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Book of Shadows > Season 5  
Title: 5x09 Daddy dearest  
Creatures: 5x09 RonanRonan, tracker. Trackers are darklighters but more stronger and more powerful than the usual ones. They go after fallen Whitelighters, especially those who are a step away from losing their wings.

Ronan gets vanquished by Cole.

5x09 Avatars

All powerful and almost invincible beings who are not restricted to good or evil.
They tried to alter reality and create their own, an utopia without evil but also without free will.
Avatars work as collective and can be weakened if one of them is weakened. Although they can reverse time it drains the collective and is done only in cases of danger. The only known way to kill an avatar is by a potion invented 5000 years ago by an ancient civilisation to fight off the avatars and re-discovered by the Brodys.
The collective always looks out for forces of great power, good or evil alike, to invite them to join the collecive - such an offer has been made to Cole and Leo.

5x09 ElfElf, works as nanny for the children of the Charmed Ones later on



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Summary: When Cole realizes that he must eventually give in to his evil destiny, he attacks the Charmed Ones in the hope that they will vanquish him forever and end his suffering. Meanwhile, Paige gets her first charge as a Whitelighter and is shocked when the angry, self-pitying man she is supposed to protect turns out to be the father she never knew.  
Writer: Alison Schapker and Monica Breen  
Director: Joel Feigenbaum  
Timeline: -  
Trivia: Cole becomes invincible in this episode.

The original title was "Sam I am".

Whitelighter Sam was first introduced in the episode 2x08 "P3 H2O".

Piper: I've gotta go home because I've gotta interview magical nannies tomorrow and I gotta prepare.
Phoebe: Wait, magical nannies? You mean like Mary Poppins?
Mary Poppins was a magical nanny to two children in England. She was played by Julie Andrews in a classic movie.

5x09 The Flaming LipsThe musical guest are  The Flaming Lips.
Title reference: -  
Bloopers: yes  
Music: Do You Realize
Artist: The Flaming Lips
Album: Yoshimi Battles The Pink
Co-Starring: Eric Winter (Trevor)
F.J. Rio (Ronan the Darklighter)
Scott Jaeck (Sam Wilder)
Niki Botelho (Elf Woman)
Bruce Comtois (Thug #1)
Tony Todd (Avatar of Force)
Joel Swetow (Avatar of Power)
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Random quote:

Piper: It's not like I can call a service and ask for a nanny to watch over my little Charmed One while I go off and slay slimy demons.

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