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Celebrities pay $$ to this company called StudioFanMail which will distribute the celebrity's autograph/photos to fans who request it.

Be aware that they only send preprints (they are autopenned, which is a machine that makes the exact same signature as the master signature by a celebrity on every picture). For real autograph collectors such preprints are worthless.
Some images aren't signed at all (e.g. Friends and probably Charmed).

Send an e-mail to one single celebrity or show per e-mail message using the email address "{CelebrityName}". Include your name and shipping address in the message.
About 2-3 months later you'll get the preprint in the postal mail.

note: also it is free be aware that you pay with your name and address. You might be spammed and your data might be passed on to third parties.

StudioFanMail's list of Charmed related celebrities: (director)

Full list (might be outdated since it is from 2005):

Source: StudioFanMail
thanks to Vicky for the info
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