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Title: 5x06 The eyes have it  

5x06 OrenYears ago gypsies threw a curse on a gypsy hunter named Oren. Blinding him so he no longer had the power to spot gypsies. Only gypsy magic can lift his curse.

Oren was vanquished by the Charmed Ones
and EVa Niccolli.

5x06 CreeCree, Oren's son, killed Shuvanis, a form of a high priestess, in order to find the eyes of a Shuvani with the powers of the Waffediyok or "Evil Eye". This would have enabled Oren to see and track Shuvanis again. They would also have made him immune to all but the strongest spells and potions. 

Cree was vanquished by Piper.

The Waffediyok or Evil Eye protects the family of Shuvanis. The keeper of the eye could use it to magnify or channel her powers.  

High priestesses of the gypsies


Niccolli gypsies stand strong beside me... 
Marina, Theresa, Lydia...
Niccolli gypsies stand strong beside us, vanquish this evil from time and space.

BoS image: 5x06 Call upon ancestors  
Background info: Evil Eye  
Summary: With her power of premonition seems blocked, Phoebe seeks advice from a fortune teller and discovers that a demon, Cree, is stealing the eyes of Gypsies in an attempt to reverse a curse placed on his father. When Phoebe touches a Gypsy pendant, her powers return stronger than ever and she vividly witnesses the deaths of The Charmed Ones.
Meanwhile, Piper wants to see a doctor about her baby, but Leo is concerned about the threat of exposure.
Writer: Laurie Parres  
Director: James Marshall  
Timeline: -  
Trivia: Eva Niccolli works as surgeon.

Phoebe's powers advance. She can kind of astral project into the future which can be risky for her. This power is used only in this episode though.

Title reference: -  
Bloopers: yes  
Music: -  
Co-Starring: Channon Roe (Cree)
Tobin Bell (Oren)
Emmanuelle Vaugier (Eva)
Lorna Raver (Madame Theresa)
Ivan Shaw (Attendant)
Rebecca Balding (Elise Rothman)
Shareen Mitchell (Lydia)
Ryan Shaw (Attendant)
Joe Camareno (Male Nurse)
Heather McPhaul (OR Nurse)
Pictures yes  
Random quote:

Phoebe: I'm Phoebe.
Madame Theresa: Yes, I know.
Phoebe: Really? Did you read my mind?
Madame Theresa: No, I read your column.

Transcript yes  
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