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Book of Shadows > Season 6  
Title: 6x16 Midnight rendezvous  
Creatures: 6x16 DamienDamien, darklighter
Damien is vanquished by the darklighter lieutenant

The ghostly plane coexists with the real world, but is waste. It can be reached through portals. On the ghostly plane magic powers donít exist.


to call for a spirit:

Sister spirit, we call to thee,
cross on over so we may see

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Background info: -  
Summary: A Darklighter named Damien, accidentally sends both Leo and Piper to the Ghostly plane, leaving Phoebe and Paige to believe that they are dead. Unbeknownst to everybody, Gideon has made a deal with the Darklighters to get Leo out of the way. Meanwhile, Chris begins to disappear and reveals that he must be conceived before the night is over or he will vanish forever.  
Writer: Brad Kern  
Director: Joel Feigenbaum  
Timeline: end January, early February 2004, Wyatt is 1 year old  
Trivia: The original title was  "The Courtship of Wyatt's Father".

Chris is conceived.

Piper learns that Chris is her son.

Title reference: -  
Bloopers: yes  
Music: Strict machine
Artist: Goldfrapp
Album: Black Cherry, Charmed: The Soundtrack
Co-Starring: Eduardo Ballerini (Damien)
Linda Tran (Sara)
Gildart Jackson (Gideon)
Lou Beatty Jr (Darklighter #1)
Bruno Gioiello (Darklighter #2)
Derrick McMillon (Darklighter #3)
Jon Erik (Darklighter #4)
Ellis E. Williams (Bus Driver)
Wayne Mitchell (Frank [Dad])
Jenni Pulos (Mom #1)
Sian Heder (Mom #2)
Pictures yes  
Random quote: Paige: No, but she knows we're up to something. I can't believe how hard it is to get two people laid.
Phoebe: Paige, that is disgusting.
Paige: Well, it's what we're trying to do, right?
Phoebe: No, we are trying to romance Piper and Leo together so they can conceive Chris, our nephew.
Paige: And that's different how?
Phoebe: Well, because what you said is very Springer. What I said is very Oprah.
Transcript yes  
Book of Shadows

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