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2.01 Witch Trial

When the girls are blown back from the portal by Abraxas, you can see a faint wire, pulling them back

A totally different actor was used to portray the warlock Nicholas this time. Also, they didn't give the original Nicholas such a weird voice.

Piper says that the spell to get rid of Jeremy was written at the very back of the Book. However in the first episode the spell is taken from the spirit-board and not the Book. The sisters could have written the spell in, yet when Abraxas is reading it backwards, the spell has been written in beautiful calligraphy and illustrated like the spells already in the book - have the sisters been taking lessons in calligraphy? 

Since Abraxas reads the book backwards and actually reaches the beginning, there would have been a lot more demons released than the ones that attacked the sisters. Piper does make mention of the fact that Abraxas could have released more demons than they know about, but since all the released ones appeared right next to the sisters this seems very unlikely.

Right before Prue goes back home, she goes to the police station to talk with Inspector Morris. When they sit down at the bech you can clearly see Shannen's cross tatoo on her leg. (Vanessa)

Source: Charmed Interactive

2.02 Morality Bites

When Prue and Piper are flipping through the Book of Shadows whilst waiting for Leo to return (when they look at the earmarked pages in the book) they show a close-up of the book as Prue flips through. As she does so, you can see that one of the spells is the 'Return Spell' that had supposedly 'vanished' from the book.

When a wide-shot of the room is displayed, whilst Prue and Piper are looking through the book, a pouch can be seen between the pages. Then on the next close-up shot the pouch has vanished, but reappears in the next wide-shot.

When Prue and Piper first turn to the spell to create a door, there is nothing there, but the next time they turn to it, they find the prison map tucked next to the page.

When Prue tears out the binding spell, the spell on the page next to it (the memory spell) has vanished.

When Piper draws a door on the jail wall she reaches above her head but when she and Prue walk in, they have to duck. (Nadine)

The events at the start and the end of the episode are in the wrong order. Here's what happens at the start: Piper walks in with a dirty shoe, the dog barks and the sisters rush to the window and do the whole freezing thing, then Phoebe sits down to watch tv and gets the premonition. Here's what happens at the end: The sisters arrive back, flick on the tv and see the show that triggered the premonition, THEN the dog barks and they go to the window to do the freezing thing. If you go by the start, the Pratt would already have left the sidewalk before the TV show appeared.

At the beginning, when the sisters are getting to the living room window, Phoebe is the first to get to it, But on the next shot, the one from the outside, Piper is the first one to get to the window. (Virginie)

When Piper unfreezes the people in front of Bucklands, 2 boys on bikes are passing beside them, on Piper's side, but on the next shot, they're passing behind Leo. (Virginie)

In the future, when Piper kisses Leo, her hand often switches from on his neck to on his back. (Virginie)

In "That 70's episode" after they have gone back in time. Prue clearly states that they threw away their 8 track tapes and typewriter but once they have arrived in the future and Prue and Piper enter the attic the first shot of them in the attic you see, the typewriter is on a desk which is right in front of the camera, when they walk in the door. (tacroy1)

When they go into the future, Prue and Piper realise the return spell has gone missing, but it was Phoebe's noble attitude that sent them back, which means that in the ten years they went through, the return spell wasn't used so shouldn't it still be there? (nishakittens)

Present Phoebe gained telepathic powers, when they say the spell to go to the future, she says her lines but she hasn't seen the spell... She was in front of the Book of Shadows, Prue and Piper were the ones that could actually read what was there. (Gotho)

Source: Charmed Interactive

2.03 The Painted World

When the painting is burning, nothing else catches on fire - including the wooden chair that it is sitting on.

Prue was sucked into the painting after she read the word "Help" written on the window - yet when Piper goes to write the word "Nell" on the same window (verified later by Phoebe and a magnifying glass), the "Help" has vanished.

Why didn't Prue use her powers to move the dust on the window rather than physically going up to write her message?

When the warlock was 'blinking' around the room, he was in one place long enough (while he was talking) for Piper to freeze him but she didn't.

According to the Book Of Shadows, the spell to get out of the painting would cause everyone trapped in the painting to be freed. Why then did it only transport the warlock outside the painting, and later on only the sisters?

Malcolm (the warlock trapped in the painting) gets injured when he and Prue are running to safety. You can see the blood on his temple clearly. Yet in 'They're Everywhere', Phoebe mentions that warlocks don't bleed! (Brittany)

When Phoebe and Piper are talking in the kitchen, Phoebe's arm are on the table, but in the next shot, her hand are holding her face. (Virginie)

When the painting is moving, the candles on the table stay absolutely still, wouldn't they be sliding off the table? (Virginie)

After Phoebe casts the smart spell, she "reads" through the dictionary, then states: "Abaca: Strong fiber obtained from a banana leaf. Zygote: A cell formed by the union of two gametes." In the first place, she started with the F's. In the second, aardvark (and others) comes BEFORE Abaca. (Kimber)

After Malcolm tells Prue she's in the painting, they go to a wide-screen shot. Prue is alone in the shot, with her arms down. Before and after that shot, Malcolm is very close to her and her arm is up at chin level, on the wall of the alcove. (Kimber)

When Phoebe turned around when Prue asked for her car key, we can see that they didn't hide Alyssa's tattoo on her shoulder. (Virginie)

At the end, when Phoebe gets in the painting, she and her sisters are standing in the middle of the room, but no fireballs are released at them. (Virginie)

When Phoebe is in her room creating the smart spell and she pushes the Book of Shadows under her covers when Piper comes in, you can still see the ribbons of the book on the bed. Put after Piper leaves, Phoebe goes to take out the book again and there are no ribbons on the bed. (Anthony)

While Phoebe is busy searching in the Book of Shadows about Nell, Jenny comes over for her exersise about the human reproductive system and Phoebe makes a "quick" drawing. When you look at the drawing later, you realize that it takes at least 10 seconds to draw, yet Phoebe finished it immediately like in 3 seconds! Obviously Phoebe doesn't have the power of speed so justifably this is a blooper!! (Sergei)

Phoebe finds the section on Nell and because of the smart spell is able to translate the Latin words into English. When the smart spell wears off however she can't read latin and so can't read the words. But she knew the first 2 words (which were in Latin) and the verve had a large coloured V so wouldn't it be easy to find? (Gotho)

Source: Charmed Interactive


2.04 The Devil's Music

The numbers on the computer screen displaying P3's expenditures don't add up to the total at the bottom of the screen.

When Piper is looking over the expenses at the club, she is not wearing a necklace, yet when she runs in to tell her sisters about Dishwalla, she is magically wearing a pearl necklace.

When Piper runs out of the kitchen to answer the door, you can clearly see a small black microphone box attached to her jeans.

It's a case of the disappearing and reappearing necklace for Prue in the scenes before (there), during (not there) and after (there) Leo's visit.

When looking at Maslin in the Book Of Shadows, you can see that Phoebe has suddenly gained a second necklace and a charm, which vanishes in the next scene.

The stain on Phoebe's skirt vanishes for a while, and when it reappears it is in a totally different shape. (Virginie)

We know that Darryl is investigatting on the missing women, and he is from the city police. But he mentions that womens are missing from all over the country, so in this case, isn't it supposed to be the FBI's job?

At the end, when Piper is speaking to Leo, we can see that they didn't hide Holly's tattoo on her shoulder, making it a dark spot on her skin.

Source: Charmed Interactive

2.05 She's A Man, Baby, A Man!

Directly after Phoebe gets her vision of the succubus and her eggs, she breaks out in a sweat. The camera shifts to Piper, and when it returns to Phoebe she is nice and dry.

When the police guy was killed at the coroner's office, we see that there is a security camera behind him, on the wall. So if a camera filmed all this "unusual occurrence", whay didn't we hear about the video evidence later? (Virginie)

Source: Charmed Interactive


2.06 That Old Black Magic

Tuatha mentions that the previous Chosen One managed to entomb her. Why didn't he just kill her like Kyle did? It would have saved the sisters and Kyle a whole lot of trouble!

Although there may not be a courage potion, there is a spell to increase self-confidence (which seemed quite appropriate in Kyle's case), that Piper used in 'Feats of Clay' - why didn't they use that?

When Piper, Phoebe and Leo are looking for Kyle, Piper's arms on her hips. Then when we see them from far away, her arms are crossed, then back on her hips when we go to the close-up shot. (Keri86)

When Jack is at the door with all three girls and then Dan comes on the scene, you can see Leo leaving Kyle in the background (behind Piper and Phoebe) and coming straight down the hall. But, when he comes over to see what's going on, he comes in from the right side of the screen. Is he abusing his orbing power?  (Kimber)

Why did Tuatha take away the sisters powers instead of keeping them for herself so that she could be stronger when facing Kyle? (Virginie)

Why didn't Tuatha throw the sleeping potion at Kyle instead of Phoebe, so that it would be easier for her to get the wand from him? (Virginie)

Source: Charmed Interactive

2.07 They're Everywhere

The whole thought reading thing - shouldn't Piper and Prue have been able to hear everyone's thoughts all the time. It's pretty hard to stop thinking ...

When Eric broke into the museum and destroyed the ancient tablet - how come he was never arrested? He destroyed it in front of tons of witnesses!(HllywdChk)

In this episode, Prue had the knife that had supposedly vanished in "When Bad Warlocks Go Good" (Ted)

When Jack unfreezes after Prue stabs his palm with the dagger, his palm bleeds. They continue talking and he holds up his hand and you can see there is no blood there and you didn't see him wipe it off. (Shay)

Phoebe walks into the manor holding a bunch of flowers. She said they were sitting on the step and they were for Prue. She also said that there was no card. If there wasn't a card on them, how did she know they were for Prue? (Shay)

Right after the warloks took Eric's father, the sisters and Eric are talking outside the building and if you look closely you can see the top of Alissa's tattoo coming out of her pants.(ncl)

At the manor, just as the sisters and Eric are leaving to get Eric's dad from the hospital, Phoebe puts on her jacket as she goes out the door. While she does this, a black microphone cord can be seen extending from her pants up underneath her shirt.

At the hospital, with Eric and the girls, Eric shoots the warlocks. True, bullets don't affect warlocks. but why does/how can Warlock # 2's SHIRT "heal"?  (Kimber)

A note about the tattoo, er, Alyssa's, you can see it again peeking out of her jeans right after Eric smashes the mapstone. (Kimber)

Phoebe calls Japan, but she should have really been using the telephone greeting "Moshi-moshi" rather than "Konitchiwa" (Jamie)

Source: Charmed Interactive



2.08 P3 H20

When Piper is sitting in a chair at the lake - just having been transported by Leo - the wide shots show her hands resting on her knees, but the close-ups show Phoebe holding her right hand.

This happens just after Sam is swallowed by the Water-demon. There is water splashed all over the dock and Prue, who was standing right behind him, is shown in the next shot with her hair absolutely dripping wet. She then uses her powers to flick the power switch. She is then shown kneeling over Sam but her hair is dry and perfectly styled. (Aoife)

When Prue witnesses the first man get killed by the demon, why didn't she just use her power to lift the man out of the lake. She did it in 'Blind sided'. (Steph)

The whole time that they were fighting the demon, how come Piper wasn't itchy anymore? (Steph)

After the park ranger is taken by the Water Demon you can see ducks calmly swimming in the background. Don't you think they'd be swimming like crazy away from the area where the demon was? (Blake)

When the kids arrive in the buses look at the first bus, it's license plate is different in two different scenes. As the bus arrives it's silver and then when the kids are getting off the bus it's blue. I'm pretty sure the number is different as well. (Ian)

When Mrs Johnson - the lady who own the camp - is drowning, Phoebe holds out her hand to help and Piper takes off her jacket then holds out her hand. When the monster in the lake frightens them off the dock there is a shot of the dock and ther is no jacket on there - Piper doesnt have it either. (Chrissie)

Source: Charmed Interactive

2.09 Ms. Hellfire

When Phoebe and Morris go to save M. Steadwell, Phoebe ducks into the car to avoid the explosion, but after it if you look closely, she isn't in the car then she appears out of nowhere and says "Oh my god! Everybody ok?" (Dino)

When Piper freezes Barbus in the final confrontation, the clock on the wall is positioned at 11:58, yet when she unfreezes them, the clock strikes midnght. But if Piper's power freezes everything in the room, how could the hands on the clock have moved?

When Barbus 'dies', he vanishes differently to the way he did in 'From Fear To Eternity' - it looks much more like Nicholas' death in 'That 70's Episode'.

When Bane tells Prue "You're not going anywhere" you can see that he takes her left arm with his right hand. Yet in the next two shots it switches to his right hand and then back to his left. (Virginie)

When Piper froze Marcie, you can see the frozen woman's arm is up in the air. But when she unfreezes the arm is lower down, closer to her shoulder. Marcie also moves a little when Phoebe pulls the blanket off her. (Virginie)

In the beginning of the episode, Phoebe is sitting at the table eating fake Honey Nut Cheerios and Prue is talking on the phone. Piper comes in a few minutes later, Prue and Phoebe tease her, and Piper says she doesn't care that it's Friday the Thirteenth. Ms. Hellfire starts shooting up the place (as Piper later said), and early in this scene we see the bowl of cereal implode without much Hollywood sparkle. Later in the same scene, we see the same bowl implode with all necessary grandeur, Cheerios flying about two feet in the air. (Saria)

When Marcie freezes, at the first camera shot her mouth is open, but when it switches back her mouth is closed. (Melissa)

Source: Charmed Interactive


2.10 Heartbreak City

Why was Cupid so cheerful all the time, even when he was dying?

When Cindy went to apologise to Max, why didn't Max yell at her? He should have still been under the influence of Drazi since Phoebe and Cupid hadn't spoken to him!

Piper and Prue are at a club waiting in line to go to the bathroom. While they are standing there talking Piper plays with her necklace. As the camera goes from a close up of Piper to a wide shot of the two, Piper plays with her necklace, and then her hand is immediately down at her side, back and forth. (Hilary)

Before the fight between Jack, Prue, Dan and Piper in the P3, the bottles of beer on the table don't have any label, but after the fight, if you look on the table, they each have one! (Virginie)

When Piper and Dan are kissing and Piper freezes him, he is halfway through saying "Is something wrong" but when he unfreezes he says "Is something the matter" instead. (Cian)

In this episode, Cupid says that a demon can love a human (that Drazi fell in love with a mortal woman), but in Bride and Gloom Cole says that evil can't love. So what, demons are good now? (Stephanie)

Source: Charmed Interactive

2.11 Reckless Abandon

When Piper and Phoebe are in the living room, Phoebe says "Yeah I think I know ghosts by now". Her arm is in the pillows, then on the pillows. Once again, this keeps on switching until she gets up! (Keri86)

When the ghost doesn't freeze, Piper says to Phoebe "I've frozen ghosts before, right?". When has she done this? The only episode with Piper and a ghost together was 'Dead Man Dating' and she didn't freeze any ghosts then. The only other ghost episode was 'The Power Of Two', in which Piper was in Hawaii - she didn't even get to see the ghost!

On one of the shots where Prue is using her powers to lift the things from her purse, we can see in the bottom of the screen that Matthew is holding a yellow teddy-bear, but in the next shot, no teddy! (Virginie)

After they failed to kill the ghost with the potion, why didn't they think about vanquishing him the same way they did for the Alcatraz ghost? (Virginie)

In one of the scenes Prue is holding Matthew and then she switches him to her other side and he starts to cry, they show him while the crying is going on but if you look he's not crying, he looks perfectly fine but you can still hear crying. (Bakey17)

They very obviously used two different babies. Now I know that in show buisness a child can only work for so long but don't you think that they'd at least try to get a set of identical twins or something. Because they definitely didn't use the same baby. (Bakey17)

Source: Charmed Interactive



2.12 Awakened

When Prue and Phoebe cast the Reverse Awakening spell on Piper, they didn't say the full thing! The spell was four lines long, but they repeated the first two lines twice and completely forgot about the next ones! (For the full spell, check out the Book of Shadows page).

When Prue and Phoebe cast the Reverse Awakening spell, they knew that Piper would go back into a coma. Why didn't she lie down on the bed, or at least have the sisters ready to catch her, as they knew she'd fall down!

At the hospital, why didn't they take away Piper's chakra beads and her watch? Makeup department could still have covered her wrists up without the tatoos. (Fuzzy_Slippers)

What happened to the forms that Prue and Phoebe should have been filing out? The hospital always gives out forms, for medical history, to make sure you won't sue the hospital if anything bad happens to you, etc. (Fuzzy_Slippers)

When they first show Piper at the hospital, she is lying in a bed. They focus on Prue for a bit, and when the shot goes back to Piper, her head is at a different angle on the pillow than before. (Jenny)

Source: Charmed Interactive


2.13 Animal Pragmatism

When Piper is hugging Dan, her arms are clearly on Dan's back. But then when we see them from a different angle her arms are around his neck! It keeps on switching until she stops hugging him. (Keri86)

Prue is talking on the phone. She looks at the flowers which are on the left side of the mirror. Then when she looks back to move them, they are on the right. (Keri86)

When Prue and Phoebe rescue Tessa from the cage, she is covered in dirt and scratches. Later on, when they take her to the club, the dirt has vanished but so have the scratches. Surely cuts don't heal in a few hours!

When Piper freezes 'Thumper' in the final confrontation, and Prue crawls out from under him, as she moves, you can see the supposedly 'frozen' man's jeans-label fluttering in the breeze.

In the club, at the end, Prue and Piper talk about "the old Prue" and how she likes to keep busy. They look at Phoebe, dancing with Ethan, he dips her. When she stands up, there's no feather. They show another shot of Piper and Prue talking, then go back to Phoebe and Ethan. Phoebe now has that pesky little thing on the top of her head. (Kimber)

In class, in the beginning, Phoebe hands the P3 flyer to her study group, then turns back to her seat and pulls another one out to give to Ethan. When Phoebe's standing in front of him, she pulls yet another one out to give to him. (Kimber)

When Piper said "There's tomorrow", she was referring to tomorrow as Valentine's day but actually Valentine's day was happening that day (Lae)

When Phoebe and Prue are in the house helping Phoebe's friend, Prue notices that the door has been smashed. Now wouldn't they have noticed that when they had to open the door to get into the house? (Jillian)

Source: Charmed Interactive

Ethan would not have had a suede vest, like the rabbit man wears, in his laundry basket since suede can only be dry cleaned.

The card that Leo gives Piper includes a line that is not read in the voiceover: "For who you are, not who I think you are."

The order of the first is a bit mixed up.
Phoebe hands out flyers in class the day before Valentine's day, in the scene in the kitchen (Piper and Prue) it is only the morning of the same day though.

Source: Charmed The Power of Three




2.14 Pardon My Past

When the sisters are in the attic looking for the family tree, Piper throws her arms up in the air. But then they are down by her waist, then above her waist, then they are crossed by her waist, then in her pockets! (Keri86)

Christina (the little girl) climbs the stairs to watch the fight between Past Prue, Past Piper and Past Phoebe. But when Phoebe breaks free and runs up the stairs, Christina is nowhere in sight!

Leo is Pipers lover in the 20's. But he died in 1942. (World War 2). This would mean that he would have had to have died in 1924 (the year that Phoebe's past-life died), in order to be old enough to be around Piper's age. 

When past Phoebe is watching Anton burn to a crisp, you can see an orange glow all around her. Why is it then, that, if she's looking at him, you can't see the flames reflected in her eyes? (My 4-yr. old noticed this) (Kimber)

If you watch carefully at Past Prue's hair (near her forhead) , you can realize she's wearing a wig! (Sergei)

In this episode Phoebe and Leo go to the retirement home so she can go to the future and evil/past Phoebe can come into the future. Phoebe lies on the bed and says the spell she created. It is quite obvious that she has a necklace on when she says the spell. Later on when Anton puts the amulet around her neck, we can she that the necklace has disappeared. She had no time to take it off though. (Jo)

At the hospital, where Phoebe wrote the spell to switch bodies with past evil Phoebe you notice she finished really quick (less than thirty seconds) although the spell was about four lines. Plus, if you watch Season 3 ep. "Once upon the time" where Prue and Phoebe talk about rewriting the spell because Piper wasn't there Prue said "In six minutes?" If it's impossible for Prue to do it what makes them think Phoebe can? Even if she made it up quickly, it still needs time to copy down. (Sergei)

When past evil Phoebe throws fire at Piper and Prue and Piper freezes it. Later when it unfreezes it falls on something wooden and it just vanishes, it doesn't catch fire even if is wood! (Sergei)

In Once Upon A Time..Phoebe states that Piper is a Gemini(May 21- June 20). In this episode, if you pause the tape at the right place while they are looking at the family tree, it says Piper was born August 7, 1973. (SisterPiperH)

Right before present Phoebe comes back to the present for the last time, Piper had just clubbed past Phoebe over the head and knocked her out. Now it is the same body, wouldn't present Phoebe also be unconscious when she jumps back into her body, or at least in pain. (Kelly)

Source: Charmed Interactive



2.15 Give Me a Sign

When Bane and Prue are in Bane's house his arms are in his pockets, then when we see him from a different angle, his arms are crossed, then they are back in his pockets!(Keri86)

When Darryl saw Piper and Phoebe the second time, he asked about the piece of evidence he gave them. They said they still didn't know what it was, but Leo told them it was a weapon so they must have known that much - why didn't they tell Darryl that? (Jacquelin)

In the final confrontation, Bane uses the demon's weapon to kill Litvac. However it is said that only a demon could activate the weapon. Even though the demon was holding it, he hadn't activated it and therefore how could Bane have used the weapon?

Where you get the first shot of Prue tied to a chair her hair is hanging over both shoulders. In the next shot we see Bane walking towards Prue and her hair is only over one shoulder. The shoulder closest to the camera has hair hanging down Prue's back, and you can see her neck. How could she of moved her hair when her hands are tied and Bane hadn't reached her yet?? (Maddie)

Right after Piper signs to get the package and she asks Phoebe if she cast a spell you can see where they tried to cover Alyssa's shoulder tattoo. (Jule)

When Bane takes the blindfold off Prue you can see that her hair is messed up a little, but when she uses her powers on him he goes to put the blindfold back on her and we see that her hair is perfect again, almost as if it has been brushed. (Jo)

When Prue starts to trust Bane, they kiss while Bane is sat down and Prue is stood up. The camera edits, sometimes on Prue sometimes on Bane, and each time the camera changes angles, you can see that Prue's hands are always different. Sometimes they are on his head and sometimes on his shoulders. (Jo)

Source: Charmed Interactive



2.16 Murphy's Luck

When Leo and Piper are talking about Dan in P3 you can see that Piper's arms are resting on the bar. But, when the camera switches angles she has her arm resting on her chin.

Leo said that he saw a piece about Maggie Murphy on TV, but he doesn't even have one. (Virginie)

When Prue uses her power and accedentily causes the skateboarder to crash into the car, you can see the boy never really got hit, he was really standing IN FRONT of the truck and then pretended to fall (Prue V)

Source: Charmed Interactive



2.17 How to Make a Quilt Out of Americans

At the beginning, when Phoebe is sitting on her bed reading a textbook, you can plainly see that only about two lines highlighted. However when Prue walks in and speaks to Phoebe, she turns the book around and you can see that a lot more has been highlighted in blue. (Marizel)

When they are at their aunts house the sisters are having some tea. One of the ladies refills Phoebe and Piper's glasses. Then you see Piper and she is asking what is in it and her glass is almost empty. Then they get up to leave and her glass is almost full again. (Mark)

At Aunt Gail's, if Prue, who put her hand over her glass, drank the least amount of tea, why is she the first affected when Aunt Gail chants the spell to get the Charmed Ones' powers? (Kimber)

When Aunt Gail first came to the house and told the Halliwells that she knew they were witches, she did not have a purse on. Yet when she cuts the spell out of the Book of Shadows in the attic, she slips it into a purse that has suddenly materialised (Prue Halliwell)

If someone watches carefully at the Book of Shadows in the page "To Seperate a Witch From Her Powers) At the end of the potion recipe it says: "With hemlock root complete the task..." Hemlock root is poisonous, therefore wouldn't the 3 sisters be dead after they drank the potion (lemonade) ? (Sergei)

Source: Charmed Interactive



2.18 Chick Flick

The axe murderer was wearing a green hat. When the sisters threw water on him, the hat was gone (the water might have pushed it off, though.) In the next scene, it was on, then off, then on again. (Jacqueline)

When Phoebe kissed Billy for the first time, the makeup on Billy's lips came off. But when they kissed for the second time, the makeup stayed in place.

When Bloody Mary stabbed Billy, nothing happened to his shirt - shouldn't it have been ripped or at least sliced?

When Phoebe 'coloured' Billy, his eyes and the inside of his mouth changed colour. How did she do that with makeup?

When Phoebe and Billy kiss for the fist time, the makeup comes off his lips and supposedly goes onto hers - but you don't see any makeup on her lips do you? (Claire)

At the end, when Dan goes to Piper's, she opens the door and talks to him. When they show Piper closer, we see her hair on her left shoulder. BUT when they show her from another camera angle and she turns around, her hair isn't there. (SilverSlider)

When Phoebe kissed Billy for the first time, the makeup on Billy's lips came off. They were gray. Before Phoebe was going to apply more makeup, they changed the angle to Billy from behind...We can see that his lips are normal, shiny and pink. (SilverSlider)

When the demon of Illusion and Billy first come out of the film and are fighting on the ground, Billy is in color. (Stacy)

How could the axe murderer get electrocuted if he was only touching the plastic part of the heater, and the it wasn't plugged in? (Virginie)

When Piper and Leo are talking to Dan in the restaurant, you can see in the background that Emilia (Dan's date) is taking a sip in her glass that is filled up with water. Then we see a shot of Piper, and when they get back to the shot where we see Dan, you can see that her glass is now filled up with Pepsi, or a some kind of dark drink. (Virginie)

Source: Charmed Interactive



2.19 Ex Libris

How come Charlene is able to manipulate objects? Phoebe says it's because she's mastering being a ghost, but in the early episode 'Dead Man Dating', Marc (the ghost) never mastered (or tried to master) those skills - he wasn't able to touch or manipulate anything and he was around for as long as Charlene was.

When they were all on their way to the library, Charlene steps around the half-open door of the manor- why didn't she just go through it? (Steph)

In the episode, they said that demons have a way of covering their tracks, and kill off poeple who know they exist - so why haven't they tracked down Morris? (I suppose he isn't out to prove they exist, like Charlene was). (Steph)

The spell to vanquish Libris specifically states "and leave no trace", yet when the demon vanished he left behind his scythe.(Justin)

When Phoebe wakes up from sleeping at the table, she picks up her bag on a close up and it slips down her arm. Then the camera zooms out and you can see the bags is still in her hand and hasn't slipped down yet. (Claire)

How did Charlene get the guy in the pawn shop to hear her? When she and Phoebe were in the library the librarian thought Phoebe was talking to herself - ie, no-one else could hear Charlene (Steph)

Prue was going to use the Truth Spell to get a confession from Gibbs - but as per 'The Truth Is Out There And It Hurts' only the sisters would remember what was said while the spell was in operation. Therefore, no-one would remember the confession. Even if Prue could get it on tape, Gibbs could say it was falsified.

After Gibbs admits to killing Tyra, Charlene is standing in front of the shop window, and we can clearly see her reflection in it. Are ghosts supposed to have reflections?

How come if everyone was so scared of Gibbs, he could still successfully run a pawn shop? Would you go to a store with a cashier that you knew was a potential murderer? (Andrew)

According to Piper, Phoebe's exams were on Friday, and the Goo-goo dolls were playing at the club that Saturday (as per the poster outside P3). How then could Phoebe get her results for the exam that quickly? It normally takes about a week or two - yet she got hers the day after she took the exam! (Andrew)

When they are at the library to retrace Charlene's steps, Phoebe is looking in Charlene's note book. Wouldn't the police keep it for their investigation on Charlene's murder? (Virginie)

When Gibbs enters his pawn shop, we can see that there are 2 curtain down, one on each side of the door. Then, he opens only one of them, but when Charlene comes in, we can see that the 2 are open. (Virginie)

When Phoebe is sucked into the basement by Libris, she is holding the 'demon encyclopedia' but when she actually gets there, the book has vanished

Source: Charmed Interactive




2.20 Astral Monkey

After Dr Williams dies, Piper runs to him and puts her head down on his chest. How does she not get any of his blood on her? It was all over his chest. (Paul)

Why did Dr Williams combine the blood of the 3 sisters? He had 3 different chimps and so was obviously using separate blood samples on each - why would he contaminate the samples by combining them?

This happens when Piper and Phoebe are in the kitchen talking. When Piper is talking, her shirt has fallen over her shoulder. The shot turns to Phoebe and then back to Piper and her shirt is sitting normally again. Then they turn to Phoebe and when they turn back to Piper her shirt is once again over her shoulder. (Bec)

When the girls go into the records room and print out the list of names, there are clearly 9 names on the list, the "kidney man" is listed 4th (highlighted), but when Piper remembers the name McNamara and rechecks the paper, the highlighted name is on top and there's only 5 people on the list. (Kimber)

In the first scene when Piper and Phoebe are talking, first only one of Phoebe's bra straps are showing, but after she turns around, both of them are! (Sarah)

Source: Charmed Interactive


2.21 Apocalypse not




2.22 Be Careful What You Witch For

According to Piper and Phoebe in 'Something Wicca This Way Comes', Prue "Practically raised [them]". So since when did Prue have a rebellious stage? Surely that wouldn't be part of the raising process.

17 year-old Prue didn't know how to turn the cellphone off, when she was in the car with Dragon. How then, was she able to turn it on AND dial a number whilst being chased by a psychotic warlock?

Leo says he cannot raise the dead when he tries to heal the 17 year old Prue after she's been stabbed, but in episode number 21 (Love Hurts), when Piper swaps powers with Leo, she can't heal him and says he's gone but then when she finds the trigger she heals him and so, obviously brings him back from the dead! So who was lying, Leo, saying he couldn't heal the dead, or Piper saying Leo was gone? (Laura)

At the restaurant, Piper freezes the crowd to get the now-freed genie. There's a woman behind Piper and Leo who has her hand on the shoulder of the guy next to her and she's looking up at him. The camera goes to a shot of the now-frozen genie. When it goes back to Piper and Leo, now with the genie, the woman's arm and head are down. (Kimber)

When Phoebe yells at Dan to duck because of Dragon, he moves out of the way, but Phoebe is in the path of Dragon when he turns and does his fire breathing number. You can see where she's so close to the flames her hair SHOULD have caught on fire, but didn't. (Kimber)

Piper wishes that Dan will get over her, and "move on with his life". The Genie grants the wish. When the wish has unforseen consequences, Dan ages quickly. Instead of going to a doctor, what does he do? He heads... over to Piper's house, to seek help! Does this make any sense? Not if he's supposed to be "moving on with his life"!!!!! And what sort of person goes to their neighbor for medical assistance? Aren't there any doctors in San Fransisco? (Ron)

The Genie gets some spaghetti sauce on his face while eating in the restaurant. There isn't enough time for him to wipe off the sauce, yet in the very next scene, his face is clean. (Ron)

In the scenes where Phoebe is flying in the sky, the Dragon Warlock, Piper, Prue, and the Genie all look up at her at a 45 degree angle, and there are no trees to obstruct their view of her. Yet when we get a shot of what she's seeing from her point of view, she's looking straight down at them through an opening in the forest canopy. (Ron)

If you want to play a drinking game, play one where you have to drink every time a body is either flung through the big bay window in the parlor, or the big window in the attic is smashed. In this episode, both occur. How can the sisters afford to keep replacing the expensive stained glass in both of these huge windows every week? (Ron)

If Dragon's goal is to kill the Halliwell sisters, why does he not just kill Young Prue in the car? (Ron)

Why does it take nearly half a day for Piper and Phoebe to find Prue in the forest? Young Prue snuck out in the middle of the night, and Piper told her to meet them at a mutual location. Why, then, is it mid-day when the sisters meet? They know Prue's in danger; why would they wait twelve hours to get her? (Ron)

When Prue is 17 and goes to the manor, Piper and Leo are standing at the rear of her car, it goes to a shot of Prue, then back to Leo and Piper who are now standing on at the top of the stairs to the front door. (Breebe)

While you have them all discusing what to do just after the genie arrrives, in the background the genie is throwing a vase up and down.

Source: Charmed Interactive


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