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What happened to the boyfriend characters on the series?

What's with the cast changes in season eight? What happened to Darryl and Leo? Is there a fourth sister now (the blonde one)?

There were two tarot decks used in the show, one in 3x04 All Halliwell's Eve and in 4x15 Marry-go-round. Which decks are used?

When have the episodes been aired on the WB?

What do the episodes titles refer to?

What are they talking about in episode xy when saying "...."? (references)

Why are there two names for an episode?


2x21 Apocalypse not
What is the title of the book Phoebe reads a question from and is it a real one?

3.04 All Halliwell's Eve
Why does the tall Grimlock look like Belthazor?

3.05 Sight unseen
How did Abbey manage to get into the house?

Why would Prue give Darryl a list with demon names?

3.05 Power outrage
Why didn't Belthazor just kill Leo?

3.13 Bride and gloom
How can a witch have the power of blinking?

3.15 Just harried 
Why does Leo orb with Cole?

3.22 All hell breaks loose
I don't understand the ending of this episode - what is going on?

Why wouldn´t the Elders sense Paige´s birth?

4.03 Hell hath no fury
Why did Piper still have 5 instead of 3 fingers after she turned into a fury?

How could Leo heal the P3 logo?

4.07 Brain Drain 
Why didn't Cole use his sensing powers to find the Source?

4.13 Charmed and dangerous
Why has the Source not been electrocuted?

4.14 The three faces of Phoebe
Why didn't the Elders notice that Cole is the new Source?

4.15 Marry-go-round
How would Piper know how the Angel of Death looks like?

4.16 The fifth Halliwheel
When Piper freeze the street why does Karen not freeze as well?

4.17 Saving Private Leo
Why could Leo heal himself?

4.18 Bite me
Shouldn't Paige's skin react to the holy water Leo spread on her?

I heard there is an in-joke in that episode - what is it?

4.20 Long live the queen
Why is Piper mad at Phoebe because she knows the name of the demon?

Why does Piper make a potion to freeze time?

8x03 Run, Piper, run
Who created these sculptures in Dex' studio?

8x22 Forever Charmed
What is the name of .. ?


Why wouldn´t the Elders sense 
Paige´s birth, after all she was born with powers like Prue, Piper, and Phoebe and wouldn't the Elders not be able to track her Whitelighter powers?  


The Elder's probably sensed Paige but since she was already conceived they couldn't really do anything to stop the birth. They probably kept her birth a secret in case something like one of the Charmed ones died. (David)


3.04 All Halliwell's Eve

When the Grimlocks showed up the taller one looked exactly like Belthazor except a different color face - why?

The reason for this is that THAT Grimlock is the same actor who play Belthazor [Michael Bailey Smith], the same as the demon Shax as well as The Source in episode "All hell breaks loose". (Aks).  



3.05 Sight unseen

How did Abbey get into the house to break all the mirrors if the door wasn't jimmied?   

In Once Upon A Time we learn that Piper keeps a spare key in the cash register. It is possible she got the key from there. (June)  

Why would Prue give Darryl a list of 
the demons they have vanquished 
as a list of enemies? What could he 
do if a demon is hunting them? 


Prue probably didn't realize that Darryl was asking for a list of human enemies because the sisters normally deal with more supernatural enemies than human ones. (Opal)



3.07 Power Outrage

Why didn't Belthazor used his power to kill Leo instead of just hitting him?

Belthazor's power wouldn't have worked because only darklighter arrows can kill whitelighters. (gotho)



3.13 Bride and gloom

While Piper and Leo are checking the Book of Shadows, Piper blinks. Leo later says 
that she's turned into a 
warlock because only warlocks blink. Back in Season 1 
episode "The Witch is Back" (where we first learn about blinking) Melinda says about Matthew's power "It's called blinking. He must've copied it from another witch". How is it possible for a witch to have that power when Leo says 
only warlock have it?

Given that in the 1st episode,"Something Wicca This Way Comes", Phoebe says that Warlocks are just evil witches, and back in the 1600's witches and warlocks really didn't have different names, this makes sense because now, in 2000, we know that Witches and Warlocks are just magical beings that are on opposite sides of the fence, figuratively speaking. (Molly)


3.15 Just Harried 

In "The Good , The Bad and the Cursed" everyone realised that there was a time loop .. Cole and Prue ended up shimmering to the old wild West. But at first, one of the girls suggested that Leo go with Cole. But Leo clearly stated "That a white lighter can NOT work with a demon" Yet in this episode Leo and Cole orb together into the seedy bikers nightclub. 

Leo and Cole didn't orb together, Leo orbed and Cole shimmered. (Kathy)




3.22 All hell breaks loose

What is going on in this episode? Have I missed a bit or why is Prue dead in the next episode while Phoebe, Cole and Leo are back instead of beiing in the underworld?

This episode has caused a great deal of confusion amongst fans.
At the end of this episode time has been reset and Shax attacks again. But the Source didn't let Cole go to the girls and warn them, that's why Prue and Piper get hit again. Leo is in the underworld and probably orbs back too late to heal both sisters. Prue dies.
Since the Source didn't keep his promise to let Cole warn the sisters Phoebe is no longer bound to her word to stay in the underworld. She and Cole escape (maybe with Leo's help).


4.03 Hell hath no fury

When Piper turned into a fury why did she still have 5 fingers while the other furies had 3? 

Piper hadn't killed yet, like Phoebe said in the episode, the talons come AFTER the first kill. (Cid and others)


How could Leo have been able to heal the P3 logo seeing as Leo can't even heal animals.


in "Secrets and guys" Leo can make tea hot and fill a glass with a drink so his skills might be more sophisticated (TheDemon) 



4.07 Brain Drain 

When Leo and Cole are in the Underworld, Cole states that there's only one way to find the Source - for him to get captured. But in 'Charmed Again 2' he said that Demons could sense the Source's aura - couldn't he use that?

If Cole used his sensing abilities, then the demons would be able to sense him (he says that in 4.3 Hell Hath No Fury). So, it would be pointless for him to use his sensing abilities. He just hurried and got to the point. (Johnny)


4.13 Charmed and dangerous

In this episode they used a "rock spell" that Prue used in the episode in which Troxa appeared. But since it was the same spell shouldn't it worked the same? In that episode it electrocuted Troxa, but in Charmed and Dangerous it only covered the Source

The Source was MUCH more powerful than Troxa (Amy)




4.14 The three faces of Phoebe

If the Elders know about the demons attacking the Charmed Ones, how come they haven't noticed that Cole is the Source? 

The Seer tells Cole that the Source's magic was keeping his identity secret (Katie)



4.15 Marry-go-round

Piper mentions that the tarot card that Paige chose looks nothing like death because Prue met him. But Piper cannot know what he looks like because you only see him if you are going to be killed. And  even if Prue described him to her, Piper would not know exactly what he looks like anyway, would she?

Prue's description would be enough so that Piper would know that Death doesn't look like the skeleton on the cards! (Amy)

Also the book of shadows seems to have pictures of every demon out there. It probably has the angel of death in there too. (Stefanie Q.)



4.16 The fifth Halliwheel

When Piper freezes the street when she and Phoebe leave the lingerie shop, you'll notice that Karen doesn't freeze. Why not?



Piper didn't freeze the whole street in that scene, only the cab. That's why when Phoebe and Piper are helping Karen stand up they say really loudly "Good thing that cab had brakes," (or something like that) in effort to convince the bystanders that the cab had managed to stop in time rather than exposing Piper's power. (Stephanie)


4.17 Saving Private Leo

In the episode where they released the Hollow, Leo got hurt really bad with the demon's arrow. On the couch, Paige wanted to know why he couldn't heal himself. Leo said it just doesn't work that way. In this episode, one of the ghosts throws a knife at Leo but Leo was able to take it out and heal himself. Why could he heal himself now?

Leo didn't heal himself, since he's a whiteligher (dead), he can regenerate if he is wounded by human means. And a knife is certainly human. (Cid and Agie)

Also, in 'Charmed And Dangerous', the arrow only affected Leo because it was covered with poison specifically geared to kill WhiteLighters - the only way to actually kill them.



4.18 Bite me

When Leo sprayed Paige with the holy water, shouldn't her skin have reacted in some way since the water is supposed to burn vampires? But there isn't a mark on her.

That's probably because she wasn't a full vampire yet. It's likely that that effect is only on the full-fledged vamps. (Stefanie Q.)


I heard there is an in-joke in that episode - what is it?


  The joke is Leo's comment about how the vampires "are part of a whole different network now", This is an in-joke to
Buffy switching networks from WB (where Charmed airs) to UPN.



4.20 Long live the queen

When they are all in the alley, Piper is mad at Phoebe for being on a first name basis with Mallick. But Mallick is the demon's name its not like Mallick Smith so she should call him Mr Smith. If he was in the BoS, Piper would call him Mallick too, so why is she mad?

Piper was mad at the fact that Phoebe knew his name without looking in the Book, regardless of what his actual name was. (Molly)


Why would Piper make a potion to freeze time like her power? When Phoebe is evil Piper's powers would work on her, so why the potion?



Piper made that potion to "scald Phoebe's flesh" , a side effect, if you will of the potion was that it doubled Piper's freezing power. (Molly)

Piper was doing the potions so that in case she died, Paige would have a way to protect herself against Phoebe. (Jenn)



Why are there two names for an episode?   Blame the WB. From season 5 on their policy of name changing has become an annoying habit. While Paramount's (Spelling Television's parent company) titles are the official ones, the WB changes them for promotional reason. TheWB also sometimes named the trailers different.
 However on all titles are WB titles.

This list might help you:

2x19 Blind sided
official: Out of sight

5x06 Magic wears a mask
official: Witches In Tights

5x09 Daddy dearest
official: Sam I Am

5x10 The mummy's tomb
official: Y Tu Mummy Tambien

5x13 Dreamspell
official: Sand Francisco dreamin'

5x14 Obsessions
official: House call

5x15 Special delivery
official: The Day the Magic Died

5x19 Naughty nymphs
official: Nymphs Just Wanna Have Fun

6x01/6x02 Valhalley of the Dolls, Part 1"
official: Valkyrie vixen

6x03 Dragon's heat
official: Forget Me Not

6x04 Dirty blondes
official: The Power of Three Blondes

6x06 Fantasies in the flesh
official: My Three Witches

6x07 Soul sister
official: Soul Survivor

6x08 Charmed in Camelot
official: Sword and the City

6x09 Hot mamas
official: Little Monsters

6x12 Prince Charmed
official: Prince Charming

6x16 Midnight rendezvous
official: The Courtship of Wyatt's Father

6x19 Charmed on trial
official: Crimes & Witch Demeanors

6x20 Stormy leather
official: A Wrong Day's Journey into Right

6x21 Reality check
official: Witch Wars

7x07 Someone to witch over me
official: Someone to watch over me

7x19 Freaky Phoebe
official: Freak Phoebe

When have the episodes been aired on the WB?   A list of the original airdates can be found here.


There were two tarot decks used in the show, one in 3x04 All Halliwell's Eve and in 4x15 Marry-go-round. Which decks are used?   3x04:
The deck is called Visconti-Sforza Pierpont Morgan Tarot.
In the 5-card card spread she lies out, four of the cards are visible: 3 of Pentacles, Judgement, The Moon, and 3 of Cups (reversed).


4x15: the deck is not known yet.


8x03 Run, Piper, run
Who created these sculptures in Dex' studio?
  They are Bruce Gray's artwork.
Bruce Gray was born on 14 November 1956 in New Jersey.
Today his contemporary and abstract modern metal and wood sculptures are displayed as part of group or solo art exhibitions at many Art Galleries and Art Museums.
The Los Angeles sculptor is well known for his kinetic sculptures which include mobiles and stabiles, amazing gravity defying suspended super power magnet sculptures, and rolling ball sculptures. Bruce's metal sculptures are part of over 1100 private and corporate art collections worldwide, and have appeared in hundreds of movies, TV shows, music videos, and commercials.

Used on Charmed:

Bruce Gray sculptureBruce Gray sculptureBruce Gray sculpture

What happened to the boyfriend characters on the series?   Shane was dumped by Paige after the events in 4x02 Charmed again

Mason Cowan was dumped by Paige due to her strange behaviour in 4x04 Enter the demon

Glen Ballard married Jessica in 5x13 Obsessions

Nate Parks was dumped by Paige after she discovered that he was married

Richard Montana allowed Paige to bind his powers; they also broke up then

Kyle Brody was killed by Zankou in disguise as avatar and was rewarded with becoming a whitelighter

Henry Mitchell married Paige

Cole Turner married Phoebe in episode 4x15, they later got divorced. dead

Miles was killed

Jason Dean left after discovering Phoebe's secret

Leslie St. Claire left to pursue a job offer in Los Angeles

Drake, dead

Dex Lawson left after he discovered that Phoebe was a witch

Coop married Phoebe

Jeremy Burns, dead

Mark Chao, dead

Josh left for a job in Beverly Hills

Dan Gordon left San Francisco after being dumped by Piper

Leo Wyatt married Piper

Roger was dumped by Prue

Andy Trudeau was killed

Jessup Bane is in jail

Brendan Rowe became a priest

Jack Sheridan was dumped by Prue in 2x12 Awakened

for images see Love interests
What's with the cast changes in season eight? What happened to Darryl and Leo? Is there a fourth sister now (the blonde one)?   Due to budget cuts Dorian Gregory (Darryl) was fired. His character was said to have moved out of San Francisco.
Brian Krause's (Leo) appearances were cut short as well.
Leo appeared last for a while in 8x10 Vaya con Leos where he was frozen, being the reason for Piper trying to get him back in the following episodes.

No, there is no fourth sister.
The blonde chick is Billie Jenkins and was introduced as teenage witch but during the season the character was built up as counterpart to the Charmed Ones. Billie is by now probably the most hated character among fans.
8x22 Forever Charmed
What is the name of .. ?

  Paige's twin girls: unknown
Phoebe's daughter: unknown
Piper's granddaughter: unknown
any other kid I have seen in this episode but couldn't find a name in the Book of Shadows
episode description: unknown
2x21 Apocalypse not
What is the title of the book Phoebe reads a question from and is it a real one?
  The book is called "Ask a tough one", author Dave Magno and no, it is not real. A picture of it can be found in the gallery under Miscellaneous
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