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Book of Shadows > Season 5  
Title: 5x01 A witch's tail, part 1  
Creatures: 5x01 Sea hagThe sea hag has power over her natural environment, like rainstorms, hurricanes, even tidal waves. The sea hag agrees to give mermaids legs but if a mermaid can't find love before her deadline she would have to give her immortality to the sea hag.. An ogre shell placed over the heart draws the immortality inside.

The sea hag is vanquished by Phoebe

Auger Shell
Drains the life force of a being when placed over its heart.

A column of water that surrounds a person and prevents them from
moving or use powers.

5x01 BogeyBo
rneo demon
A demon who kills with a dart that shrinks the target.
Vanquished by Piper.


5x01 Necron's lackayNecron's lackay, there is not much known about this demon but that he served Necron.

Vanquished by Necron.



5x01 Mylie, mermaid

Mermaids are immortal beings. They can spend eternity at sea, are cold blooded and their hearts are cold as the water. Mermaids like shiny baubles, sea shanties are the only songs they know.
Sometimes a mermaid gets lonely and her heart warms and she wants more. If a mortal professes his love to a mermaid she becomes human.


to find a mermaid:

Water rise up from the sea, 
find the one who fled from me, 
follow where the
winds are cold, 
then fall tenfold like days of old

to find the sea hag
(turns you into a mermaid):

Powers of the witches rise, 
find the hag who speaks in lies, 
balance chakra focus chi, 
lead us through the cruel cruel sea

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Background info: Mermaids  
Summary: The Charmed Ones are drawn to an innocent mermaid who must elicit a proclamation of love from her mortal boyfriend or lose her immortality to a water demon known as the Sea Hag. Determined to save the mermaid, the Charmed Ones cast a spell, unfortunately morphing Phoebe into a mermaid.  
Writer: Daniel Cerone  
Director: James L. Conway  
Timeline: -  

Paige has been promoted to Social Worker.

Paige blew a potion which turned her hair red.

The scenes where Phoebe is swimming in the ocean were actually quite hard for Alyssa because of her fear of water.

Cole returns determined to win Phoebe back.

Title reference: Refers to the movie "A knight's tale"  
Bloopers: yes  
Music: -  
Co-Starring: Dan Gauthier (Craig)
Jaime Pressly (Mylie)
Judson Scott (Necron)
Fred Koehler (Necron's lackay)
Diane Salinger (Sea hag)
David Reivers (Bob Cowan)
Charles Walker (Judge)
Pictures yes  
Random quote: Piper: We'll take our chances, follow the stench.
Phoebe: How?
Piper: I don't know. Get in touch with your inner fish.
Transcript yes  
Book of Shadows

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