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Book of Shadows > Season 6  
Title: 6x05 Love's a witch  
Creatures: 6x05 AlchemistAlchemist


6x05 Olivia
Olivia Callaway was accidently killed by Steve Montana, in a feud between the Callaway and Montana family. Seeking revenge for her early death she broke the ceasefire between the families and even possessed Paige to get close to her fiancée Richard Montana.

Olivia was convinced by Paige to accept her death and the peace between both families and moved on.

Plasma ball
Similar to an energy ball but only can be materialize in spiritual plane.
Potions/Rituals: to banish a ghost:

a palmful of pomegranate seeds ground into a fine paste
a pinch of comfry root
a pinch of blood meal
a pinch of clematis seed
a pinch of dried rhubarb leaf

Mix well, add a chalice of twice blessed water and boil

pour this mixture over the departed bones
Spells: to call for a spirit:

Unknown spirit, we call to thee
Those who wish to set you free.
Cross on over, so we may help.
Come to us. Reveal yourself

to find the source of a wound:

Lead me back from whence this came,
Help me help my sister's pain

to call for a sister:

Blood to blood, I summon thee,
Blood to blood, return to me

to control Phoebe’s empath powers:

In the name of the Halliwell line,
bar my sister from this power of mine

BoS image: 6x05 Banishing a ghost  
Background info: Curses  
Summary: When Paige's latest temp job puts her in the middle of an ongoing feud between two magical families, the Montanas and the Callaways, she falls for Richard Montana and urges both families to consider a truce. Paige, Phoebe and Piper hold a seance with both families and everyone is stunned to learn that Richard's first love, Olivia Callaway, is now a ghost and has been escalating the feud to avenge her death. Paige becomes possessed by Olivia's spirit, and Phoebe and Piper must banish Olivia in order to save Paige and the two families. Meanwhile, Leo is suspicious when Chris travels to the underworld in search of a potion.  
Writer: Jeannine Renshaw  
Director: Stuart Gillard  
Timeline: December 2003, Wyatt is 10 months old, Piper and Leo are seperated after 2 years marriage  
Trivia: The main ingredient for an empath blocking potion is a Kotochul egg. It is very rare and can be found in swamp lands.

Chris: Spare me the Morpheus speech, old man.
This could be a reference to the movie The matrix when the character Morpheus tells Neo in depth what is going on and why. With other words, Chris isn't interested in details or long explanations. Fitting that in Greek mythology Morpheus was aso the god of sleep and dreams. Chris was just bored by the old man's speech and wanted to cut it short.

Title reference: Probably a reference to the movie "Love is a bitch" aka Amores perros.  
Bloopers: yes  
Music: Tears From The Moon
Artist: Conjure One
Album: Conjure One
Co-Starring: Mako (Alchemist)
J. Michael Flynn (Benjamin Montana)
James Sutorius (James Callaway)
Rachelle LeFevre (Olivia Callaway)
Balthazar Getty (Richard Montana)
Michael Muhney (Seth)
Daniel Hagen (Carl)
Marjorie Lovett (Rosaline Montana)
Christine Healy (Grandma Callaway)
Pictures yes  
Random quote: Phoebe:  I know. I'm having a very hard time concentrating. I think this empath power is driving me crazy.
Piper:  You?
Phoebe:  Well, you try having PMS for three sisters every month.  It's a good thing no one in this family's having sex. I'd be feeling that, too.
Transcript yes  
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