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Charmed magazine got it wrong


"Only able to orb herself at first, Paige's powers increased dramatically over the course of eight seasons. In fact, by season five she had mastered the power of telekinetic orbing."

First of all, Paige wasn't even around for the show's eight seasons. Second of all, she wasn't able to orb herself until Three Faces of Phoebe.

According to the magazine, Prue's powers include Telekinesis, Astral Projection, and Molecular Combustion, while Paige's include Orbing, Healing, and Telepathy; Piper and Phoebe's only include Molecular Immobilization, while Phoebe has only Premonition and Levitation.

Paige has never had the power of telepathy. None of the sisters ever had.

"Prue was always the most powerful sister, having inherited the power of molecular combustion".
That was Piper's power.

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Criminally Vulgar,

The article title about Anthony Dale is misspelled as "Aplha gamma".

Making the sacrifice
"At 415, Prue dated co-worker Jack Sheridan, but dumped him when she felt he was a little too immature for her".
Prue met Jack at an auction and later at Bucklands. She started working for 415 after she dumped Jack.

Test your knowledge
The word knowledge is misspelled as "knowlede"

"Who was the last person to talk to Prue before she died in [3x22]?"
The magazine names The Source.
The Source was never near Prue in that episode nor did they talk to each other.

Criminally Vulgar,

Season 1 quiz, part 2
Number 1 is a picture of Hannah Webster, however the answers on page 43 give it as Jenny Gordon who wasn't even in s2.



"Or the series finale when they time traveled to overcome the most evil demon of all, The Source?"
hey vanquished the Source in Season 4 (and, sort-of, at the beginning of Season 8), not in the "series finale" Forever Charmed.


found more such bloopers in Charmed magazines? Send them to TheDemon (pls. give magazine # and article title or page #)

Dvd booklets

Description for "Forget Me...Not" on the DVD case:
"When a child inadvertently brings a dragon to life, the Cleaners spring into action to protect the magic from being exposed. The Charmed Ones take on the Cleaners in order to protect the child.

Why not just refer to him as Wyatt instead of like some random kid?

The fifth Halliwheel was wrongly titled "The Fifth Halliwell"

Description for "Valhally of the Dolls":
"Paige tried to cure Piper's memory loss, but her spell goes amiss and Paige suffers total amnesia."

Source: LeahMarie, TWOP

The BoS pages

This is definitely noticeable in series 7. When Leo is on top of the bridge meditating; the water shown in the background is not moving. Also, cars on the bridge move, but often change speeds rather dramatically (sometimes moving fast and other times moving incredibly slowly).

The pages in the Book of Shadows keep changing.
For examle the Belthazor picture and the summoning spell and Phoebe's made up picture of Cole:

"In Look who's Barking" Phoebe made up Cole's picture is opposite the Belthazor picture and the summoning spell is after the Banshee. Then in "Three Faces of Phoebe" the summoning spell is opposite the Belthazor picture and Phoebe's Cole picture is nowhere to be see



Pipers car keeps on changing colour each year:

1st Season - Black
3rd Season - Dark Blue which then changed too Dark Green
4th Season -sStarted Dark Green but in 'Black As Cole' Bright Blue.

Maybe she gets a new car every couple of weeks?


Patti's Death
There are inconsistencies with the Charmed Ones' mother's death. In "That 70s Episode" in Season 1, Phoebe leaves her mother a note telling her to stay away from water in February. But later in Season 2there is an episode about the mother being killed by a Water Demon (not a warlock) at a summer camp, (not in February).


The Attic
Where on earth is this attic? First, the windows you see from the inside of the attic do not match up with any on the outside of the house. One could argue that perhaps the attic is therefore round the back of the house but in one episode one of the sister's looks out of the front down on to the road. Secondly, the attic has big dimensions, width ways and length ways. If you look at the outside of the house there is no way an attic that big could be in the house. It's too tall and too wide. Also, take into consideration the stairs up to the second floor and then those stairs up to the attic (both put together would exceed the height of the house). Also, look on the outside of the house. There is the front door, then the living room window and to the right of that there is another door.
But once inside the house there is no indication of it. It's not joined on to the living room or the solarium, where did it go? Evidence of very bad 'set and real world' coordination.

In almost every episode there is a view of the front of the Halliwell manor. Well in a few episodes (at least "Coyote Piper," "Sin Francisco," etc.) someone (whether it be Piper, Prue, Phoebe, etc.) looks out the window in the attic and you can see the main road. Well, that window has stained glass but whenever you see the front of the manor there is no stained glass on any upper windows.

Hallway leading to Attic
In the first ever episode, when Phoebe goes up to the Attic she walks up the stairs and turns left and there are a few more steps right in front of the attic door. But later on in the show, through to Season Four at least, that floor area is completely flat and there are no steps straight in front of the door, just the main flight. Bad set coordination.


The Manor
From some of the exterior shots of the Manor you can see that the house next door (on the right) is right next to it. It's less that 4 metres away. But once in the Solarium which is situated on the right of the house, you can see an expanse of green trees through the windows! It's a long stretch of land before you can see any houses.

Also, in the first three seasons with Prue at the end of the opening credits when Prue uses her power to shut the front door behind her you can plainly see a wall with pictures on it and the stairs off to the left. Unless the girls all of a sudden came up with the power to walk through walls, move the stairs, and make the walls invisible I think there is something wrong with this picture.


Do warlocks bleed or not?
We are told in Season 2 that warlocks do not bleed. We learn this when Prue and Piper are scared Jack and Dan are warlocks and want to carry out a test to check. The test is to prick them and if they don't bleed they are a warlock. So why then in the first ever episode (Something Wicca This Way Comes) did Jeremy, the warlock, bleed? When the sisters do the spell with the rose and voodoo doll, Jeremy gets lots of little wounds from the thorns that bleed. Same with Malcolm in The painted world



Some sites give the birth year of Grams with 1973 .. Patty is said to have been born in 1950. That's a great wiccan trick to give birth to a daughter while you are not born yourself yet.
However if Patty really has been born in 1950 and the other date of Gram's birthyear (1937) is true as well, she was only 13 years old when she got Patty.






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