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Title: 8x02 Malice in Wonderland  

Paul HaasPaul Haas, demon
Vanquished by the Charmed Ones

Black Heart
Black Heart, demon
Black Hearts works with Haas on his plan to lure the Charmed Ones out. She lures teenagers by taping into common emotions and fears, mess them up and release them in with blanked minds.
Vanquished by the Charmed Ones.

Spells: -  
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Background info: -  
Summary: The sisters are sharing the bathroom and pondering all their issues, and finally call a meeting. Meanwhile, Haas and his demons take over the magic school. At the family meeting Piper is taking a day off for a spa, and they figure Phoebe should get together with Dex and Paige needs to figure out who her charge is.

Haas’ demons have corrupted some teenagers as a plan to draw the sisters out. At school, Billie and her roommate are discussing missing and mind-wiped kids. Phoebe eventually manages to link up with Dex while Paige is pulled over for running a stop sign and gets the idea to become a cop. Paige overhears a police report of another missing kid, while Haas’ female minion takes a boy prisoner, luring him into the sewers, then disappearing just as Paige shows up. Haas confronts the boy and warns him he’s “down the rabbit hole.”

Dex is showing Phoebe his sculptures and they eventually get out to lunch, while at P3 they’re having electrical problems, interrupting her relaxation plans. Paige approaches the police about a job and when the officer is disdainful, offers to take him on. She flips him and he reluctantly concedes he should sign up.

Another girl is following a white rabbit and Haas’ girl sucks her down into the sewers, while Piper is at the spa and overhears the boy from earlier has come back mindless, and that all the victims have first names starting with A. Leo calls Piper for help and she gives up again, while Paige is present for the first day of cadet training and the male teacher expresses some interest in her. She gets a Whitelighter “jangle” and has to make a hasty exit. Billie(in her black wig and demon-hunting outfit) confronts Haas’ female demon and they duke it out when Paige orbs in, following the jangle. Paige insists on helping Billie over her objections and the two fight, and Billie has her wig knocked out before she runs out.

Paige is at the manor trying to track down Billie while Haas’ female demon reveals there is another witch, Billie, and a Whitelighter is involved as well. Haas wonders if the Whitelighter is Paige and he decides to lure her out. Piper is hiding out at the manor, concerned that she can’t even have a normal day, much less a normal life, and she regrets how her last seven years have just disappeared, as well as her guilt over what is happening since she’s inactive.

Phoebe runs into Dex again while Paige tracks down Billie and confronts her. Billie reveals she recently got her powers of telekinesis and has been tracking down demons, and is looking for the missing kids. She’s figured out all the victims were mumbling about characters from “Alice in Wonderland,” but Paige tells her to stay put and orbs out to get her sisters. Phoebe, pretending to be her cousin, is back at the paper as a columnist and Dex offers his help. They’re interrupted by a newscast of another “A” victim and Phoebe figures it out and goes back to her sisters, who reveal they know it too.

Billie has tracked down Haas who is ready for her and takes her out, believing she’s one of the Halliwells. Paige checks out Billie’s computer and knows she’s in trouble, but Piper thinks she’s part of Haas’ trap. Billie is going through the whole Alice-hallucination but suddenly the female demon is killed and the hallucination is broken. The Halliwells have arrived and vanquish Haas, insuring their secrecy. Billie knows of the Charmed Ones and offers her help and they reluctantly agree. At the end, Paige has figured out she’s not cut out to be a cop but she’s with the male trainer. Piper has resolved her issues, and Phoebe is back at the paper and getting together with Dex.
Writer: Brad Kern  
Director: Mel Damski  
Timeline: -  
Trivia: At the beginning, Phoebe and Piper talk of Dex in references to the show "Sex and the City" - an inside joke, since Jason Lewis appeared several times on that show as Smith, Samantha's actor boyfriend.

The cop that Paige ends up with is the same actor (Michael McLafferty), who
played Prue's boyfriend in the episode, "She's a Man, Baby, a Man". (Edit)

Black Hearts: "We are, you don't want to be late, do you? Because we're
very, very late."
A reference to the Alice in Wonderland story
Title reference: This is a reference to the classic novel, "Alice in Wonderland".  
Bloopers: yes  
Music: -  
Co-Starring: Jason Lewis (Dex Lawson)
Ted Sutton (Recruitment Officer)
Michael Dempsey (New Leo)
Brittany Eldridge (Alexis)
Heidi Heller (Manicurist)
Greg Carlson (Businessman)
Andrew McGinnis (Louis)
Mykel Shannon Jenkins (Haas)
Christina Ulloa (Jo Bennett)
Michael Trevino (Alistair)
Noa Tishby (Black Heart)
Beatrice Rosen (Jenny Bennett)
Michael McLafferty (Training Instructor)
Marisa Lauren (Taylor)
Crystal Kwon (Officer Maron)
Annie Burgstede (Alicia)
Monica Allgeier (Julie Bennett)
Pictures yes  
Random quote: Paige: "Hey, do you mind? I was obsessing first."
Piper: "No, actually, I was, thank you."
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