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Book of Shadows > Season 7  
Title: 7x03 Cheaper by the coven  
Creatures: 7x03 Nightmare demonNightmare demon.
Since Wyatt is blaming himself for the splitting up of his parents he has a lot of bad dreams. Being as powerful as he is he makes his night terrors come to life whenever he feels conflict.

Dark dream Leo vanishes when Leo and Piper comfort Wyatt.

7x03 SeerSeer
Spells: to summon Grams
(different version used by Paige):

Hear me now. Hear my cry.
Spirit from the other side,
cross now the great divide

to resolve sibling rivalry
(the spell pulls the rivalry out but it can immediately
go into the nearest set of siblings):

Cast your petty jealousies to darkest night.
Let these feuding siblings no longer fight

to reverse the sibling rivaltry spell:

Reverse the spell from the book
and please restore
what was took

to freeze someone:

Let this girl,
Quick as a sneeze,
Stop this snit
And quickly freeze
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non-BoS image: non-bos-7x03-masked-demon2.jpgnon-bos-7x03-masked-demon.jpg  
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Summary: Against Piper's wishes, Paige and Phoebe summon Grams for Chris's wiccaning. To put an end to the brother's sibling rivalry, Grams puts a spell on them, but in the process turns the sisters back to bickering teenagers. Meanwhile, Leo consults a demonic seer to find out who attacked Wyatt and learns that he has a connection to Wyatt's attacker, and Phoebe attends an award ceremony with Les, only to end up acting like a love-struck teenager.  
Writer: Mark Wilding  
Director: Derek Johansen  
Timeline: February 2005, Wyatt is 2 years old  
Trivia: This is the first time that Grams, Patty, Victor, Paige, Piper, Phoebe, Wyatt and Chris have been together.

Phoebe wins a "San Francisco Bay Area Readers' Choice Awards"
Title reference: A reference to the book "cheaper by the dozen" which has also been made into a movie.  
Bloopers: yes  
Music: -  
Co-Starring: Tac Fitzgerald (Ben)
Peter Breitmayer (Emcee)
Charisma Carpenter (Seer)
Nick Lachey (Leslie "Les" St. Claire)
James Read (Victor Bennett)
Jennifer Rhodes (Penny "Grams" Halliwell)
Finola Hughes (Patty Halliwell)
Mandy Freund (Female Fan)
Marc Wilson (Rex the P3 employee)
Pictures yes  
Random quote: Grams: Just so we're clear, my way would've worked, too. Nevertheless, you're all forgiven, except Leo.
Leo: Why not me?
Grams: Because I owe you the apology. I'm sorry, I thought you were evil. Not that you could blame me.
Leo: Hah. That's an apology?
Transcript yes  
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