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Book of Shadows > Season 6  
Title: 6x04 Dirty blondes  
Creatures: 6x04 Stillman sistersThe Stillman Sisters, Mabel, Mitzy, and Margo, common witches known for their small-time hustles and cons.  Not worth vanquishing. If they become a nuisance, try a simple spell to bind their magic
The Stillman Sisters' coven symbol, as seen on the athame they killed the salesman with, is a cross between the Triquatra and the TripleCrescent, which is a cousin or sister  to the Triquatra.

The Stillman sisters disempowered themselves by arguing. The Charmed Ones binded their powers and handed them over to Morris.  

6x04 GremlinsGremlins are small sometimes winged goblins that delight in causing misery to people with a job to do.

Gremlins were first heard of during World War II as creatures responsible for unexplainable mechanical failures and disruptions in aircraft.


to see in a bowl
(use a black liquid and pour it into a glass bowl):

Give me sight through the blackest bile,  
Show me the faces I revile

o turn into the Charmed Ones:

Blinking faces blank and ho-hum,
We are they and they are no one.
Grant to us the Power of Three,
And turn them into no-body

to call a witch’s power:

Powers of the witches rise
Course unseen across the skies
Come to us who call you near,
Come to us and settle here

BoS image: 6x04 Stillman sisters  
Background info: Triple crescent
Summary: When three evil sisters (Mabel, Margo and Mitzy Stillman) magically steal the Charmed Ones' identities and powers, Piper, Phoebe and Paige must convince Chris that they are the real Charmed Ones in order to get their lives back. Meanwhile, Piper realizes that Wyatt needs time with Leo, who continues on his quest to find out who put him on the Island of Valhalla.  
Writer: Daniel Cerone  
Director: John Behring  
Timeline: end 2003, Chris is their new whitelighter for 2 month now  

The original title was "The power of three blondes".

The Triquetra does not split into 3 ovals in this episode, like in 3x07 "Power Outage". This time, the triquetra splits and disappears from the book.

The company Paige is working at is called "North Shore Citrus".
About half a year leter the series "North Shore" with ex-Charmed actress Shannen Doherty aired. Coincidence?

Title reference: -  
Bloopers: yes  
Music: -  
Co-Starring: Kip Martin (Jack)
Jennifer Sky (Mabel Stillman)
Melody Perkins (Margo Stillman)
Jenny McCarthy (Mitzy Stillman)
Michael Patrick McGill (Ray)
Jernard Burks (Security guard)
Niki Botelho (Elf Nanny)
Todd Tucker (Gremlins)
Eric Dane (Jason Dean)
Joanna Sanchez (Lupita)
Glenn Taranto (Foreman)
Robert Alan Beuth (Salesman)
Bill Smillie (Husband)
Gwen Van Dam (Wife)
Rebecca Balding (Elise Rothman)
Pictures yes  
Random quote: Phoebe: We're not demon hunting.  We're going to lunch.
Chris:  Hey, I am not unreasonable.  We can hunt demons after lunch.
Transcript yes  
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