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Book of Shadows > Season 7  
Title: 7x21 Death becomes them  
Creatures: Returning:
7x10 ZankouZankou



7x21-raptor-demon.jpgA Raptor Demon is a hired gun.
Vanquished by Phoebe




7x21-alchemist.jpgDemonic alchemist
works with Zankou, vanquished by Zankou



Demonic alchemists have the ability to control the undead but lack the power to bring them back to life. For that they need an upper-level demon
They were vanquished by the Charmed Ones

By weakening the sisters Zankou is able to weak the Book of Shadows so it can be touched and used by evil

Spells: -  
BoS image: bos-7x21-alchemists.jpg  
Background info: Zombie  
Summary: The Charmed Ones hope for a demon free birthday party for Chris but Zankou attacks again. With the help of a demonic alchemist Zankou is able to resurrect innocents the Charmed Ones lost and sends them after the girls not only weakening them but also the Book of Shadows.
When Paige loses her charge and someone from the past returns to haunt the girls, the book's defence breaks and Zankou can now take it over.
Writer: Curtis Kheel  
Director: John D. Kretchmer  
Timeline: end 2005  
Trivia: Chris is 1 year old

John Kassir (the alchemist) is better known as the voice of the CryptKeeper on the HBO horror series Tales From The Crypt.
Title reference: The title is a pun on the movie "Death becomes her"  
Bloopers: yes  
Music: San Francisco
Artist: Vanessa Carlton
Album: Charmed: The Book Of Shadows
Co-Starring: Oded Fehr (Zankou)
Jenya Lano (Inspector Sheridan)
John Kassir (The Alchemist)
Sandra Prosper (Sheila Morris)
Keith Diamond (Inspector Reece Davidson)
Colin Egglesfield (Tim Cross)
Laura Regan (Joanna)
Dax Griffin (Karl)
Mercedes Connor (Kim)
Pictures yes  
Random quote: Alchemist: I don't know. It has been an eternity since we've ... worked
Zankou: Yes, those were the days. The crusades, the September massacres, the black plague.
Transcript yes  
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