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Title: 4x18 Bite me  
Creatures: 4x18 HarpyA harpy is a lower level demon who has the ability to throw electrical bolts from her fingertips. Harpies are immune to a witch's power unless it is the Power of Three.

One harpy is vanquished by the Charmed Ones, the Harpies' queen is killed by Julie.

4x18 KeatsKeats, demon
Lower level demon and leader of a faction who is being recruited by the Source to form a new alliance. Beware this demon for he will double cross anyone to gain power.

Vanquished by Cole.
4x18 Vampire queen 4x18 Rowan
Vampire queen
vanquished by Cole
Rowan, messenger for the Vampire Queen.  
vanquished by Phoebe

Vampires are underground, blood thirsty demons who attack their victims in either human or bat form. Their victim, however, does not become a vampire until they bite their first prey. They have been ostracized from the underworld for centuries by the Source for selling him out to his enemies.
Vampires are immune to witch powers but if you but kill the vampire queen and all her vampires die with her.

To protect oneself from a vampires bite an innocent may spray them with Holy Water, wear a wreath of garlic, carry a cross and stab them in the heart with a wooden stake.


to vanquish a Harpy:

Cause of pain we have dissevered, 
demon you are gone forever

BoS image: VampiresVampire  
Background info:

Manticore, Phoenix, Chupacabra


As Cole and Phoebe settle into their apartment, Paige begins to suspect that there's something strange going on with her new brother-in-law. He  concerns seem to be warranted when she finds him conferencing with a young man who turns out to be a vampire. Unfortunately for her the vampire queen decides that she'd make a terrific recruit and sets about turning her towards the dark side. Meanwhile, Piper worries that she may never have children and Phoebe receives some startling news.

Writer: Curtis Kheel  
Director: John Ketchmer  
Timeline: -  
Trivia: While Cole was a demon he dealt with vampires despite the Source's ban.

Leo: It's true, vampires have been ostracized from the underworld for centuries. As far as I know they're a part of a whole different network now.
"they're a part of a different network now"  is a joke about the show Buffy (the vampire slayer) switching networks from WB (where Charmed airs) to UPN.

Phoebe learns at the end that she is pregnant.

Title reference: -  
Bloopers: yes  
Music: Weaver
Artist: Rusted Root
Album: Welcome to My Party

Fly Away From Here (Graduation Day)
Artist: Dropline
Album: You are here
Co-Starring: Jay Acovone (Keats)
Samuel Ball (Rowan)
Elizabeth Gracen (Vampire queen)
Deborah Kellner (Julie)
Shishir Kurup (Doctor)
Michael DeVorzon (Vampire)
Michael Bailey Smith (Grimlock)
Betty K. Synom (Harpy Leader)
Pictures yes  
Random quote: Piper: Manticore.
Phoebe: Fights but doesn't fly.
Piper: Phoenix.
Phoebe: Flies but doesn't fight.
Piper: Chupakobra.
Phoebe: God bless you. Flies and bites but only attacks livestock.
Transcript yes  
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