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Book of Shadows > Season 6  
Title: 6x08 Charmed in Camelot  

6x08 Dwarf 6x08 Fairy 6x08 Satyr 6x08 Ogre
Dwarf Fairy Satyr Ogre

6x08 Lady of the lakeLady of the lake, the bearer of Excalibur.
Killed by the Dark Knight.



6x08 Executioner demonExecutioner demons are minions of a low order. These demonic mercenaries are
incapable of original thoughts or deed. They are usually found in the employ of higher level demons or mortals proficient in dark arts.

They can be vanquished with own weapons or a spectrum of valerian potions.

6x08 Dark Knight
The dark knight is an upper level demon, a  power-mad paladin of destruction.

Vanquished by Piper.


6x08 MordauntMordaunt introduces himself as teacher to the one chosen by Excalibur, however he is after the power of the sword himself.

He was vanquished by Wyatt.

Who has been chosen by Excalibur is the new savior, the champion of good and unstoppable. Only the ultimate power on earth can handle Excalibur.

Potions/Rituals: to vanquish the Dark Knight
(composed by Piper):

griffin's blood

to vanquish the Dark Knight
(Mordaunt's ingredients):

1 pinch of Wereboar Tusk
1 lock of Nymph Hair
3 drops of Wraith Essence
1 level tsp of Black Poppy
2 leaves of Arrow Leaf
3 petals of Dwarf Lotus
1 cup of Aged Puer Tea
3 drops of Loggerhead
Turtle Saliva
1 drop of Kudin Tree Oil

This potion will not work as supposed. When you mix the wraith essence and black poppy it will explode immediately!
Spells: -  
BoS image: 6x08 Dark Knight6x08 Executioner demon  
Background info:

King Arthur

Summary: The Lady of the Lake appears before the Charmed Ones, pleading for their help in protecting Excalibur, the legendary Sword in the Stone. A dozen magical beings arrive at the manor to try their hand at pulling the sword from the stone, but it's Piper who finally pulls Excalibur out of the stone, causing a whirlwind that coalesces into a mysterious figure called Mordaunt. Richard realizes that Mordaunt can't be trusted, but before he can intervene, Mordaunt tricks Piper into relinquishing the sword and its power to him.  
Writer: David Simkins  
Director: Derek Johansen  
Timeline: -  
Trivia: The original title was "Sword and the city".

Phoebe: Her majesty has left the building.
This refers to the famous sentence "Elvis has left the building". Fitting since Elvis is usually also just named the King.
It has first been heard on 15 December, 1956. By this time Elvis was verging on superstardom. Ten thousand kids jammed the youth building on the fairgrounds in Shreveport and screamed at the top of their lungs for the duration of the King's 45-minute show. After Elvis had given his final encore and left the stage, the crowd headed for the exits, even though many other acts were still waiting to perform. Horace Lee Logan, founder and longtime producer of Louisiana Hayride, the country-music radio show, took the microphone and pleaded with Elvis's fans to return to their seats: "Please, young people . . . Elvis has left the building. He has gotten in his car and driven away. . . . Please take your seats."


Title reference: Refers to the legendary King Arthur's stronghold Camelot.  
Bloopers: yes  
Music: I'm ready
Artist: Cherie
Album: Cherie
Co-Starring: Danielle Bisutti (Lady of the lake)
Edward Atterton (Mordaunt)
Matthew McGrory (Ogrre)
Scout Taylor-Compton (Fairy)
Mark Aiken (Dark knight)
Danny Woodburn (Dwarf)
Brian Leckner (Head Executioner Demon)
Lamont Johnson (Soul Blaster Demon)
Bjorn Johnson (Cranky Satyr)
Amanda Sickler (Female Staffer)
Simon Brooke (Grimlock)
Pictures yes  
Random quote:

Mordaunt: The sword has chosen.  You are the new savior, the Champion of Good, and Master of Excalibur. Welcome to your new destiny.
Piper: Oh, crap.

Transcript yes  
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