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Book of Shadows > Season 6  
Title: 6x20 Stormy leather  
Creatures: 6x20 Demon-Atrix

Demon-Atrix are deadly female assassins who can teleport and are famous for their excellent fighting skills.
Many demon-atrix were vanquished by Phoebe




6x20 VincentVincent, the dark alter ego of Mr. Right, he appealed to Paige's suppressed dark side trying to kill her sisters.

Vincent was vanquished by Piper.


6x20 Mr. RightMr. Right was conjured by Paige. His only goal is to please her. Such a being is tied to the one who conjured it, feels and thinks as the conjurer and can even have magical powers.
Mr. Right has become real and moved on with his own life.



6x20 Smoker demonsSmoker Demons
Surface when mercury is in retrograde to attack their victims.



Powerful ape-like demons

Vortex Minion
Upper level demon with energy magic

Spells: to conjure Mr. Right:

The perfect man I summon now,
another way I don't know how,
bring him now into the light,
come back to me, Mr. Right

to let someone age rapidly:

What once resided in this place
shall soon be gone with no haste.
Make this girl age in time
as punishment for her heinous crime
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Background info:


Summary: With Piper away at magic school and Phoebe without her active powers, an overworked Paige re-conjures Mr. Right for "stress relief," but unknowingly releases his evil twin, Mr. Wrong. Appealing to Paige's dark side, Mr. Wrong uses his pheromones to trick her into realizing that the only way to achieve her secret desire - to be free and use her magic without fear of consequence - is to kill her sisters. To prevent Paige from executing his plan, Phoebe goes undercover as one of Mr. Wrong's Demonatrix assassins. Meanwhile, Chris ends up in prison after a run-in with Mr. Wrong, and Darryl informs the sisters that he will no longer cover for them.  
Writer: Cameron Litvack  
Director: Derek Johansen  
Timeline: -  
Trivia: The original title was "A Wrong Day's Journey into Right"

Wyatt says his second word "Dada" when Leo orbs into Magic School to visit him and Piper.

Chris calls Leo "Dad" for the first time.
Title reference: -  
Bloopers: yes  
Music: You make me feel
Artist: Kylie Minogue
Album: Body language
Co-Starring: Jennifer O'Dell (Elisa)
Gabriel Olds (Mr. Right/Vincent)
Christopher Neimand (Sigmund)
Amy Bernhardt (Demonatrix One)
Annie Wesching (Demonatrix Two)
Sy Richardson (Father Wilkins)
Pictures yes  
Random quote: Phoebe: Yeah, they gotta be working for someone else. I mean, what powerful demons do you know that would dress that tacky?  
Transcript yes  
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