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Title: 8x15 The last temptation of Christy  
Creatures: SimonSimon Thaddeus Reginald Marks, witch
A descendant of the Mighty Marks line of witches. His family and the Warren line worked together during the Salem Witch Trials.
With a marriage with Paige he hopes to establish the ultimate power couple.

Christy JenkinsChristy Jenkins

The sister of Billie Jenkins was kidnapped 15 years ago and raised by demons. The Triad wanted to use her to turn Billie to evil and use their powers for their own purposes. Christy has a variety of powers amongst others she is a firestarter, can sense demons and communicate via telepathy. She was vanquished by the Charmed Ones in 8x22 Forever Charmed.


DreylockDreylock, leader of the Scather demon
Scather demons are a clan of low level demons that guarded Christy on behalf of "the Triad". These demons were protected by the Triad.
Vanquished by Christy.

Scather demon
vanquished by Candor

TriadThe Triad, demons
Candor, Baliel, Asmodeus
A consortium of very powerful demons who were behind the kidnapping of Christy Jenkins. They hoped to break Christy down so they could all share in the ultimate power for which she is the key.
This is probably not the same triad as the one vanquished by Cole Turner in 3x07 Power Outage however it is never explicit stated that they are or are not.
Asmodeus is vanquished by Balie, Baliel is vanquished by Piper and Candor is vanquished by Christy. They are all vanquished by the Charmed Ones in the last episode.

Spells: used:
the reversed
to call a lost witch spell
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Summary: Phoebe comes in as Paige prepares to leave for her honeymoon, and Paige is serving huge meals to the family to make up for everyone leaving. Everyone promises not to interrupt her honeymoon with the “family business.” They then all freeze as the last member of the Triad,

Candor, arrives to tell Christy to do her job and separate Billie from the Charmed Ones, and she angrily tells him to leave.

Paige finally leaves and Christy tries to get Billie to move out. Billie responds by trying to get Christy to meet with their parents, who are in town. Later at Magic School Christy rages at Candor who worries she’s being drawn in. They’re interrupted by two Noxon demons torturing a witch. Candor scatters the demons and assures them they’ll have their revenge before teleporting them out.

Billie meets with her parents, who can’t accept that Christy won’t talk to them. Her father warns her that they won’t come back again. Phoebe runs into “Coop” who continues on about how she’s running from love. He hits her with some magic but there’s a block keeping her heart sealed against love. He teleports her back into the past to the point where she revealed who she really was to Dex. While Coop takes her to another love out of the past,
Billie comes back to the manor and the two are back on their respective kicks. They’re interrupted when two students from Magic School arrive, including Ryan, the one being tortured earlier, and ask for their help

They reveal they were students of Leo and the Noxon demons were test subjects in their class of five. Ryan and Jen are the only two left and came to get Leo. Apparently the demons can’t be banished and only Leo knew how to stop them. Piper resolves to help them while Christy stalls, saying she doesn’t want to be near demons. Christy announces she’d rather meet with their parents to get Billie to go with her. The two demons are angry that Candor sent them off and Rondok resolves to get revenge despite Pator’s reluctance.

Phoebe and Coop are visiting when she was with Anton in an intimate encounter, then when she had a romantic moment with Drake. Then Coop returns them to the present and starts talking about Cole. Piper is insisting she can protect the students when the two Noxon demons show up. Piper seriously injures Pator but as noted, it can’t be banished, and they
teleport out.

Billie and Christy meet with their parents in a park and they have a tearful reunion, but Billie gets a call from Piper asking for help. Billie takes of and Christy is not happy at being left with them. Candor mentally tells her to stop meeting with her parents and she demands he meet with her. Candor warns that her parents are swaying her and she can’t destroy him until she frees herself of her family ties.

Piper prepares to set a trap for the demons using crystals and tells the students she’s all they’ve got. Phoebe and Coop travel to where she met with Cole for the first time, and then to where Phoebe had to banish Cole, and Coop offers to show her why she shouldn’t block out love.

Paige arrives to check on things and they reassure her there’s no problem and she heads back to her honeymoon. Candor approaches the Noxon demons and offers them a deal so they all get what they want if they deal with his problem.

The students suggest they use the astral plane, where time stops, and then trap the Noxons in a perpetual partial banish. They volunteer to act as bait to lure the demons in but Piper is reluctant to use them.

Coop shows Phoebe visions of the spark of love she’s felt, with Jason Dean, Les, and others.

The block breaks up and he announces she’s ready to begin again. Billie goes up to her parents’ hotel room and assures them there’s some things in her past she has to deal with. Christy gets a call from Billie and she makes a hasty exit. After she leaves the Noxons appear outside the room.

Piper is going through Leo’s files and is running out of options, and Wyatt shows up to tell her she should do it, that Leo would want her to. Christy arrives and Billie doesn’t know about any call, and they quickly figure it’s a trap. They get back to the hotel to find their parents dead and Christy sends Billie back to the manor. Pator now wants to leave but his brother Rondok still wants revenge on Leo.

Piper has the students arm themselves with potions and then drops the crystals. Rondok shows up and injures Piper, and the students throw their potions. Once Rondok is on fire they send him to the astral plane where he’s trapped forever. The next day Paige shows up to heal Piper and gripe about how they kept her out of the loop. Piper admits she’s more comfortable with Leo’s absence, and a cheery Phoebe pops in to wonder what she missed.

Christy confronts Candor who admits he set up her parents to be killed – in a fit of rage she kills him, now having enough power.
Writer: Rob Wright  
Director: Michael Grossman  
Timeline: -  
Trivia: Piper: Ask the Firestarter.
This is a reference to the 1984 film "Firestarter" starring Drew Barrymore as a girl who had the power to start fires with her mind. It was based on the Stephen King novel of the same name.

Paige: Is there a Magical Enquirer?
This refers to The National Enquirer (also commonly known as The Enquirer) is a national American supermarket tabloid published by American Media Inc. It is often regarded as being sensationalist. Articles usually center around reports about celebrities.

Christy: Well you wanted to marry Pee-wee!
This is a reference to the famous character created by Paul Reubens in the 80's. Pee-wee Herman was an eccentric child-man who always wore a grey suit that was a size too small with a red bow tie and was wildly known for his TV series Pee-Wee's Playhouse.

Billie: That is a John Stamos T-shirt. You were totally obsessed with Mr. Full House.
This is a reference to John Stamos which is most famous for his role as Uncle Jesse on the family hit show "Full House"

Paige is ticklish at her third toe and behind her neck.
Paige only salts the right side of her popcorn
The "Wizard of Oz" makes her cry.

Piper meets Greg again (see
6x10 Chris-Crossed)

This is a second time a firestarter appears. The first was Tyler in 4x12 Lost and bound.

Henry proposes

Christy Jenkin's power is pyrokinesis and Billie's projection

Wyatt speaks

Title reference: This is a reference to the 1988 Martin Scorsese film "The Last Temptation of Christ".  
Bloopers: yes  
Music: -  
Co-Starring: Kimberlee Peterson (Jen)
James Immekus (Ryan)
David Starzyk (Carl Jenkins)
Barbara Niven (Helen Jenkins)
John Rosenfeld (Pator)
David S. Lee (Rondok)
Jason and Kristopher Simmons (Wyatt Halliwell)
Victor Webster (Coop)
Leland Crooke (Candor)
Marnette Patterson (Christy Jenkins)
Kaley Cuoco (Billie Jenkins)
Pictures yes  
Random quote: Paige (about Simon): I mean, who's this guy think he is? He just shows up and announces that we're destined to be together?
Phoebe: Well, according to 40 oracles and a sooth sayer...your future husband.
Transcript no  
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