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Title: 5x17 Lucky Charmed  
Creatures: 5x17 Jenna and JaydaJenna and Jayda, demons. Saleel bought their support with leprechauns' nuggets.

Jenna was vanquished by Paige, Jayda by Saleel.


5x17 SaleelSaleel, a lower level reptile demon, he has been stealing the leprechauns' gold nuggets and giving it to other demons to get up the ladder.

He was vanquished by the leprechauns.


5x17 Leprechauns

Leprechauns live in their own realm which they reach by travelling with rainbows. 
These rainbows are in the sky all the time but can only be seen by humans when it rains. Leprechauns light them up with their shillelaghs (Named after a village in Ireland, the Shillelagh is a short club that was carried as a defense against muggers and thieves in days of olde. Also known as a Cudgel and still very popular today, they are kept in homes and cars throughout Ireland for the same purpose).

Leprechauns task is to give out luck which can be good or bad depending on what the recipient makes out of it. They might be tricksters but they're not evil.
Pure luck looks like gold nuggets. 

Seamus and some other leprechauns were vanquished by Saleel.


to repair damage:

Personal loss should not be mine, 
restore this sweater and make it fine

to find luck:

Finances have run amok
creditors I soon must duck.
I cast this spell to find good luck, 
and hope my life will cease to suck

to call for a rainbow road:

Go n-éirí an bóthar laet

translation: May the road of light rise

to wish good luck:

Sláinte is táinte
translation: health and luck

to curse someone with bad luck:

Marbhfháisc ort
translation: a shroud on you

BoS image: 5x17 Saleel  
Background info:

Good luck symbols


The Charmed Ones face Saleel, a demon who has been killing Leprechauns and stealing their magic but when the Leprechauns endow the sisters with good luck, which enables Paige to gain material wealth, Phoebe to meet a man, and Piper to book a major star to play P3, his plans backfire.  
Piper considers selling her club, but instead Leo asks for and receives "paternity leave" from the elders (he's given some time off as a whitelighter).

Writer: Curtis Kheel  
Director: Roxann Dawson  
Timeline: -  
Trivia: Phoebe: "Who's it gonna be? George Clooney? Justin Timberlake?"
Phoebe's line about Justin Timberlake (*NSYNC; Single Artist) at the door is a tongue-in-cheek reference to her brief romance with him.

Seamus: "Don't even try it, Neil. I already hit you with my best shot."
A nod to the episode's musical guest, this line is a paraphrasing from Pat Benatar's 1980 chart-topping single "Hit Me with Your Best Shot.

"Cyrano73: Like the poem?
Cinderella29: Cute. Made my day.
Phoebe's chat partner Cyrano73 is a reference to Edmond Rostand's "Cyrano de Bergerac". Set in 17th-century Paris, the action revolves around the emotional problems of the noble, swashbuckling Cyrano, who, despite his many gifts, feels that no woman can ever love him because he has an enormous nose. Secretly in love with the lovely Roxane, Cyrano agrees to help his inarticulate rival, Christian, win her heart by allowing him to present Cyrano's love poems, speeches, and letters as his own work. Eventually Christian recognizes that Roxane loves him for Cyrano's qualities, not his own, and he asks Cyrano to confess his identity to Roxane; Christian then goes off to a battle that proves fatal. Cyrano remains silent about his own part in Roxane's courtship. As he is dying years later, he visits Roxane and recites one of the love letters. Roxane realizes that it is Cyrano she loves, and he dies content.

read Cyrano de Bergerac

5x17 Pat BenatarPat Benatar plays at P3

Title reference: -  
Bloopers: yes  
Music: Heartbreaker
Artist: Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo
Album: Pat Benatar - Neil Giraldo Live
Co-Starring: Jake Alston (Street performer)
Phina Oruche (Jayna)
Monika Schnarre (Jenna)
Michael Gilden (Finnegan)
Mark Povinelli (Seamus Fitzpatrick)
Amanda Sickler (Sophie)
Eric Dane (Jason Dean)
Pat Benatar (Herself)
Neil Giraldo (Himself)
Dominic Fumusa (Saleel)
Cork Hubbert (Head Councilman)
Drew Wood (Erik)
Kevin Thompson (Connor)
Eugene Pidgeon (Liam)
James Wellington (Groupier)
Jake Kyle (Chet)
Pictures yes  
Random quote:

Phoebe: It's just research for that stupid article Jason made me do.
Piper: Ah, you said his name without swearing. Does that mean things are
going better at work?

Transcript yes  
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