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Title: 7x07 Someone to witch over me  
Creatures: Returning
7x07 AvatarAvatar



7x07 GuardianGuardian angels are protection spirits or guides. They are with us all the time and keep you upright. They also are you inner voice, conscience and instincts.





7x07 Sarpedon 7x07 Aku
vanquished by Piper.
Aku, Sarpedon's mentor.
Vanquished by Sarpedon

Sarpedon, a celerity demon. These demons are powerful beings who feed off lesser demons. Proud, solitary, aggressive, and with quickness faster than human sight they are very difficult to both find and fight. However, destroying one is possible by potion. Ingredients includde mandrake root, hummingbird’s wings and eye of newt.
Sarpedon steals guardian angels to be able to fight against the upcoming threat. Aku was a celerity demon as well.

Spells: to see guardian angels:

Show me what the evil sees
Even if at lightning speeds
BoS image: 7x07 Celerity demons  
Background info: Guardian angels
Vision quest
Summary: Agent Brody convinces Paige to help him solve a mysterious string of accidents, only to discover that the demon Sarpedon is capturing innocents' Guardian Angels and using them to protect himself from the forthcoming threat of a New Power. Meanwhile, Piper and Phoebe convince Leo to go on a Vision Quest to face his demons. While on his Quest, Leo finds guidance from his son Chris, but awakens to find Piper and Phoebe killed by Sarpedon. An Avatar, part of the New Power, offers to bring them back to life if Leo turns over his free will.  
Writer: Rob Wright  
Director: John Pare  
Timeline: -  

Leo becomes an avatar.

Drew Fuller is the first former regular cast member to return to the show as a guest star.

7x07 The donnasThe Donnas play at P3.

Title reference:

Refers to the song "Someone to Watch over Me" - words by Ira Gershwin, music by George Gershwin. Introduced by Gertrude Lawrence in the stage musical "Oh, Kay!" 1926.

Bloopers: yes  
Music: Fall behind me
Artist: The Donnas
Album: Gold Medal
Co-Starring: Drew Fuller (Chris)
Neil Hopkins (Sarpedon)
Peter Woodward (Aku)
Joel Swetow (Avatar)
Ian Anthony Dale (Avatar)
Tommy Smeltzer (Quincy's Guardian)
Deji Laray (Firefighter)
Mark Chadwick (Quincy)
The Donnas (themselves)
Pictures yes  
Random quote: Phoebe: Let me give this a try. Leo! Leo, you get your butt down here right now or we will summon your ass!
Piper: Nicely done.
Transcript yes  
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