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Book of Shadows > Season 7  
Title: 7x05 Styx feet under  
Creatures: Returning
7x05 Angel of death
Angel of death


7x05 SirkSirk, also known as Kevin: Sirk's father was a demon and as soon as he has eliminated the last of his human lineage he will be completely demonic too. He also has the power to absorb whatever gifts someone has with each life he takes.

He was vanquished by Phoebe.

Spells: -  
BoS image: -  
Background info: Angel of death  
Summary: When a demon, Sirk tries to destroy his human half by killing off his remaining blood relatives, Paige casts a spell that inadvertently blocks all death from occurring. Annoyed that he now has a back-log of work, the Angel of Death insists that the Charmed Ones help him clean up the mess and "kills" Piper so she can help him restore the Grand Design. Piper is alarmed when she sees that Phoebe's name is next on the list of souls to be taken. Meanwhile, Agent Brody reveals that he has been on the Halliwell's trail for years, and Phoebe faces her feelings for Leslie.  
Writer: Henry Olonso Myers  
Director: Stuart Gillard  
Timeline: -  
Trivia: Phoebe has her first premonition since her active powers were taken away in 6x19 "Charmed on trial".

Stys: The river Styx is the river that the dead must cross in Greek Mythology to reach Hades' realm of the Underworld. The ferryman Charon sees spirits across, and they must pay him with the coins that were traditionally buried with the dead. If a spirit cannot pay the ferryman, it wanders aimlessly between the worlds of the living and the dead

Phoebe's premonition was seen in color this time. The only time this happened before was in 3x09 "
Coyote Piper" when Phoebe saw a past premonition of Cole's mother killing his fater, which was shown partially in color.

Title reference: The title is a play on the TV series "Six feet under"  
Bloopers: yes  
Music: -  
Co-Starring: Michael Milhoan (Arthur Casey)
Beans Morocco (Elderly Man)
Ely Pouget (Harriet Casey)
Eddie Velez (Inspector)
Katie Wagner (Newswoman)
Zack Ward (Sirk/Kevin Casey)
Nick Lachey (Leslie "Les" St. Claire)
Kerr Smith (Agent Brody)
Charisma Carpenter (Seer)
Simon Templeman (Angel of Death)
Eddie Lehler (Coroner)
Naveen (Doctor)
Christopher Carroll (Older Man)
Pictures yes  
Random quote:

Paige: Why is it every time Phoebe runs away from a guy that we actually pay for it?

Transcript yes  
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