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Title: 6x21 Reality check  
Creatures: 6x21 Corr and CleaCorr and Clea, two demons who set up a reality show for demons. Demon contestants compete in a series of contests to hunt down witches. By contract they agree that their powers will be taken over by the game-master in case they loose. With this game Corr and Clea try to collect powers to finally go after the Charmed Ones.

Clea was vanquished by Leo, Corr by Phoebe.

6x21 Brute demonBrute demon
Upper-level demons with overwhelming physical strength.
They work alone, generally crushing skulls of their victims.
Certain potions have proven effective in vanquishing them but care is recommended as Brutes are often fond of camoflauge when attacking.

Demons with the ability to change their appearance at will.

Power-Sucking Athame
An athame that can absorb the powers of whomever it stabs.

Ronyx Crystal
An ancient form of magical voyeurism which predates even the crystal ball.
Spells: to activate the ronyx crystal:

Mallock cormon alli-tas
BoS image: 6x21 Brute demon  
Background info: Crystal balls  
Summary: Aware that Piper, Phoebe and Paige are on the verge of discovering that he is after Wyatt, Gideon conspires with two demons to make the girls part of "Witch Wars," a new demonic reality television show where demon contestants compete in a series of contests to hunt down the Charmed Ones, with the winning demon acquiring the witches' powers. Meanwhile, Chris informs the sisters that who ever is after Wyatt will get to him before Chris is born.  
Writer: Krista Vernoff  
Director: David Jackson  
Timeline: -  
Trivia: The original title was "Witch wars".

It is the first time that Gideon kills someone - the teacher Sigmund.

Corr: Because if human beings are foaming at the mouth to humiliate themselves
on national television - and they are - then demons are an easy mark.
Clea: Upper-level humans?
Corr: Donald Trump has his own show.
A reference to the highly rating reality television show "The Apprentice", in which a goup of young entrepeneurs compete to become Donald Trumps protege.
Title reference: -  
Bloopers: yes  
Music: -  
Co-Starring: Bodhi Elfman (Kyle Donnie)
Kevin Grevioux (Brute demon)
Elaine Hendrix (Clea)
Jim Pirri (Corr)
Vicki Davis (Tali)
Christopher Neiman (Sigmund)
David Ramsey (Upper Level Demon)
Betsy Randle (Mrs. Winterbourne)
Steve Cell (Apprentice Demon, tortured demon)
Gildart Jackson (Gideon)
Steve Gibbons (Shapeshifter)
Daniel Blinkoff (Thur, Button-Down Demon in Bar)
James Joseph O'Neil (Darklighter)
Paul Vinson (Rork, bald demon in bar)
Pictures yes  
Random quote: Leo: So what is it we're looking for?
Chris: Uh, any demon that could be powerful enough to be organizing the
underworld, or any demon who might be running some sort of training camp for
younger demons, or any demon who could be  ...
Leo: So basically "any demon".
Transcript yes  
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