up, the camera pulls back and the table Cole was hiding behind suddenly disapeared. What happened to the table? Cole certainly didn't move it. (Barrons)

In this episode, when the sisters check the Book of Shadows, they find a page on Time Loops, yet in season's 1 episode "Deja Vu All Over Again" Phoebe says there's nothing in the Book about Time Loops! (Sergei)

Cole appears in the Manor with a two-day beard. But when Prue and Him appear in the Far West, he is shaved! 
( TheCharmedBrianKrause )

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3.15 Just Harried

When Phoebe picked up their mum's picture, you can clearly see her tattoo on her wrist. They didn't even try to cover it up so that her watch is only hiding the half of the tattoo! (Virginie)

Getting ready for Piper's wedding (the first time), they are all standing around the room (except Piper). Prue and Phoebe are standing close together, next shot they are abit far, next shot they are close together again. (Barrons)

When Prue was talking to Victor, Leo and Phoebe, she suddenly felt dizzy and sat on the stairs. Phoebe took Victor and Leo downstairs and came back to talk to Prue, as Phoebe is turning around to sit next to Prue, you can see Phoebe's back tattoo covered slightly by the strap. So they never even bothered to cover it up. (Barrons)

Charmed Interactive

Grams claims that "the women keep their names in this family".
If that is the case why do the Charmed Ones not go by "Warren" then?

In the biker bar next to the payphones in the back there is a poster of Cher, advertising the "Believe" tour. Unless this bar caters to a certain type of biker it is extremely unlikely that Cher poster would be used for anything but a dartboard target there.





3.16 Death Takes A Halliwell

When Prue is taking pictures of that woman -Andrea- at the beach you see that Andrea has her camera by her side but when Prue develops her photo's Andrea has her camera up by her face! (Lauren)

When Prue takes a picture of the top of Phoebe's sandcastle, Phoebe puts a shell on it, but if you rewind it and look at the top of the castle the shell is already on it before the picture was taken.! (Caryn)

When they showed Leo putting the light of eternal love thing down for the second time, he and Piper turned around to talk to Phoebe who was sitting on the couch right behind them. So that would mean that the lamp (as Phoebe would say) was on the table behind the couch. But when they vanquished the demons they were standing in front of the couch, then Leo walked to the lamp which was no longer behind the couch but almost in the next room. (Barrons)

When Cole was keeping inspector Davidson at the Mausoleum and the demons showed up and then Prue, Davidson made a run for it but got thrown against the wall landing on his side, far from the wall with his back facing it. Prue puts her leg on the wall and kicks the demon. Then death shows up, and we now see inspector Davidson lying on his back with his body right next to the wall. Did he get up and move around totally changing position? (Barrons)

When the demons were killing Davidson, the first shot of the dead body, he was lying on his stomach, the next shot he was lying on his back. (Barrons)

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3.17 PreWitched

When did Kit get a gender change? In season 2, Kit was a female. Now, she becomes a male. (Fuzzy_Slippers)

Didn't Grams die in 1998? Before she died, when she showed Prue the new camera, Prue was saying that it was last year's model, a '96. If Grams died in 1998, how could a 1996 model be last year's when she died? (Fuzzy_Slippers)

When they kill "Shadow" (that warlock with 9 lives) in public, how come no one seems to notice? And how come Phoebe, Piper and Prue aren't murder suspects? I mean they were standing by that girl after she got stabbed.(Fuzzy_Slippers)

In the bathroom that Piper and Leo are in when they are in the shower, there's a lock on that door. If they really wanted the privacy, why didn't they just lock the door? (Fuzzy_Slippers)

At the beginning of the episode, Piper says that Phoebe left to go to New York for 3 years. But in the first episode they said they were together after 6 months after Grams died. How's that posible? (Poiyu)

When Phoebe kills Shadow in the kitchen, the knife has blood on it. But if you remember from season 2, Phoebe clearly states that Warlocks don't bleed. (PiperP3)

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3.18 Sin Francisco

The Book of Shadows had 7 sin balls, one of them being black (or at least dark blue). But the sin ball that hit Leo was a normal shade of blue, and there was no blue sin ball pictured. (Andrew)

When the cop that got suspended was going to his car and turned around to see the demon, the demon was still shimmering in as he looked. Wouldn't he be a bit suspicious? (Andrew)

When Leo healed Phoebe, the blood from her ear vanished. What is it with Leo's healing powers anyway, it's not the first time that he's removed blood and mended clothes along with healing.

Piper's car (the one Prue and Phoebe were using at the start of the episode) didn't have a numberplate on the front but had one in the 1st season.

Do the sin balls consume your sense of taste? I mean, even with gluttony, Piper could have got some tasteful decorations.

After Prue tells Leo to turn up the volume for the TV we see Leo eating some more chips but there is no sound. (Dove)

When the demon is about to give anger to the cop, if you look in the box closely there are two balls left but when he uses the anger sin ball there are none left! (Caryn)

When Prue tells Piper that Leo is not up "there" and that he is in the living room watching TV, why don't we hear the sounds of the TV until Prue mentions it? (Fuzzy_Slippers)

When Piper pushes the lamp into the water, her feather-coat thingy should fly over onto the floor, but instead ends up underneath her. (oldnavykid502)

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3.20 Exit Strategy

When Prue, Piper, Leo and Phoebe are in the kitchen after Piper has blown up the watermelon, Phoebe is holding a towel over her head. Then there is a shot of Leo - you can see Phoebe lowereing the towel. But in the next shot, she's holding it above her head. The camera shows Piper then switches back to Phoebe, Prue and Leo and the towel is above her head again! (Emily)

Charmed Interactive




3.21 Look Who's Barking

When Prue is talking to Phoebe in the kitchen and Phoebe is writing in the Book Of Shadows. While she's writing she's not really writing all the time. you can very easily see that the pen isn't being held above the page but other times it is touching the page. Also It's a permanant marker so it should sqeak. It does when she's actually writing but when she isn't you can't hear a thing. (Mags)

Wouldn't Leo be able to track Prue even if she was a dog? It's not like she turned into a demon or anything, and thus should be still on Leo's 'radar'.

Why didn't the Book of Shadows say anything about Banshees being former witches? If it had information about the scream, and a nice picture and all, wouldn't it make sense to have the essential information?

In the Book of Shadows, the spell to summon Belthazar is written in fancy calligraphy with decorations, just like the older spells in the book yet we know from the episode 'Sleuthing With The Enemy' that Prue created the spell. Since when have the sisters taken up calligraphy lessons?

When Banshee Phoebe and Belthazar are fighting in the mausoleum he falls over and his trousers ride up his legs so you see a peach, human ankle! (Phoebe Halliwell Turner)

When 'Pruejo' is hit by the car, she gets hit on the left-hand-side. But when she changes back into Prue, she's holding her right hip as if that is where she was hit. (Chris)

When Piper is still not in control of her new power to explode things and she does a meditating routine to a guru on a cassette tape in her room. Leo orbs in and scares her, so with a movement of her hands she blows up the stereo, yet in the next shot the stereo is as good as new and doesn't even have a cassette in it. (Bysantium)

When Phoebe is in the attic, when the banshee comes through the window to attack, the banshee is wearing sneakers (how convenient) It's nice to know that demons wear stylish and comfy footwear! (Ruth)

When Phoebe is writing about Cole in the BoS, she writes above a picture of him "Cole's human form." This is incorrect as Cole is Belthazor's human form.(Steven)

When Prue turns back from a dog and is running along the grass, she changes as is limping with a sore hip. Yet when she was running a few seconds earlier as a dog, she was running normally without limping.(Steven)

When Phoebe turns into a Banshee in the attic, she pushes Leo only, but somehow Piper goes flying too! (scarlett)

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3.22 All Hell Breaks Loose

Leo was giving this long lecture about not getting caught. Why was he orbing in front of open windows with people all outside that could see him? (Fuzzy_Slippers)

When Piper flatlined both Prue's hands were holding Piper's hand (this was AFTER Prue closed her sisters eyes) but a split second later when Prue yelled "GO!" her hand was on Pipers forehead. (Angie)

Prues hands were full of blood yet when she closed Pipers eyes, there was no blood stain to be found except for the one on her forehead. (Angie)

I don't understand how that Alice character managed to get on top of that van with such a noticeable weapon with all the supposed cops and crowd around the manor. (Angie)

At one stage when Cole is talking to Phoebe and Leo you can clearly hear his Australian accent. (Claire)

At the beginning of the episode when Prue and Piper first encounter Shacx he throws the both of them through the wall, leaving quite a mess. But then that same day, the wall is suddenly back to normal. How did they have time to fix that with all their demon killing and media frenzy stuff? (Bakey17)

In one of the scenes, Prue comes walking into the porch thingy or whatever it is with the remote control in her hand and then in the next shot of her hands it's gone. But you never see her put it down. (Bakey17)

When Piper and Prue are first healed by Leo after they are blown through the wall, the blood on Piper's face vanishes. What is this? Leo's cleaning and healing services?

When Piper first gets shot and she falls on Prue, Prue gest blood on her hands but in the next scene when she's in the car her hands are clean and when she gets to the hospital her hands are covered in blood again! (Hope)

When Piper was shot Darryl was one of the guys that got Alice down from the van, but he didn't seem too concerned with the fact that one of them got shot and didn't do anything to help her get to a hospital. (Cat)

At the end of the episode, when Shax throws Prue through the wall you can see that Prue hits a lamp on the way out. The lamp falls onto Prue's legs as she "flies" through the wall.When there is a reversed shot from outside,you can see that the lamp is now behind Prue, falling underneath her. (Max)

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