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Title: 8x11 Mr. and Mrs. Witch  
Creatures: NantaNanta, demon
A demon who switches children at birth, protects them and put them in high positions to get a demonic foothold in the human world.

Rod DalvosRod Dalvos
, mortal
cousin of Grant Pelham iw sowrking with the demon nanny.
Killed by the demon.


A power that lets the witch turn people and things into whatever comes to mind without a spell or a potion

Spells: The spell to call for a lost witch is used  
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Summary: Billie has Phoebe pursuing her theory of some kind of corporate conspiracy, but Phoebe is skeptical. Billie’s parents Carl and Helen are coming and Phoebe plans to get them relaxed and find out more about her sister Christy, but Billie is skeptical and has a plan to use an enchanted piece of paper to check out a kidnap victim to see if he’s magical. Phoebe loans Billie her car, but only if Billie uses it to pick up her parents. As they leave, they’re unaware that a batch of flowers have wilted and died when Billie talked about her parents “sucking the life” out of the place.

Piper is giving instructions to her manager at the club and making recordings of her life for Leo. Phoebe is having trouble with her column while Billie meets with the guy, Rod Davlos, and gives him the paper when his cousin Grant Pelham barges in and they argue about taking the company public. When she leaves, a female demon, Nanta, appears to Davlos and warns him to be careful of approaching the sisters, and that she put Davlos in power to take over the company, and will now handle Billie. Paige meets with Henry and they set up a date.

Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins are in town and notice a robbery going down when Billie arrives. Nanta witnesses Billie picking them up. Back at the manor Phoebe is working on her column about twin brothers and their issues and is overwhelmed by the boys’ noise and Piper’s requests for help. Billie arrives early and they have dinner. Everyone’s rather tense and Paige quickly ducks out to meet with Henry. The Jenkins try and make a hasty exit but Billie demands to talk to them about Christy. Billie accuses them of being cold-hearted assassins and they transform into…cold-hearted assassins.

The transformed Jenkins don’t recognize Billie and are all over each other, and Phoebe and Billie head up to the attic and spot the flowers. Phoebe suspects a power of “projection” is involved and believes Billie has it and it’s tied to her emotions. She doesn’t have any luck restoring the flowers and then they hear Piper calling for help. The Jenkins tied her up and left to find some “real action” at an arsenal. At P3, Paige looks for Henry for their date but can’t find him, and Piper calls her for help. Meanwhile the Jenkins are going after the robbers they spotted earlier and readily take them out, then go looking for ammo and clothes.

Paige is back at the manor and they use Billie’s computer scrying program to lock onto their enchanted state. Piper doesn’t want to go and leave the boys behind, so the others head off to the indicated location. They check out the robbers, who are still alive, and find the parents nearby. Phoebe tosses a potion but Mr. Jenkins shoots it out of the air, and they sisters and Billie orb out before they get shot.

Nanta is meeting with Davlos and reveals he’s involved with the Charmed Ones, and that he’s safe since they don’t’ know he’s human. Nanta plans to have Davlos hire Billie’s parents to take out his “cousin” Grant, the CEO. Davlos catches up to the Jenkins at their hotel room and pays them to take the assignment – they agree.

Billie is magically tracking her parents and regretting how their life went after Christy disappeared. Henry shows up and apologizes, then admits he has secrets but so does Paige. They’re interrupted when Billie comes down to reveal that her parents are at the company, and Paige sends Henry off. The sisters prepare some stun potions and when Piper is reluctant, Phoebe tells her it’s time to get out into the world for Leo while she stays to work on her column.

There’s a meeting at the company and the Jenkins are there and the Jenkins are preparing to kill Grant. Billie spots them as they assemble a smuggled weapon and open fire, but Piper freezes the bullet in mid-air and Paige gets it out of the way. Nanta appears and reveals the Jenkins will be blamed for the murder and Davlos will take over. Davlos then gets up and shoots Grant, making it look like the Jenkins are responsible.

Phoebe finishes her column, which is about moving on with your life by moving out. She’s interrupted by the others’ arrival and they bring her up to speed. Davlos is giving a press conference further incriminating the Jenkins. Afterward he meets with Nanta and plan his assumption of power, and that must take care of the loose ends. Davlos calls the Jenkins separately and hires each one to take out the other. Billie reviews a recording of the press conference and realizes they have been looking for Christy all this time.

They manage to get a fix on the two, who are confronting each other in an alleyway. They summon them to the manor with a “Call the Lost Witch” spell and get the drop on Piper before she can freeze them. Billie gives them a heart-to-heart about how that’s all they have left, and the emotion is enough to trigger her power and reverse the transformation. Paige comes up with a way to clear the Jenkins.

At another press conference, Davlos announces he’s going to honor Grant’s wishes and keep the company private, and that he’ll be going to jail as he confesses he shot Grant at the meeting so he could take over the company. “Grant” steps out – it’s actually a disguised Piper. Later Nanta confronts Davlos and reveals it’s over and their 30 years of planning are down the drain. Nanta kills him and makes it look like a suicide.

At the Manor they’re considering the future and Phoebe reveals to Piper that she plans to move out and get her own space, and finds a luxury loft in the paper. Paige visits Henry and they talk about his inability to get close to others and they share a moment. Helen talks to Billie about Christy and reveals there are witches in their bloodline and Christy had a diary that revealed she had powers as well – a diary with a mystic symbol on the last page.
Writer: Rob Wright  
Director: James L. Conway  
Timeline: -  
Trivia: As of this episode Phoebe has a new assistant, Dorrie.

Since Brian Krause has been removed from the opening credits, there seem to be a few more clips of the four actresses remaining on the series (Holly, Alyssa, Rose and Kaley).

Billie's parents are introduced - their name is Carl and Helen Jenkins

Carl: Later. First we need to stock up. Ammo for me. Prada for
Amimo stands for Ammunition which is a generic military term meaning (the assembly of) a projectile and its propellant.
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Billie: The one about my sister being one of many powerful kids that was kidnapped by demons.
Phoebe: Think Manchurian Candidate.
Refers to the novel respective the movies made of that novel.
The premise was that, in the 1950s, the Soviets had developed a technique based on "brainwashing" and akin to hypnosis, whereby a person could be snapped into and out of a trance, ordered to do things with full compliance, and have no memory of such actions afterwards.


Title reference: This is a reference to the 2005 film "Mr. & Mrs. Smith", starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie as rival spies who also happened to be married.  
Bloopers: yes  
Music: -  
Co-Starring: Kaley Cuoco (Billie Jenkins)
Ivan Sergei (Henry Mitchell)
Darion Basco (Dominique)
Brandon Molale (Rocco)
Sean McDermott (Grant Pelham)
Colby French (Rod Dalvos)
David Starzyk (Carl Jenkins)
Tiffany Phillips (Dorrie)
Barbara Niven (Helen Jenkins)
Meagen Fay (Nanta)
Pictures yes  
Random quote: Piper: Paige, hi. Where are you?
Paige: Oh, well, apparently I'm being stood up. Why?
Piper: Because we need you at home. Apparently we have some assassins to save.
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