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Title: 7x14 Carpe demon  

7x09 Sandra, ElderSandra, elder


Kheel, ElderKheel, elder





DrakeDrake, mercury demon
Millennia ago mercury demons worked in the service of Mercury, the self proclaimed Roman God of thievery. In modern times, they've evolved into a powerful clan of upper level Demons. Hatched from eggs that incubate in the eternal flames of Haydes (Hades), these Demons have the power to fire thermal blasts that can take down lesser demons in one shot. Though this power makes them formidable foes, they can be vanquished with the Power of Three.

Fifty weeks ago, Drake made a deal with a sorcerer, and he made him human. Drake kept his powers but if he uses them in any offensive manner, the sorcerer will get them and Drake burns for eternity.
In 7x16 The seven year witch it is revealed that Cole was behind the deal.


SorcererThe Sorcerer wants Drake's powers to stop Zankou from taking over the underworld and seize the throne for himself.
The sorcerer's lair is protected against summoning and

Vanquished by the Charmed Ones


RathboneRathbone, bounty hunter




FlynnFlynn, demon


Spells: to evoke the inner demon

The darkness within cannot be undone.
Embrace your true self!

to summon the Sorcerer
(lit five candles placed around the edges of a table):

Sorcerer of darkness, demon of fright,
I call you now into my sight

to vanquish the Sorcerer:

Evil blasts we cannot use;
The Power of Three now lights their fuse
BoS image: Mercury demons  
Background info: Robin Hood
Cyrano de Bergerac
Summary: When Paige tries to hire a new professor for the Magic School, one of the candidates, Drake, turns out to be an ex-demon who made a deal with a sorcerer to become human. Trying to force Drake to use his demon powers the sorcerer casts a spell but is interrupted by the Charmed Ones with the effect that Drake is stuck in the role of Robin Hood and confuses the streets of San Francisco with Sherwood Forest.  
Writer: Curtis Kheel  
Director: Stuart Gillard  
Timeline: 14-02-2005  
Trivia: In the scene in the manor Drake snapped himself into Gene Kelly's costume from the "Our Love Is Here To Stay" sequence along the Seine in An American In Paris

At the end of the episode Drake reveals that he has only 2 more weeks to live.

Drake: Oh, I never waste my time. For "life is but a walking shadow, a poor
player who struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more.
It is - a ...
Drake and Ms. Donovan: ... tale told ...
Drake: Take it, sister.
Miss Donovan: ...By an idiot. Full of sound and fury, signifying ...
Drake: ... nothing.
This is a quote from William Shakespeare's Macbeth

Drake: I studied at Julliard, ...
The Juilliard School is a performing arts conservatory in New York City, informally but definitively identified as simply Juilliard, and most famous for its musically-trained alumni. Now located at Lincoln Center, the school instructs about 700 undergraduates and graduate students in music, dance, and drama.


Paige: Not so fast, Mr. Pompadour motorcycle guy. I don't
The Pompadour is a hair style named after the Marquise de Pompadour in which the hair is swept straight up from the forehead to a high, turned-back roll, for women, or simply brushed up from the forehead, for men.
Latin variants of the hair style more associated with European and South American fashion trends and occasonally with late 20th century musical genres other than rockabilly.


The article with the headline "Normand Admits to Gouging Customers" explains that John Normand runs some sort of cellular service in the Bay Area and has been exploiting a loophole in the state's communications laws to cut off service to various customers with no warning and little justification. He's then been charging unusually high fees to restore that service, and while the paper notes that none of this is technically illegal, it is at best "unethical."


Title reference: A play on the phrase "Carpe diem" which is Latin for "pluck the day," meaning "enjoy the moment". It has been incorrectly translated into English as "seize the day," but carpere means "to pluck." This rule of life is found in the "Odes" (I, 11.8) of the Roman poet Horace (65 - 8 BC), where it reads:
Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero
("pluck the day, never trust the next")
It is quoted accordingly either as a demand not to waste somebody's time with useless things, or as a justification for pleasure and joy of life with little fear for the future.
Bloopers: yes  
Music: I can't make me
Artist: Butterfly Boucher
Album: Flutterby

Piano music
"The Band Played On"
"Daisy Bell (A Bicycle Built for Two)"
"The Maple Leaf Rag"
"When The Saints Go Marching In"

Drake singing
Everything's Kind of Good
Artist: written by Lisa Zane/Andrew Chukerman
Co-Starring: Billy Zane (Drake)
Kurt Fuller (John Normand)
Sebastian Roche (Sorcerer)
Jenya Lano (Inspector Sheridan)
Elizabeth Dennehy (Sandra, Elder)
Bruce Gray (Elder Kheel)
Ann Cusack (Ms. Donovan)
Pictures yes  
Random quote: Miss Donovan: You ride in here, nearly kill us, and now you want to teach here?
Drake: Well, if I wanted to teach parallel parking, you might have a point, but I'm here for the literature post.
Transcript yes  
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