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What is trivia? Trivia is all kind of unimportant details or information; using trivia questions in quizzes is popular so this cheat sheet might come handy sometimes.



The following animals have had a "role" in Charmed:

apes (chimpanzee, capuchin; Astral monkey, Sense and sense ability)
pigs (Animal pragmatism, bride and gloom)
rabbit (Animal pragmatism)
snakes (Animal pragmatism, That old balck magic)
tiger, elephant, lama (Animal pragmatism)
ladybug (From fear to eternity)
scorpion (Feats of clay)
wolf, owl (Magic hour)
dogs (Thank you for not morphing, Wrestling with demons, Valhalley of the dolls)
turkey (House call)
pony ("unicorn" - The day the magic died)
horse (When bad warlocks go good, The bare witch project, All halliwells eve, The good the bad and the cursed)
spider (When bad warlocks go good)
crow (The good, the bad and the cursed)
rats (Trial by magic, The importance of being Phoebe)
canary (Charmed again2)
cats (throughout s1 - 3, Cat house)
Tyrannosaurus rex (A witch in time)

Until the appearance of Chris Perry in the fifth season finale episode "Oh My Goddess", the only male witches shown on the series have all been children.

In the episode "Chick Flick", the movie where Billy comes out of, is the same movie Phoebe is watching in the episode "Sense and Sense Ability". Where she is turning the television up. The movie was also used in the episode "Bride And Gloom".

The make-up design for the demon Belthazor was based on the same make-up style used for the character of Darth Maul in Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (1999)

In every season finale, the front doors of the house are always closed in the last scene. In seasons one and two, Prue did this with her powers. In season three, the demon Shax closes the doors. In season four, the angel of destiny closes the doors. In season five, Chris slams these doors. Season six is the only one that differs, because the last scene is in the hospital recovery room. The recovery room doors shut automatically.




First/Last times:

1x01 Something wicca this way comes
The girls get their powers and vanquish their first warlock.

1x02 I've got you under my skin
Prue starts working at Bucklands

1x03 Thank you for not morphing
This is the first appearance of Brian Krause as Leo Wyatt.

1x09 the witch is back
In this episode Phoebe can for the first time not only see the future but the past too.

1x14 Secrets and guys
This is the first time that the true identity of Leo is revealed though only to Phoebe

1x15 Is there a woogy in the house?
This is the first time Grams appears though only in a flashback.

1x16 Which Prue is it, anyway?
In this episode Phoebe starts training martial arts.

1x18 When bad warlocks go good
Brendan and Greg Rowe were the first and only warlocks shown to have a "warlock" face, different from their regular appearance.

1x19 Blind sided
For the first time Prue is able to channel her powers with her hands.

Andy finally learns that Prue and her sisters are witches.

2x01 Witch trial
It is the first time the sisters can see Grams

2x02 Morality bites
This is the first time Phoebe has a premonition about her own possible future.

2x08 P3H2O
It's the first time Sam Wilder appears.

Prue gets a new power called astral projection.

Darryl Morris learns that the sisters are witches.

2x12 Awakened
Phoebe starts college.

It is the first time the sisters actively call for Leo.

2.17 How to make a quilt out of Americans
From this episode on Phoebe needs glasses to read.

2x22 Be careful what you witch for
Shannen Doherty debuts as director.

3x01 Honeymoon's over
Phoebe receives a new power - levitation.

Piper can now freeze selectively.

3x15 Just harried
Patty, the girls mother is sent to the wedding as a present by the Elders.
It is the first time one of the family deads return corporal.

3x17 Pre-Witched
Piper and Leo met the very first time on the pavement outside the manor.

3x20 Exit strategy
Piper gets a new power of speeding molecules.

4x03 Hell hath no fury
This is the first time that Piper refers to Paige as her sister.

5x02 A witch's tail, 2
For the first time Piper's baby shows its powers by healing Piper.
Paige quits her job as Social Worker.

5x13 Obsessions
Paige for the first time uses her whitelighter-side ability to morph into looking like other people.

5x20 Sense and sense-ability
Wyatt is now able to orb.

6x01 Valhalley of the dolls, 1
Phoebe develops a new power - she becomes an empath.

6x14 The legend of sleepy Halliwell
At the end of the episode, Phoebe confronts Chris, who finally admits the truth to her, that he's Piper's & Leo's son - the other little boy Phoebe saw in her vision.

6x17 Hyde school reunion
It is the first time Chris calls Piper "Mom".

6x20 Stormy leather
Chris calls Leo "Dad" for the first time.

7x02 The bare witch project
Paige becomes headmaster of Magic School

7x10 Witchness protection
The girls learn that Leo is an avatar.
Phoebe sees a possible future where she has a daughter. This is the second time she has a vision about her own (possible) future.

7x17 Scry hard
Paige quits her job as headmaster of Magic School
Leo becomes the new headmaster.

8x01 Still Charmed and kicking
This is the third time Phoebe has a premonition about her possible future.

8x17 Generation hex
Wyatt speaks his first full sentences in this episode.

8x21 Kill Billie: Vol. 2
This is the first time Wyatt is shown using his shield to protect his little brother.

This is the first time little Chris shows powers.



Specific Episodes:
1x01 Something wicca this way comes
In the pilot episode, toward the end of the show, Prue picks up a newspaper from the sidewalk. The newspaper headline reads "Firemen Doubt Fire was Accidental", the same newspaper prop used in Mrs. Doubtfire (1993)

1x03 Thank you for not morphing
In this episode, the sisters' father was mistakenly billed as Victor Halliwell.
The actor in this episode is not James Read

1x06 The wedding from hell
The names of the two young lovers are Allison Michaels and Elliott Spencer and this episode was written by: Greg Elliott and Michael Perricone

1x13 From Fear to Eternity
This episode takes place on Friday the Thirteenth because it was the thirteenth episode of the series.

2x01 Witch trial
The girls are witches for 1 year. Piper knows Leo approx. 1 year

The club which Piper turns in P3 is listed under SWA properties, the real estate company that Phoebe worked for in "From Fear to Eternity"

P3 was called "The Industrial Zone" before Piper bought it.

2x07 They're everywhere
Phoebe volunteers at the Bay Ridge Convalescent Hospital.

2x12 Awakened
In this episode Piper suffers from Arroyo fever a blood disease rarely seen in the United States which is not

2x17 How to make a quilt out of Americans
After the sisters escape Cryto at the gas station, they run away and lean against the side of a building with a bulletin board on it. Tacked on the bulletin board is a flyer for SWA Properties, the real estate company where Phoebe worked in "From Fear to Eternity".

Source: Charmed The Power of Three

In this episode Piper breaks up with Dan.

3x01 Honeymoon's over
Leo proposes to Piper.

3x03 Once upon a time
The girls believed in fairies when they were kids. Their special imaginary friend was called Lily.

3x07 Power outage
The Charmed One's powers are routed in their bond as sisters

Once again SWA Properties is the real estate company in charge (Dan is selling his house through them)

3x098 Coyote Piper
Shannen Doherty receives a choreography credit for this episode because she choreographed Piper's bar dance.

One of the men to whom Piper, possessed by the essence, gives a shot of booze during her bar dance is David Donoho, her then boyfriend and now husband who used to work as a key grip on the show.
Source: Charmed The Power of Three

3x20 Exit strategy
Phoebe graduates from college.

3x21 Look who's barking
Cole magically changes his blood so that vanquishing potions made from the piece of flesh cut off in 3x07 "Power outage" will not work on him anymore.

The dog in this episode is a Sibirian Husky.

4x01 Charmed again
Prue's "Funeral Services was held at Memorial Cemetery, 11:00 a.m.

4x06 A knight to remember
Glen, one of Paige's occassional love interests, appears for the first time

4x08 Black as Cole
Cole proposes to Phoebe

4x09 Muse to my ears
When Cole dances with Phoebe at P3 in the last scene his uniform shows the rank of Air Force Colonel 1. Grade.

4x14 The three faces of Phoebe
Victor sent Phoebe a photo-album at Christmas some time before she turned 11 years old.

4x15 Marry-go-round
Phoebe and Cole's tarot reading:
They were lovers in the past, despair fills their present and death is their future.

4x16 The fifth Halliwheel
Phoebe conceives Cole's child.

Phoebe gets a job as newspaper columnist at The Bay Mirror.

Cole gets a (fake) job at Jack McCarter and Kline, a law firm.

4x17 Saving Private Leo
The letter to Leo is addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Leo Wyatt. It also shows the zip code which is CA 94104.

As you can see on the photography of Leo in the memorial hall that he was Corporal.

The ghosts Rick and Nathan Lang are played by real life brothers Costas and Louis Mandylor.

4x18 Bite me
Phoebe learns at the end that she is pregnant.

4x22 Witch way now
Piper learns that she is pregnant.

5x01 A witch's tail, 1
Paige has been promoted to Social Worker.

Paige blew a potion which turned her hair red.

5x06 The eyes have it
Phoebe's powers advance. She can kind of astral project into the future which can be risky for her. This power is used only in this episode though.

5x09 Daddy dearest
Cole becomes invincible in this episode.

5x16 Baby's first demon
Phoebe meets Jason Dean, her new boss at the Bay Mirror.

Piper and Leo's son gets the name Wyatt Matthew.

6x02 Valhalley of the dolls, 2
In this episode, Eric Dane shows that he has a small tattoo on his chest.

6x03 Dragon's heat
Wyatt shows that he can change TV channels by a blink of his eye, orb and he can conjure and vanquish dragons.

This is the second time that Paige morphs to look like someone else.

6x07 Soul sister
Chris and Leo are running around the distinctive landscape of Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park in Agua Dulce, CA, USA. It's probably best known from the original Star Trek episode "Arena", but the area has been used for literally hundreds of westerns, science fiction movies, and prehistoric movies.

6x10 Chris-crossed
In this future the Charmed Ones were vanquished, probably around 2018 (Piper died when Chris turned 14).

Chris is half whitelighter, half witch.

6x11 Witchstock
Piper and Phoebe meet Darryl's father, Luther Morris, in jail.

6x15 I dream of Phoebe
Paige finds out about Chris' identity in this episode.

6x16 Midnight rendezvous
Chris is conceived.

Piper learns that Chris is her son.

6x17 Hyde school reunion
Piper died in Chris future when he turned 14.

6x20 Stormy leather
Wyatt says his second word "Dada" when Leo orbs into Magic School to visit him and Piper.

6x21 Reality checks
It is the first time that Gideon kills someone - the teacher Sigmund.

Deadly wounded by Gideon Chris dies and fades away.
Chris was approx. 22 years old.

Baby Chris is born.

Chris was named after Leo's father.

7x02 The Bare Witch Project
Paige gets a new job as headmaster of Magic School.

7x03 Cheaper by the coven
Phoebe wins a "San Francisco Bay Area Readers' Choice Awards"

7x07 Someone to witch over me
Leo becomes an avatar.



Book of Shadows:
The Book of Shadows cannot be photocopied

Each page is hand-drawn by artists, and a lot of the pictures in the book are actually based on the crew - for example an artist will base the new demon's facial structure etc on e.g. one of the camera men... 
It is kept locked in a safe while they're not filming.

A photocopy of the Charmed Book of Shadows (beginning of season 3, about eighty pages) was sold on e-bay in August 2003. It was supposedly used on the set as a stand-in for the real BOS. The final bid was $202,50.





Actor Kerr Smith who appears in season seven as Agent Brody actually auditioned for the role of Inspector Andy Trudeau

Originally the role of Bane Jessup played by Antonio Sabato Jr. in episode "Ms. Hellfire" was supposed to be filled by actor Richard Grieco but Charmed actress/producer Shannen Doherty objected to the casting and was quickly supported in that decision by fellow stars Alyssa Milano and Holly Marie Combs

Lori Rom was originally slated to play the part of Phoebe, but was replaced with Alyssa Milano when she left the show for personal reasons.
Chris Boyd was originally slated to play the part of Detective Andy Trudeau, but was replaced with T.W. King.

Julian and Brian Krause, who plays Leo on Charmed both starred on TV's now defunct daytime drama Another World. However, since Julian left the soap in 1994 and Brian arrived in 1997, they never had a chance to work together.



Cole is ticklish

Cole is an excellent salsa dancer


McMahon threw himself into learning an American accent years ago and can now slip into it easily when acting

His first car was a second-hand white Toyota Corolla and the engine blew up because he didn't know you had to put water in it.

If Julian could have any superpower, he would like to have the ability to fly because it takes him 14 hours by plane to get to Australia.

The role of Cole Turner on Charmed was the first job Julian was given without having to audition for.

Julian did ballroom dancing for three years and as well as salsa dancing


His favourite baseball player was Joe DiMaggio


If he works out, he likes to play hoops or walk the golf course. Weights bore him

Before Brian got the role of Leo he auditioned to be Andy on Charmed

Brian's nickname on the set is "The Blue Flamer". 



Paige has a belly ring

She had problems with alcohol

Paige’s adoptive dad was a fireman  

As teenager Paige liked Metallica

Paige owned a canary bird called Oscar. It gets killed by The Source.

She also had a cat while growing up.

Paige was delivered to Sister Agnes on 2nd August 1977.

Paige's adoptive parents died in 1994.



Rose spends $50 every month to get her dogs nails painted.

It took 12 hours, two bottles of lightener and a box of red hair dye to transform her trademark long dark tresses into a strawberry-blond bob.

Rose never sunbathes

Rose is addicted to shoes



She is allergic to shellfish

As kid Phoebe liked Bewitched and Cinderella

from 2x17 on Phoebe needs glasses to read

Phoebe kicks in sleep

Her first boyfriend was Jimmy

She is named after Patty's favourite aunt

Phoebe didn't own a car of her own until season five. Before then she either rode her bike, used public transport, or had to ask her sisters for transportation.

She is vegetarian.

Phoebe's favourite movie is "Kill it before it dies".



She had a crucifix on her ankle that bears the logo SRW for former fiancé Scott Wolf. However now she claims that it stands for 'Some Rad Woman'

When she feels down, she has a new tattoo

Alyssa is claustrophobic and does not like water

She can play the piano, flute and guitar and is learning the cello.

Alyssa (her face in particular) was an inspiration for "Ariel" from "The Little Mermaid"

Alyssa never misses her horoscope

Alyssa Milano has two computers, one mac (G3) and one PC (PIII)

Alyssa would like to study Chinese medicine.

To stay beautiful, Alyssa uses a tea tree oil cleanser on her face, followed by Creme de la Mer moisturizing cream. 

Alyssa Milano liked the drawings made for the Book of Shadows so much that she had the artist paint murals on her walls at home.



Piper likes long walks on the beach, shopping at the Embarcadero,
lunching at Zuni and deep tissue massages

She is allergic to bee stings and poison ivy.

Prue and Piper shared an apartment in North Beach.

Piper is AB negative

During the end of her pregnancy Piper was threatened by toxemia

Piper's car plate number is 2GAT123



Holly has no Tv in her house

Holly is not at all into clothes. She even says the Charmed wardrobe person is going shopping for her because she doesn't want to leave Holly to her own devices.

Holly is a Scuba Diver. She was certified when she was 13.

Holly smokes when she is nervous

Holly suffers from stage fright.

She prefers to be called "Holly" not "Holly Marie" because she says her mum calls her "Holly Marie" when she's mad.

On the episode 'Coyote Piper' on Charmed, Shannen taught Holly how to dance. She was the choreographer.

Her mother was a guest star on Charmed in the episode 'Just Harried' (Episode: 3x15), as a girl in the bar.

At the beginning of the series, the producers asked Holly to wear a special bra because they said that she seemed disadvantaged when she stood between the 2 others. She wore that special bra for the firsts episodes but then decided that it was stupid and that she prefered being all at her natural

Holly was the first one to be hired for Charmed. At first, she was supposed to be Phoebe and Shannen was supposed to be Piper. But they thought that it didn't seem to match, so they went to see the producers and asked them to switch.

Holly's tattoos took longest to cover up.

Holly was a bridesmaid at Alyssas wedding to Cinjin Tate in 1999

When she was little and tried to learn how to walk she fell and hit her head in a marmer table and that's why she has a scar over the eyebrow.

Before acting Holly wanted to be a Marine Biologist

In highschool her best subject was English and her worst was maths



She can't stand it when people talk at the previews

She likes to argue to win

Prue picks her cuticles when she is nervous

When young she wanted to go back east to be a photo journalist

Prue uses musk The Cartier, as parfum

Prue's car plate number is 3EYO691

She broke her ankle when she was seven

Prue got poison ivy at camp



Shannen is allergic to wool and chocolate

She speaks French and Spanish

Shannen has confessed to own more then 230 shoes

When looking for a model on which to build a male Prue Halliwell in "She is a Man baby a Man" Shannen Doherty supplied a picture of her current beau. Three horus, much makeup,and a bodysuit later, she decided that she wasn't nearly as goodlooking as man as a woman.

Sentenced to anger-management counseling by the Beverly Hills Municipal Court for an incident that occurred in August 1996; she got into an argument with 22 year old Corey Hanker and smashed a beer bottle on his car window as he tried to drive away from her.

Shannen has Crohn's disease.

She directed three episodes:
2x22 Be careful what you witch for
3x14 The good, the bad and the cursed
3x22 All hell breaks loose


Andy Trudeau:
"Evil dead II" was his favourite movie while growing up.


Grams was born in a hotel room breach, in Boston.


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